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Is iPhone The Best Smartphone?

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iPhone or Android phone? What do you prefer? We know that your answer would vary. No one can ever compare the usability of these both categories, but what we can do is to compare the general specifications of these both to create a judgment on whether iPhone is the best smartphone or not!

Is iPhone The Best SmartPhone

The first iPhone was released in 2007, while the first android phone was released in 2008. The major difference between Androids and iPhones is the difference of operating software used in both. Apple is the only manufacturer that uses its own operating software ‘iOS’ in its iPhones. While almost every other mobile phone manufacturer uses Android operating software in their smartphones. The first android phone launched was HTC dream and it used Android version 1.0.

Since the launch of the first phones having iOS and Android OS, the mobile phone market has evolved much. Since the beginning, Apple and Android phones came into a war, especially Samsung Android phones. The cold war between Samsung and Apple is going on and we don’t know till when will it last. But one thing that we surely know is, because of this war between these two mobile phone manufacturers, we are being blessed with the best smartphones every year.

Well, let us compare some of the features in Android phones and iPhones, and we are sure that after reading this article you would surely sell iPhone online.

Software Updates:

We all must agree that Apple provides quick software updates in its iPhones. When Apple launches an iPhone, Apple makes it compatible for the software updates which might arrive in 4 to 5 year after its launch. Due to this, while purchasing an iPhone, you have the satisfaction that the software in your iPhone won’t become an absolute in coming years. Moreover, whenever Apple launches a new version of iOS, it sends the software update to every model of iPhone at the same time. So in case of Apple, you can handover your old devices to your family or friends without having the trouble to upgrade its software to make it compatible for the latest apps.

In case of Androids, this fact varies. If you go for Samsung or Google phones then you would get an update as soon as it’s launched. But for the other mobile phone manufacturers, that is not the case. You would have to upgrade your mobile phone to enjoy the software updates.

Long-Term Value:

If we look at the Apple iPhones, then their resale value is much higher than many Android phones out there in the market. The reason behind this fact is the one discussed above; that the software is updated on all of the compatible models of iPhone as soon as it’s launched.

Contrary to this, some of the Android models also have good long-term resale values. These phones generally include the phones by Samsung. Moreover, Samsung phones are upgraded to the latest version of Android, but they are generally updated after sometime of the launch of that version.

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It is a fact that Apple’s app store has better apps than Android’s play store. Although this gap is not wide, but the gap still persists. The reason is that app developers always look forward to launch their apps on Apple’s app store due to enormous users of iPhone these days. And due to these users, app developers can make more money through launching their apps on App Store.

Enormous Options:

This is our most amazing advantage of having an android phone instead of an iPhone. Android phones are actually much better in the hardware diversity than their software. iPhones are only manufactured by Apple and till now only 19 models of iPhones have been released, but contrary to this, since 2008 hundreds or thousands of Android phones have been released by different mobile phone manufacturing companies.

While buying an Android phone we have to choose from an enormous number of options. These options vary from screen sizes to battery sizes, from RAM to ROM, from the shape of the phone to the flexibility of the display. The options we have in Androids are vast and we can choose any of them according to our preference.

Price Range:

The price range in Android phones is vast as well, as enormous number of mobile phones have this operating software. You can buy an android phone in any price range from some hundred pounds to some thousands. The price range of these phones depend upon the specifications they have, as well as which manufacturer have manufactured them.

You can select the manufacturer and the specifications that you want if you are purchasing an Android phone. Although, Samsung and Google phones are the best Android phones to be purchased.

Storage Option:

You have to accept this fact that we always need more storage capacity in our phones. The best news for you is that you can now add external memory in your devices. But the sad news here is that you can only do that in Android phones. Unfortunately, Apple doesn’t offer its users with the opportunity of adding an external memory card to iPhones. So if you have an iPhone, then you might want to sell iPhone online to purchase an Android phone in which you can add the external memory card.


Through iPhones you can have issues while connecting your iPhone with your computer or any other phone. If you want to back up the data from your iPhone to your PC, then you cannot do that without the help of iTunes. Contrary to this, Android phones doesn’t have this problem, and if you want to back up the data on your PC, then you wouldn’t have to install an application to do so, you can simply connect your phone with your computer and transfer the data.


When we talk about the customisability, then iPhone is a flop here! In Androids you can change anything you want in your phone with the help of the launchers. You can change the layout of your screen, the widgets or you can change the entire interface of your phone according to your theme preference.

On the other hand, in iPhones you don’t have this freedom. The layout out of the phone cannot be changed, although you can customize the screen of your phone but the freedom is not felt as much as in Androids.

General Usability:

If we talk about the general usability of iPhones and Android phones, then the answer may vary from person to person. Although the custom apps like ‘Maps’ and ‘Mail’ are much better to use in Android phones than in iPhones. The reason is that; Android phones are directly linked with Google and we can find easy to use Google maps in our Android phones.

On the other hand, the ‘Maps’ application launched by Apple is not so user friendly and detailed. Same goes with the other applications as well.

After reading this unbiased comparison between Android phones and iPhones, we can generate a decision that Android phones are slightly better than iPhones. You can also conclude this decision by knowing if Apple sold more iPhones or if Samsung sold more Android phones.

Now you know that Android phones are comparatively better than the iPhones. You must be wondering, ‘where can I Sell iPhone online?’ Well, you may find many buyers for your iPhone, but the best decision that you can take is to sell it to a recycling platform.

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