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iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What’s the Difference?

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iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What's the Difference?

iPhone XS vs iPhone XR: What’s the Difference?

Apple has finally launched its most anticipated iPhones of the year: dubbed as iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. At the first glance, the iPhone XS series and XR may seem fairly similar. But if you view these iPhones closely, you will see some differences that set them apart.

These differences will count when you decide to buy any of these phones. So, understanding these differences and how they will affect the phones is crucial.

Here is a look at some of the key differences between iPhone XS and iPhone XR.

SCREEN: More than just Size

When you look at these iPhones, the very first difference you will notice is the screen size. But there is more than just size.

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5-inch screen, the XS has a 5.8-inch screen, and XR a 6.1-inch screen. More than just raw size, the technologies used to create the screens matter a lot. The iPhone XR has an LCD screen while the XR series uses OLED screens.

The OLED screens are brighter. They provide a much wider dynamic range. They also contrast ratio for blacks and colours. The picture quality of the OLED screen is far better than that offered by an LCD. In short: the iPhone XS and XS Max look fantastic.

It’s not that an LCD screen doesn’t look good. LCD screens have been used in smartphones for many years. But OLEDs are the future of smartphones. So, if you want a phone with the best screen then go for iPhone XS.

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Camera: Good vs. Great

As per some reports, the iPhone is the most widely used camera in the world. But apart from this, the iPhone camera is really very awesome. But if we compare two iPhones i.e. the iPhone XS and XR, the first one comes on top.

Though most aspects of the cameras of both the iPhones are the same. Here are some key differences.

Single vs Dual Camera: Most of the latest iPhones take 12 Megapixel photos, the iPhone XS series has actually two cameras combined into a single system. Means the iPhone XS series has a dual camera at the back. This feature lets the XS series take better and clearer photos. Plus it has a telephoto and wide-angle lenses as well. On the other hand, the iPhone XR has a single-lens camera which means it cannot offer these features.

Fewer Portrait Lighting Options: The iPhone XS series has a better version of Portrait Lighting feature. This feature is the signature of iPhone X, which is improved in iPhone XS series. The XS and XS Max have five different Portrait Lighting Styles. On the other hand, the XR only offers three.

No Optical Zoom: The iPhone XS series offers a zoom feature for images and only XS uses optical zoom. In XR, you can zoom in the picture, but the result will be a lower-quality, more grainy image.

These differences may seem to you like the XR camera isn’t that good. That’s not correct. The XR camera is terrific for most people and will take brilliant images and videos.

Storage Capacity: More Storage

The iPhone XS series marks the history for Apple, as these are the first models to offer 512GB of storage. This means that those two models can store millions of photos, along with all kinds of other data. The XS model also comes in 64GB and 256GB variants. On the other hand, the iPhone XR tops out at 256GB. It also offers a 128GB models that iPhone XS doesn’t. It’s hard to imagine that who needs a phone with 512GB of storage. Because for most users, 256GB has enough storage to save their enormous amount of data.

Battery Life: Not what you expected

You might be expecting that after given all the differences so far, the iPhone XR would have shorter battery life than iPhone XS. But your expectations are wrong here. In fact, the iPhone XR’s battery life lasts longer than the XS in all cases. Two reasons: XR’s screen use less battery life and other, it has more physical space for the battery than the XS. Here’s how battery life stacks up:


  • iPhone XS: 20 hours
  • iPhone XS Max: 25 hours
  • iPhone XR: 25 hours

Internet Use

  • iPhone XS: 12 hours
  • iPhone XS Max: 13 hours
  • iPhone XR: 15 hours


  • iPhone XS: 60 hours
  • iPhone XS Max: 65 hours
  • iPhone XR: 65 hours


  • iPhone XS: 14 hours
  • iPhone XS Max: 15 hours
  • iPhone XR: 16 hours

(source: lifewire)

Weight: Not a Big Difference

The weight difference between these three iPhone is only about an ounce. But this might be a big difference for some people. Here is the weight comparison:

The iPhone XS weight: 6.24 ounces

The iPhone XR weight: 6.84 ounces

The iPhone XS Max: 7.34 ounces

Waterproofing: Better Protection

The 2017 iPhone X brought IP67-class waterproofing to the iPhone series. This level of protection allows the iPhone X to be safely submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to half an hour. The iPhone XR has the same level of protection.

The iPhone XS series improves the protection level by adopting the IP68 standard. Both models can be submerged in up to 2 meters of water for 30 minutes.

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