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iPhone XS It is!!

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iPhone X It is

iPhone X It is!!

Last year, Apple launched three extravagant models and iPhone X was one of them. On completing ten years of its life, Apple released the anniversary model naming it iPhone X. The phone has high-end features and a very lavish look. Everyone got enthralled by this new lavish looking, expensive phone. While people were still overwhelmed with the anniversary model and planning to get their hands on it.  Apple announced three new models to be launched a year later: in the very month iPhone X was released.

Well, my friends, the time is here. Apple is about to release its newest models and the guessing game is over. No need to wonder what would it look like or what will it be named… The exclusive news is out! The newest royal phone has been named as “iPhone XS”. Apple is maintaining its naming scheme that is the add-on of the letter “S” to the model names of the successors.

It is believed that it will come in two different screen sizes i.e. 5.8” and 6.5”. Both of them will have the same model name i.e. iPhone XS, obviously. The third one is said to have 6.1-inch large LCD screen. The models are expected to be furnished with the edge-to-edge screen. The traditional bezels will not be seen again.

The year 2018 makes a mark of extinction of home button and fingerprint sensor as the face ID has kicked in with full power and has captured the hearts of iPhone users. The flagship line will be equipped with the TrueDepth camera system that supports the face ID.

For powering up the phone, it is believed that the FPC wire will be replaced with the wireless copper wire charging coil. The wireless copper wire charging coil lined inside the new premium flagship of Apple will help in the faster and improved charging of the iPhone XS.

Storage is one of the most important features of a mobile phone and it is believed that iPhone XS will support 512 gigabytes of the storage.

The descendant model is believed to be released in Gold. The shade of gold that Apple itself especially customized for the new model iPhone XS is pure and rich in its hues that makes the handset look very royal and premium.

Both of the new 5.8 inches and 6.5 inches OLED screens are due to be showcased on the 12th of the ninth month of 2k18! Buckle up Apple lovers, you’re about to experience the unveiling of iPhone XS – that you’ve been waiting for past year!

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