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Sell Your Old Mobile to Buy Samsung Galaxy S7

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Sell Your Mobile

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a revolutionary phone everyone wants to get their hands on. With its brilliant 5.10-inch display and 4GB RAM, the phone is not only beautiful but also provides excellent speed and performance. While there is no one who would want to use this amazing phone, many have an issue getting their hands on it because of one obvious reason: the price. The Samsung Galaxy S7 costs around £400 – £500. There is no denying that the phone is worth a fortune and is rather difficult for many to afford.

The first thing most people try to do to be able to buy this phone is selling their old phone. However, the problem is that since not many people want to buy older phones, their resale value drops dramatically and they are rather worthless both on the market and in personal dealings. While this sounds rather demotivating, there is good news! You can now use mobile phone recycling companies to sell your mobile in order to obtain sufficient cash and buy the Samsung Galaxy S7.

How Do Mobile Phone Recycling Companies Work?

If you decide to sell your old mobile to a recycling company, it is not much different than selling it to an individual – except that you will get better value for your device. These are companies, often present online, that are willing to buy old phones are pay handsome amounts of money for them – prices that you will probably be unable to find otherwise. They objectively value an old phone, buy it and immediately pay you in cash, which you can then use to buy the Samsung Galaxy S7!Recycle Your Mobile

However, the problem occurs when deciding which phone company to sell to. As it happens, it is not that easy to recycle your mobile if you decide to manually search for all the companies willing to buy it and then compare the prices. The process is rather tedious and there is high chance that you will fall for a scam, or will end up selling your old mobile for a very low price.

The solution, however, is simple. A website that provides you with the chance to compare old mobile prices all in one place! One such platform is SellTheMobile.

How Does SellTheMobile Work?

SellTheMobile is aimed at providing you with the ease to sell your old mobile without having to visit the website of different buyers also you can get money for your mobile on the same day. It is the single platform that offers the feature to compare old mobile prices from trusted buyers. All you have to do is to search for the phone that you are trying to sell, and you will immediately be presented with the best deals from different buyers who want you to recycle your mobile.

Now, the only step is to look at the list of deals and to compare them, choosing the one that pays you the most. SellTheMobile offers you with the option of buying from any provider you like, and immediately takes you to their website where you can complete the purchase. The process is rather fast and takes minutes to complete, while also making sure that you see all the best providers and their offers. It makes it extremely easy to compare old mobile price and to make sure you get the most cash you can for your used device. The best part is that you can get the cash in almost no time, and don’t have to wait for weeks and weeks in order to be able to buy your new Samsung Galaxy S7!

How Much Money Can You Get From Your Old Mobile?

The amount of money you can obtain if you sell your old phone depends directly on the condition of your used device. When you recycle your old phone, your device will be assigned a grade according to its condition. For example, it if it is in an excellent condition and has no marks or scratches on it, you likely to get a great amount of cash for it. On the other hand, if you have minor scratches, or some operational issues, the price will go slightly down. Nevertheless, you can be assured that when you recycle your old phone, mobile phone recycling companies will pay a good amount that will more likely be higher than if you were to sell your phone to an individual.Compare Old Mobile Price

Is SellTheMobile Reliable?

We are a reliable and trusted provider and compare over 1.5 million pounds worth of old mobile phone price. The best feature provided is that the most trusted recyclers are brought together on one platform; they are included entirely on the basis of the deals they provide and that reliability they offer. Providers who won’t pay on time or will try to scam you out of your money are not including in our deals.

In fact, there are several top providers like Sell Smart For Cash, iPhone Recycler, Alpha Recycle and EE Recycle that you will find only on SellTheMobile. By bringing in these providers, the aim is to provide the guaranteed top price. The reliability of a platform such as this is guaranteed by the fact that if you are able to find a selling price higher than that in the given deals, you can simply contact us and we will match that price! In every aspect, therefore, you will be able to sell your old phone at the highest possible price.

The range of sold devices is wide, from iPhone to Android, and the variety cannot be found with any other provider. Therefore, if you are looking to upgrade your phone and are worried that your outdated phone is good for nothing and won’t sell for a good price, don’t make the final decision before consulting our deals. You will be surprised by how much money you can earn from your old mobile, and by only adding some more amount to it, you will be able to buy the latest phone of your choice – Samsung Galaxy S7 – which will otherwise cost you a fortune!

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