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It’s Time to Sell Your S7 Edge, As S10 is going to be Released very soon!

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It’s Time to Sell Your S7 Edge, As S10 is going to be Released very soon

S7 edge was launch with a boom back in 2016. This phone had the most appealing look in that era because of its edge screen. This edge screen stole the hearts of people in the UK and across the globe. The specifications that this phone possesses leave everyone badly wanting this phone. Samsung introduced the edge screen in S6 Edge, but that edge screen had some issues due to which people hesitated from buying that phone. Samsung made sure that the edge screen of S7 Edge would be impeccable, and it succeeded in doing so! Although it’s only been three years since the launch of S7 Edge but Samsung released two other phones in the S series in these three years, namely; Samsung Galaxy S8 and Samsung Galaxy S9. These phones had infinity display feature which made people sell Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to upgrade to one of these mobile phones.

The demand of S8 and S9 increased with their launches but the demand of S7 Edge still persists. The demand of S7 Edge is still much more than what it is expected to be, but soon after the launch of S10 we predict that the demand for this phone would come down drastically. We say this as Samsung has leaked the future forward specifications of S10 and S10 Plus and these specifications are to die for. We would be discussing the specifications of S10 later in this article but right now we would recommend you to sell Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to prevent from the loss. Some of the reasons other than the launch of S10 and S10 Plus are discussed below.

Samsung galaxy s7 edge problems:

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was much adored by the people across the globe. This phone proved to be one of the best models to be out there in 2017, but afterwards people found some of the issues that arrived in their S7 Edge. The major issue that people found out in this phone was the mysterious green or black dots in the display screen of many of the S7 Edge. These dots came with the phones since their initiation while some of the dots appeared afterwards. The bad news is that we cannot get rid of these dots in the screens of S7 Edge. The best option that you have right now is to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to get rid of such issues. The other issues that might make you to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are the battery and performance related issues. As the phone gets older, the battery life of that certain device falls down to the limit that you need to get the battery of your phone changed. But a newer battery won’t give you the same timing as the old (original) one did. Also the processors used in the newer models of mobile phones are much better than the ones used in the older ones. So the best option for you is to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge before it’s too late and upgrade to a newer model.

Launch of Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Would Make You Sell Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

Samsung galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are scheduled to be released soon. These are the 10th anniversary phones of S series by Samsung, so we are expecting something big this time. The specifications leaked by Samsung makes us jump off our chairs in excitement. Some of the specifications that are leaked by Samsung about its S10 and S10 Plus that would make you sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge are:

     No Notch:

Oh yes! Finally we are going to have a Samsung phone with infinity display having no notch. Samsung brilliantly designed the displays of its S10 and S10 Plus and excluded the notch that we have to bear in the other phones. This elimination of the notch is the best feature for us as the users don’t have to get distracted while watching their favourite videos online.

     Front Cameras:

The main thing in the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus are the front cameras of these phones. Before revealing anything else, we only have the cameras in the displays of S10 and S10 Plus and not the notch to distract us. The front cameras of these phones would be embedded in the displays and the mighty S10 Plus would possess dual front cameras.

     3D Sonic Sensor:

Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus would have a fingerprint sensor embedded in its screen. So say goodbye to the fingerprint sensor button in S7 Edge and the back fingerprint sensors in Samsung Galaxy S8 and S9.


One of the models in this launch would contain 1TB storage capacity and 12GB RAM that would allow the users to have the fastest phone ever launched by Samsung in their hands. Moreover, Samsung is adding Snapdragon 855 system on the chip that would allow this phone to become one of the fastest models around.

These are some of the latest advancements that we are going to get in the new Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus. We recommend you to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge as you have to get these features and to get them you have to get rid of your current S7 Edge right now.  Another reason that we ask you to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is that after the launch of S10 that is expected to be in February, the demand of S7 Edge would drop drastically.

Where Can I Sell My Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge:

You can easily sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge at a mobile phone recycling platform. Most of the mobile phone recyclers are paying handsome amounts in return of S7 Edge. For your ease, you can visit SellTheMobile to find the best Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge UK compare phones deals and sell it to the best one. You can easily search for your S7 Edge on our website, compare the prices and sell Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge to the mobile phone recycler that suits you the best.

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