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Samsung S7 Battery Problems Resolved

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Samsung S7 Battery Problems Resolved

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge are the two phones that changed the game for Samsung. Before S7 and S7 edge, Samsung received much criticism on S6 edge. S6 edge was the first edge screen phone launched by Samsung. Being the pioneer in edge screen world, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge was with full of faults and bugs. Samsung worked hard in fixing these bugs and faults and after further innovation, it launched S7 edge. These phones are still considered as perfect smartphones by a huge majority of people around the globe. The sleek design with an edge screen makes this phone even prettier.

S7 and S7 edge are always criticized on their battery timings, despite of having 3,000 mAh and 3,600 mAh batteries respectively. People usually sell Samsung S7 Edge, as they think that the battery timing of the phone is not good. They search hard to find a place to sell their old mobile online,but the thing that they don’t know is that they can fix the battery issues of their S7 edge themselves.

Are you willing to sell Samsung S7 Edge due to the battery timing issue? It’s time to rethink, as there are certain ways through which you can make the battery timing of your S7 edge better:

Charge When It’s Needed!

Most of us have a bad habit of charging our smartphones even when it’s not needed. By this we mean that, whenever we find a charger, we plug our phone in not knowing that this practice harms the battery of our mobile phones.

You should only plug in your phone for charging when the battery of your phone reaches 5% or less. You should also never un-plug your phone before the charge is full. The problem here is that when we plug-in our phone before it reaches 5%, the battery receives the charge when it’s already capable of working even more, the battery worn outs quickly as it is forced to charge again and again without the perfect intervals. Also the battery sets itself with your charging habits, e.g. if you always charge your phone at 50%, it will automatically detect its capacity as 50% and will act accordingly, leaving you with half battery timing than usual.

Moreover, you should never plug-in your phone while sleeping. The problem here is that when you plug-in your phone when you are about to sleep. The battery might reach 100% charge in 1 or 2 hours, but most of us sleep for 8 or 9 hours a day. So the phone is forced to be overcharged for an interval of 6 to 7 hours, this overcharge harms the battery of your phone.

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Close Background Apps:

There are certain applications that are downloaded in your S7 edge, which runs in the background when you are not even using them. These applications drain the battery of your phone, and the charging of your phone ends quicker.

To close the background apps, you can follow this simple process; go into the settings, press device maintenance, tap on the battery icon on the left down corner, it would show the applications that are working in the background and are draining your battery. Tap on “Save Power” and these apps would be shut down immediately.

Power Saving Mode:

Sometimes you know that you wouldn’t be able to charge your phone for straight 24 hours or so, due to any reason. In this case, you should turn on the power saving mode on your Samsung S7 edge. The power saving mode would turn off the unnecessary features in your phone, e.g. always on display, high brightness, etc. and this would optimize the battery timing of your phone.

To turn on the power saving mode, you have to go in the settings> device maintenance> battery. Once on the menu, you would find two options; “Mid” and “Max”. If you select mid, the unnecessary features would be turned off for the time being. Max is the ultra-power saving mode, in which you can only call or message and cannot use the phone for any other purpose. Mid power saving option approximately extends you battery life by 20%, while Max power saving extends your battery life up to 300% than usual.


One of the best practices to make the battery timing of your phone better is to turn on the auto brightness mode. In auto brightness mode, your phone will adjust the brightness of the display according to the light conditions around you.

WIFI, Bluetooth and Mobile Data:

Internet can make your life easier! We all know that, but it can also drain the battery of your smartphone. We suggest you to keep the WIFI and mobile data of your device off, when not needed.Also, we suggest you to turn off the WIFI and mobile data option from your phone to prevent the overnight battery drainage. It also helps you to get a better sleep without any interruption by application notifications.

Most of us use Bluetooth to connect our phones with various devices i.e. Smart Watches, Smart Bands, Music Player, etc. we suggest you to turn off the Bluetooth if you don’t need it. If your Bluetooth is turned on, your phone’s battery drains much quickly.

Data Saver:

When you turn on your mobile data, your phone allows the applications to work in the background. These applications while working in the background, drain the battery of your phone and unnecessarily use your mobile data. You can turn on the data saver mode on your S7 edge to stop these applications from draining your battery.

When you turn on the data saver mode, only the application that you are currently using would use the battery and your data.

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Dark Wallpaper:

You can save the battery life of your S7 edge by setting a black or a dark coloured wallpaper. You might find this funny, but that is how the AMOLED display in Samsung S7 edge works!Putting up a black wallpaper would contribute a little, but it would definitely help in prevention of battery usage.


You should always check for the software updates in your phone. When you receive an update of the software in your phone, you should update it. We suggest this as android is always evolving the software to the next level and the new software always fix the battery issues in your phone.

By following these advices, the battery timing of your S7 edge would definitely increase and then you wouldn’t have any problem from this perfect device by Samsung. Try these recommendations by us, if the battery timing of your phone still doesn’t get any better you should then sell your phone. If you are willing to sell Samsung S7 edge, you can visit SellTheMobile and easily sell your phone to any of the refurbishing platform that you may find interested for your phone and get the cash against your phone immediately and easily.

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