How Recycling Your Old Phone Can Make You Feel Great?

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How Recycling Your Old Phone Can Make You Feel Great?

How Recycling Your Old Phone Can Make You Feel Great?

Did you know that it is possible to recycle your phone instead of simply throwing it away? Many mobile phones across the world thrown away like trash. New models of phones are continuously released resulting in a higher amount of mobile waste.

Did you know that throwing away a mobile phone can pollute the environment? Read on to find out how Mobile phone recycling can actually make you feel wonderful.

  • Limit Pollution By Recycling Your Phone

Some people do not know that our mobile phones have materials that have the ability to pollute the environment. The glass screens of our smartphones generally have mercury. The plastic body may have fire retardants that are really harmful to our precious environment.

Circuit boards present in old handsets contain extremely toxic chemicals like arsenic and bromine-based fire retardants. The most hazardous part is usually the battery. This depends upon the make and model of the phone. A mobile phone may have a Lithium Ion or Nickel-Cadmium battery.

These are both dangerous substances and significantly damage the environment. So, we can tell that throwing away your unused mobile phones eventually hurts the environment.

  • E-Waste Is Increasing

There is a rise in e-waste. The alarming thing about this is that a major portion of this is e-waste can actually be brought to use.

The discarded devices can actually be recycled, reused and refurbished. Many people are unaware of the ways that they can contribute towards the creation of a lovely sustainable environment.

E-waste tends to have harmful consequences upon the environment. When your mobile phone isn’t disposed properly, toxic chemicals like chlorine, lead, mercury, and bromine, etc. present inside these devices can adversely impact the earth.

These electronic devices also release hydrocarbons within the air. They can even leach toxins into the grass, groundwater, soil, crops, along it trees when burned and also dumped.

This e-waste can adversely affect the humans and animals and cause symptoms like coughing, thyroid issues, vomiting, shortness of breath, lung inflammation and also death.

Due to the fact that e-waste tends to be a relatively new problem, many governments have still to develop effective protocols and even laws concerning device disposal.

  • How To Help Build A Sustainable Future?

After reading the above you will want to pursue ways to help the environment. Instead of tossing your old devices, therefore, degrading the environment, you can Recycle, Reuse, and Refurbish them.

Recycle- There are e-waste recyclers and e-cyclers who know how to handle your used devices and make sure that their hazardous chemicals are properly disposed.

This will be very helpful if it happens properly. All mobile phones comprise of precious metals like gold, silver and copper. All these can be re-used.

For around every million mobile phones which are recycled, about 40,000 pounds of precious metals may be recovered.

It has been said that recycling around 100 million smartphones may even save 2 KW of energy. This is sufficient energy needed to power about 25,000 homes and that for a full year. This will definitely produce a greater feeling than throwing away an old phone.

Reuse- You can let someone else benefit from your old device. This is if it works properly. It can be donated to charity or also sold to some mobile device buyback program. You probably know that second-hand phones and refurbished phones tend to be less expensive in comparison to new ones.

They are a good alternative for those people who have low incomes. You can even create some business opportunities for those retailers who will resell, rent, and lease used phones.

Refurbish- It is possible to take some components present in your old phone and get these reused for something else. A huge benefit of the refurbishing process is that it consumes less energy in comparison to manufacturing a brand new mobile phone from new materials.

  • Our Smartphones Have Precious Materials

Mobile phones and personal digital assistants or PDAs, have some precious metals and plastics. By recycling and reusing mobile phones, this can prevent air and water pollution. It can also limit greenhouse gas emissions which happen when manufacturing occurs and also when extracting/processing virgin materials.

If you give your phone to get recycled then these precious materials may actually be conserved and help limit pollution. You definitely will be pleased if this occurs.

How Materials Coming From Recycled Phones Can Be Used?

How Materials Coming From Recycled Phones Can Be Used?

You may be wondering how these recycled materials actually can get used. Nearly all of the materials employed to manufacture mobile phones, i.e. metals, plastics and rechargeable batteries, may actually be recovered then used so as to make some new products. This is indeed exciting.

The metals that are recovered from your recycled mobile phones are utilized in some different industries like for jewelry making, automotive manufacturing, and electronics.

The recovered plastics get recycled into plastic components particularly for electronic devices and other plastic products like garden furniture, auto parts and plastic packaging.

At the time that rechargeable mobile phone batteries are not able to be reused, these may be recycled to make some other rechargeable battery products.

You can, therefore, see that your mobile phone materials can be used to help out other industries as well. Instead of throwing it away and polluting the environment, is it not better than other industries use these materials?

  • Donate Your Old Phone

You can feel happy with yourself if you donate your old cell phone that still works. They may either sell it to benefit some worthy charity or also offer these to those who are less fortunate.

Therefore instead of leaving your old phone lying carelessly in the drawer why not let someone who needs it to use it and be happy with you. You can make someone happy by donating your cell phone. Some recycling programs even work with schools and community organizations to collect mobile phone as fundraising ventures. Giving your phone to these can make you feel happy with yourself. It is indeed a great feeling to help someone out.

  • People With A Lower Budget Can Benefit By Getting A Refurbished Phone

If you give away your old mobile phone to the manufacturer they may even reuse it like Apple does with its Renew program. Some people across the globe wish to buy a cell phone but just do not have the budget to do so.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to buy a new phone whenever a new model comes out, why not help the less fortunate by letting them also enjoy a good phone?

When you decide to buy a new phone you can give your old phone to the manufacturer. They may even give you some money for this.

This phone may then get refurbished so that it can be sold at a lower price to those who are on a limited budget. Therefore someone who cannot afford to buy the latest model of the iPhone may be able to buy your recycled phone by buying it at a lower price.

Will you not be happy with this? Let others also enjoy wonderful mobile phones instead of throwing away your old phone.

Can A Broken Phone Get Recycled?

How Materials Coming From Recycled Phones Can Be Used?

If you have some broken phone you may be wondering whether this can be recycled. The answer to this question is yes. Therefore do not throw away this broken phone.

Up to around 95% of certain phones are actually recyclable. Therefore a dead battery or even smashed screen cannot stop your smartphone from getting a second life.

Nowadays many phone batteries tend to be lithium, this can be recycled then used for some new batteries. The plastics present may become fence posts. The next gold or even silver jewellery you get may also have a recycled phone in it. Your next phone may also have this.

From the above, you can see that you can be pleased with yourself if you recycle your old mobile phone. Recycling is something that is good as it can help our environment.

The same case is present with cell phone recycling. If you get your phone recycled, then you can help our environment in ways that you may not even have known of. The materials in mobile phones can be used to make other things and that with causing less pollution.

You may even help someone less fortunate than you by donating your mobile phone that they can get at a lower price. Therefore instead of throwing away your mobile phone or leaving it in your cupboard, pursue mobile phone recycling.


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