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Secret Tips to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Phone Fast

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Secret Tips to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Phone Fast

Samsung launched its Samsung S8 and Samsung S8 Plus in 2017. These both mobile phones changed the perceptions of people towards mobile phones as both of them possessed infinity display. Infinity display was the newest feature to be added in a smartphone back in 2017. Other than the infinity display feature, these phones have some other amazing features as well. Keeping these features aside, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is considered as an older model in Samsung Galaxy S series now, as Samsung has already launched Galaxy S9 Plus in 2018. Other than this Samsung is all ready to launch its 10th anniversary phone of S seriesin February, 2019. The 10th anniversary mobile phone is known as Samsung Galaxy S10.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is going to have such features that you cannot miss upon. If you own Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus then you must sell Samsung S8 plus so you become ready to upgrade to the grand S10. The question that might arise in the minds of people is ‘how can I sell my S8 Plus?’ or ‘How much is a Galaxy S8 plus worth?’ We are going to answer all of these questions later in this article but first we are going to discuss the secret tips to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus phone fast.

How Can I Sell Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Fast?

To sell your Samsung galaxy S8 plus fast, you would first have to choose where you want to sell it. Selling your mobile phone can be a difficult task if you don’t know where to sell it. The fastest option can vary from person to person, but the fastest way to sell your Samsung galaxy S8 plus is at a mobile phone recycling platform. There are other options available for you as well and you can choose any of them according to your preferences. We are going to discuss these places later but first we must tell you the golden rule of selling your mobile phone.

Factory Reset Before you Sell Samsung S8 Plus!

Factory resetting your mobile phone allows it to delete all of the data stored in it. You must delete all of your precious data before putting your mobile phone up for sale. The data in your mobile phone has much worth and if you don’t delete it all then you might become the victim of data theft. To factory reset your device you have to first take a full backup of your device. You can take the backup on Gmail or you can manually take the backup of your S8 Plus on your PC. To do so, you would have to connect your S8 Plus with your PC and then open the folder in ‘My Computer’. Copy all of the data and paste it in another drive on your PC.

Once you have taken the backup, the next procedure is easier than you think. Delete all of the applications manually from your device. Also delete all of the picture albums manually from your S8 plus. Once all of the data is deleted manually, you can go to the settings application in your S8 plus and then go to the General Management option. In the General Management option you would find an option of Reset, select the reset option and then select Factor Reset option. All of the data from your mobile phone would be removed immediately and it would become ready to be sold.

Now that you know what you have to do in the first place, now you have to choose a place where you can sell your S8 plus online. Following are the different options available for you to do so!

     Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus In Your Social Circle:

The first option that you have to sell your Samsung galaxy S8 plus is to find a buyer for it in your social circle. For this you would have to ask your friends and family individually if anyone wants to buy your phone. You can find a buyer for your phone right away or you wouldn’t find anyone willing to buy it from you. If you find a buyer right away then this would be a fast way to sell Samsung S8 plus, but if not then you would have to look for other options.

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     Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus At Offline Market Place:

This is another option that you have to sell Samsung S8 plus. This can be a fast option or the slowest one in this article to sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus. For this you have to physically visit the market place to sell your mobile phone. You would have to go from shop to shop to find the best price for your phone. This can be a tiring thing to do so as you would have to spend a lot of time roaming around in the market.

     Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus Through Classified Ad:

You can easily sell your Samsung galaxy S8 plus through a classified ad. But this isn’t as easy as it sounds as you would have to perform a couple of tasks before posting an ad on the classified ad websites or on your social media accounts. Just as the two options discussed above; this might be the fastest or the slowest option for you to sell Samsung S8 plus.

The first thing that you have to do is to clean your mobile phone thoroughly so that no dirt spots are visible on the mobile phone. If the screen protector of your mobile phone is worn out then you should remove the screen protector from your device. Once your device is clean, you should take some pretty good shots of your mobile phone. Keep in mind that the shots you take of your mobile phone are appealing and eye-catching, as these pictures are going to be used in the ad of your mobile phone. Try to take the pictures in bright areas so that every angle of your mobile phone becomes visible.

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After this you would have to write an appealing description about your mobile phone. This description shouldn’t be very long, yet it should include every single detail about your S8 plus. With this, you would have to write a title that should include the model, storage capacity, colour and whether your phone is locked or locked. Once done with all of these things you would have to post the ad on various classified ads posting websites and on your social media accounts. When you get done with this, you have to wait for a potential customer to contact you. If anyone does so, you would have to meet that person and show him the phone to confirm the sale.

     Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus To Mobile Phone Recycling Platform:

This is the fastest way to sell your Samsung S8 plus online. To sell your Samsung galaxy S8 plus to a mobile phone recycling platform you would first have to find a reliable platform. To do so, you would have to look at the reviews that the previous sellers have written about the certain mobile phone recycling platform. You might find reviews on the website itself or on other reviews dedicated websites i.e. TrustPilot.

Search for your mobile phone and check the price quote for your mobile phone. Confirm the sale after filling up the form and wait for the platform to send you the free postage envelope. Once you receive the free postage envelope, send your phone in that envelope and the mobile phone recycling platform would pay you once your mobile phone reaches there.

Final Verdict:

The best secret to sell Samsung Galaxy S8 plus fast is to sell it to a mobile phone recycling platform. There are various mobile phone recycling platforms available online but all of them are not reliable and comparing the price quotes of these mobile phone recycling platforms individually can be a difficult thing to do. That is why SellTheMobile serves you as a mobile phone recycling comparison website that has listed all of the reliable mobile phone recycling websites in the UK. You just have to search for your phone there, compare the price quotes and sell your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus to the best one.

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