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Reasons to Sell iPhone 7

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Reasons to Sell iPhone 7

The annual upgrade cycle of Apple releases premium flagship models. Every year the new release is tagged with new price and jewelled with some new features. Every release has some space for improvements and every new release has some impressive modifications that cover up that space. iPhone 7 was upgraded to iPhone 7 Plus and following the tradition, the iPhone 7 Plus didn’t disappoint in covering that space.

As new models have been launched and the season of upgrading is upon us, it is the perfect time for you to sell iPhone 7 that you previously owned and buy yourself its brother, the apt-titled iPhone 7 Plus. For those who do not find upgrading a strong enough reason to buy iPhone 7 Plus  should go through this blog to find better set why iPhone & Plus is a great bargain.

Here are some specs comparisons between both brothers. Let’s start the journey of convincing you!


If we put the 7-brothers together, the most prominent and obvious difference is the visual difference. The sizes of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus is the major apparent difference. The younger model in age has managed to grow a bit bigger in size than the older one. The iPhone 7 has the screen of 4.7 inches whilst that of iPhone 7 Plus is 5.5 inches.

In the case of power, it is supplied by the A10 Fusion chip that has a 64-bit architecture and according to the Apple company, it is claimed that its performance is almost twice as fast in comparisonto the older version A9 that was powering up the 6-brothers; iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S Plus. And when compared with the prime model of iPhone, Apple claims it is 120 per cent faster than the first and the oldest iPhone.

Talking about the processor gets you the same from both handsets. iPhone 7 Plus is supported by the quad-core processor. It is the first iPhones that have introduced the quad-core processor. The two cores provide you with high-performance actions whereas the other two are designated to carry out the tasks that require the efficiency. And on top of that, Apple has designed a controller of performance for the determination of the correct core used for the specific action. At the beep of your iPhone, when you check you have a got a new email notification when you command it to open the email, the high-efficiency cores will come in action to power your command in order to save up the battery life.

The internal storage options are also available for this model. Apple has offered us with triplets of storage options and they are 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. For the audio output, the magnificent Plus Models has the stereo speakers.

Now talking about the RAM, we get an upgrade in the 5.5-inch screen model. The iPhone 7 was supporting the RAM of 2GB whereas, the Plus model has 3GB RAM. The high RAM in iPhone 7 Plus gives it an edge over the iPhone 7 giving you a reason to upgrade.

As the size of iPhone 7 Plus is bigger than that of iPhone, the battery life you get from the bigger sized model is better than that you get from the iPhone 7 because iPhone 7 Plus can accommodate a larger battery. Larger battery means more time you get to enjoy surfing the internet or playing games.


The brother smaller in size has the 4.7-inch large screen which bears the resolution of 1334 x 750 pixels that makes 326 ppi. It is the same resolution as it was in iPhone 6S. Comparatively, the iPhone 7 Plus jumped a little higher than its brother. It has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels providing 401 pixels to every inch of the screen and a bump to full HD.

The retina HD LED screens are also better and brighter. Apple claims that the display is 25 per cent brighter and has a display of wide colour gamut. iPhone 7 Plus, with its 5.5-inch large screen slays the HD display since it is larger in size which gives more aesthetic appeal. Large screen with high resolution is an attractive combo that makes the user enjoy their experience on iPhone 7 Plus.


The camera is the most important part of the mobile phone. Half of the population of the world buy the mobile phone based on specifications of the camera. They have no knowledge of other features neither do they have any interest in them. All they want is a better lens to make their pictures better than ever. The better the camera will be, the more buyers it will be attracted towards it. So, if you come from that group, iPhone 7 Plus is the phone you should buy. In comparison to the iPhone 7, the camera of iPhone 7 Plus wins very easily. The iPhone 7 Plus is furnished with the dual camera that will give you the most amazing experience of capturing pictures.

The camera has a forensic trait through which it can identify the faces and bodies. Moreover, it also provides you with the opportunity to capture wide colour gamut to make your pictures look more vibrant. iPhone 7 Plus supports the RAW image format through which you can easily edit photographs without losing the original ones. So edit all you want!

The lens that is gemmed at the front of the mighty 7 plus, has the f/2.2 aperture and is adorned with 7 megapixels. The camera at the back is optically stabilized by default whereas, the front-facing camera has the automatic image stabilization.

The magnificent Plus model is jewelled with the 12-megapixel rear camera that features a 28 mm wide angle lens. This colossal lens has the f/1.8 aperture. It is 60 per cent faster and 30 per cent energy efficient than the predecessor iPhone 6S. The true tone flash is also equipped with the great upgrade and now it flashes 50 per cent more light assisting you at its best to capture best pictures.

As mentioned above, iPhone 7 plus has the dual camera system. So, additional to one camera, the rear is embellished with a second camera that also is 12 megapixel but there is more to it. The primary rear camera is mutated into the 56mm telephoto lens with a doubled aperture of f/2.8. That means, now you can zoom in on the images 10 times more than before without distortion of its quality and standard of the images. And on top of that, you still have the optical zoom that lets you zoom up to 2x. When you zoom higher than that is the digital zoom- a gift from the telephoto lens.

The camera of iPhone 7 Plus has another amazing feature that is being delivered from the software update. It is an exciting and pro feature that gives your photos a blur or bokeh effect. The efficient tinkering of software and clever use of the dual lens licenses this feature to recognize the subject in the frame and very coherently blurs the background out just like a DSLR with wide aperture would do. Through this blurry effect, your pictures get more depth. Moreover, the feature is all in your control. You can turn it on or off whenever it suits you. And before taking the picture, it allows you to see the live preview of the shot.

The iPhone 7’s camera is great. But if you’re looking to choose one over the other, and photography is a top factor, get the iPhone 7 Plus.


At the end of the day, it is all about what you prefer. The first instinct of a human being is to choose the best. No doubt, iPhone 7 is a great phone but in comparison to its brother, well iPhone 7 Plus has the aces.

Plus, if you are a lover of snapping (who isn’t?) it is better you get yourself iPhone 7 Plus because you can always take the advantage of its dual camera system to enhance your photography. You will be dazzled when you will experience all of this writing in practical.

Additional to the great dual lens, iPhone 7 plus has a larger battery that provides you an additional hour of battery life letting you get enjoyment from the Plus model for 1 extra hour. And also the extra 1GB RAM. Certainly, the model has executed its name by surpassing its predecessor and providing great features with a Plus.

Instead of consigning your old phone in your drawer, recycle it. This way you can participate in reducing the e-waste and protecting the environment from it. On top of that, you can cash out a good fortune out of it. This way you won’t be spending much on buying iPhone 7 Plus because you would have already cashed out money out of your old iPhone 7.

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