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Planning to Sell Samsung Galaxy S7 to Buy Galaxy S9?

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Sell Samsung Galaxy S7

With the nearing launch date of S9 on 25 March, 2018 the audience is ready on their toes to bag the sensational flagship device. With the reports stating that pre-order booking are expected to begin from March 1, the set is pricier than predecessor S8. A realistic estimate provides a logical figure of around £800 to be the initial price. A hefty amount! Isn’t it? If you missed S8 last year, then surely it’s the high time to Sell Samsung Galaxy S7 for the sake of S9.

Why Should I Sell Samsung Galaxy S7?

You are surely at right to ask why I should sell my Samsung Galaxy S7 especially when you are pretty much satisfied with your older set. Besides so many reasons obsolescence of technology is the prime reason. The exciting features of S7 that have been inspiring you for last couple of years may really appear useless in upcoming years. The quest for best in convincing enough to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 and grow upward i.e. buy S9.

i) Display

The new S9 is going to be a giant set measuring around 6.0’’ screen. Be it internet surfing, reading news, playing games or even checking Play Store things are better with larger screen display. Equipped with Corning Gorilla Glass v5 the screen protection is expected to be sufficiently better than S7. However, AMOLED technology that was part of S7 display type is still there in S9.

ii) Crisp Resolution

Sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 for a crisp resolution. Improved pixel density results in sharper screen results. No more blur or tarnished image or video quality with S9. Enjoy 15% sharper and clearer screen than S7.

iii) Double Storage

As years pass accumulated data on our smartphones keep on piling up resulting in space issues. Despite of cloud storage, inbuilt memory shortage is a grave issue for Galaxy freaks. Why not sell Galaxy Samsung S7 and buy S9 to enjoy exactly double memory? S9 offers a wholesome 64 GB as opposed to 32 GB of S7.

iv) Smooth Experience

You will not regret the decision to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 once you got the idea of S9 CPU. Seriously! The 2.8 GHz processor speed up the operational efficiency by 21%. S9 is smoothest of all Samsung fleet.

v) Operating System

Operating system has a profound implication on availability of Apps in respective App Store or Play Stores, technical features and user’s interface. Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 is surely needed if you want to experience Android, v8.0 (Oreo). Remember S7 was featured with Marshmallow, (Android, v6.0) with up gradable compatibility to Nougat, Android v 7.0 only.

vi) Dual Camera

Certainly you need a dual camera for wide angle selfies, zoom in and zoom out and compensating for blurriness. If you are a photoholic brat you will not even think twice to sell Samsung Galaxy S7 and buy S9 to click some fine and crispy shots.

vii) Improved Resistance

Selling Samsung Galaxy S7 to invest in S9 guarantees much improved resistance from ruggedness, dust and water. Even if your S9 remain immersed in 1.5 meter deep water for good 30 minutes, you will observe no signs of wear and tear or impaired operational functionality.

Some features like available colors, FM radio support and camera aperture are yet to reveal. For that matter you need to hook up with the launch date. But are you ready to register for pre-order booking? Umm the possible answer is MAY be! And we surely understand that you are confident due to tight funds. Think about selling Samsung Galaxy S7 for the phone of next generation, the ultimate S9.

You have a good time frame to chalk out all possible means to dig out extra pounds. Utilize this time wisely for better results. One such rewarding platform is SellTheMobile that offers excellent deals beyond imagination. Not only you can get the best offers to sell Samsung Galaxy S7 the procedure is utterly simplified to facilitate clients.

Demand and supply rule should be accounted for while estimating recoverable amount. Once S9 is in market increased number of people will be interested to Sell Samsung Galaxy S7 to trade off with S9. And that will cause a steep dip in price so plan well ahead to materialize the right deal to sell your Samsung Galaxy S7 today.

Googling Sell My Samsung Galaxy S7 Will Confuse You

Just typing sell my Samsung Galaxy S7 on google will present you with so many options that you will be ultimately confused to pick the right deal. Credibility is yet another issue and hundreds of people have sacrificed both their sets and money too. Scammers keep on hunting innocent sellers with extreme high price. Not to forget that a bird in hand is worth two in the bush.

So keep trust and reliability as major parameters while selling your Samsung Galaxy S7.  SellTheMobile is the authorized dealer of Samsung with spotless history of years. The platform works by gathering mobile phone recycling comparison companies under one roof. The main purpose of this strategy is to save seller’s maximum time. Constant surveillance entails the optimum performance from mobile phone recycling companies.

All you need to do is visit the official website, enter the exact details of S7 with precise color, condition, locked/unlocked condition. Upon assessing the initial details the web page will pop up with recommended deals from mobile phone recycling companies. Take your time and evaluate all possible options to finalize your buyer.

Even if your set is broken you can still sell Samsung Galaxy S9 with similar ease. Just mention the fault honestly. Once you press Sell Now, ask your potential buyer to send you free postage or else print at your own to dispatch for free. The price remains locked for next 14 days. After expiry of 2 weeks the deal is revoked if you fail to post your set. The buyer if find the received set exactly in accordance with the stipulated information will pay the seller on the same day.

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