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Rumours Mount As Apple’s Launch Event Nears!

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Rumours Mount As Apple’s Launch Event Nears!

Rumours Mount As Apple’s Launch Event Nears!

Last year Apple announced that it will release its new models in September 2018. Since then Apple freaks have been direly waiting for and speculating the launch.  How will they look? What will they be like? What inherited specs will they bear? What new feature will they support?

After a year of maddening wait, the time has come when these questions will be answered. And God knows, how happy they will be right now! The countdown has begun and Apple addicts are not in the mood to keep calm anymore!

In a grand event scheduled for Thursday, Apple as it is going to launch three new successors of iPhone and upgraded version of a few other products it owns.

And as always, there have been numerous leaks regarding different features of the products as well as their looks.

Lately, a professional leaker named Ben Geskin, uploaded a few pictures presenting these new flagship models by Apple, which were in four colours, on his Twitter account. The pictures were posted under the name: the iPhone XC. This iPhone XC, according to Mr. Geskin, will come be equipped with a cheaper LCD screen instead of the conventional OLED screens and will be available in red, white, dark blue and pink colours. Obviously, these are the dummies, not the genuine models.

Right after the Apple sent invites for its big event, the popular and notable website, 9to5Mac, which is well-known for providing us with the alleged leaks about Apple and its products, also released few pictures of two new iPhone models, which were named as the iPhone XS in wildly spread rumours.

The website also claimed that two new iPhones will be released in two different sizes and both will have new LCD screens instead of the traditional OLED screens.

The anniversary model, iPhone X, has set the precedent for iPhone user and they have come to expect more from its successors. All the above mentioned models possess some of the hi-tech specs and features that were introduced on the iPhone X. Let’s take the example of Face ID. This feature was replaced with the fingerprint sensors. This hi-tech feature allows you to unlock your iPhone and the locked apps using facial recognition.

According to the rumours, the new models will follow the design of the Anniversary phone and will not bear any home buttons. Seems like, the legacy of home buttons has come to an end. Hmm…

It is also heard that the bezels are no more to be seen in the upcoming iPhone XS, or is it too early to call it by its name? The new models of the iPhone series are also going to have edge to edge displays just like their predecessor: iPhone X!

Another model, rumoured to be called iPhone XC, is expected to be a low-cost model of iPhone series this season. This low-cost model will be encapsulated inside the frame composed of aluminium and will be embellished with a single camera. These features were merely to lower the cost of the model.

The induction of Apple A12 Bionic chip seems very interesting. The trio is said to sport the Apple A12 Bionic chip which is reported to be lighter and 25 per cent faster than the A10 and A11 chips found in previous models.

And obviously, the upgraded software always works better than its previous version. These new models will have the updated version iOS 12, Apple has made sure to boost their performances and app load time durations. With this update, it is ensured that your new iPhone will not consume more time to get up and running.

Apple’s iWatch

Let’s shift the spotlight towards the Apple watch now. The previous model of the Apple iWatch was released in the same month i.e. September, last year. Apple lovers are associating similar expectations from the new model. The newest edition of iWatch is said to have a larger screen, a higher performance and a better battery life.

As per the rumours, it is believed that the iWatch series 4 will have a 15% larger screen along with the longer battery life. Moreover, it will also be equipped with official sleeping track app and the ECG technology. ECG stands for Electrocardiogram. This newly introduced ECG technology in iWatch series 4 provides the user with more accurate and detailed information by measuring heart behaviour. The previous models were using the Standard Heart Rate Monitor.

New iPad Pro

Another device that is expected to be released in this big event is the new iPad Pro. Presumably, the new iPad pro models will also now feature the Face ID recognition. The removal of the home button from the bezel is expected, which is going to be sleek and smooth enough to provide the mighty look to the new iPad Pro.

With the support of Siri, the redesigned Air Pod will also be included in the newcomer’s list. Along with the AirPod, a much-anticipated AirPower charging mat is also designed by the Apple, so that its users could easily get their Apple gadgets i.e. the iWatch, iPhone and the AirPods, charged simultaneously.

A HomePod Mini

What else is left for the Apple freaks to expect from Apple? I think a set of speakers will suffice. Isn’t it?

Of course, it will. Apple is going to introduce its smart speaker also: A HomePod Mini.

It is going to be Apple’s next smart speaker, offering a cheaper alternative to the original one.

And, interestingly, if the rumours turn out to be true, then it is said that, under the hood, it will be assisted by the Apple’s digital assistant i.e. Siri.

As its name is depicting “mini”, obviously it is going to be small in. But talking about the design, well it is going to be in cylindrical shape with fabric mesh lining its outer covering. And if we are lucky, then we might be blessed with a wider colour range to choose from.

However, it is feared that the audio quality might be reduced. Since the original HomePod was much appreciated for its stellar sound quality, the reduced cost might affect its most prominent property.


As it was introduced about a year ago, the AirPower i.e. going to be Apple’s wireless charging pad, it is expected to work with its two new iPhone models and also with a year older ones. Along with the iPhones, it is expected to charge the Apple iWatch Series 3, Apple iWatch Series 4 and the AirPods.

Apple has already launched its new mighty MacBook Pro in July. But what should be expected in the September launch event is a new MacBook Air that will support the retina display. New iMacs and Mac mini can also be expected in this launch event.

It is further rumoured that Apple has gone highly innovative this time. And it is coming up with a high-end pair of Air Pods. These Air Pods are characterized as noise cancelling, water resistant and feature wireless charging.

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