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Should You Really Upgrade Your Phone Every Year?

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Should You Really Upgrade Your Phone Every Year?

How often can anyone afford to buy some new furniture, a car or a house? Does that seem feasible, practically? And now there is also the mobile phone upgrade ranting each year by the tech companies. The upgrade cycle, no doubt has a greater role in the digital world than in any other arena of consumer goods. You would be amazed to know that people aren’t much embarrassed to drive an old model Toyota Camry or to put their food in a second-hand refrigerator as they are ashamed of not upgrading to a new phone each year.

Of course, tech companies create the need. They exploit it. They skilfully count on our fear of degeneration and drive us to do the upgrades dutifully. And on average, we are supposed to be upgrading about every 22 months.

The Upgrade Plans Are A Manipulation Or A Real Need?

Let’s try to figure out this with an example. Since its debut, Apple’s iPad has been the best-selling tablet. Apple is under certain pressure as people look forward to having a revised, better featured and much-enhanced iPad model every year. But the question is, How could you improve your product every single year, that too when a large part of its appeal is simplicity? That makes sense, right?

In early 2012, Apple released iPad 3 imparting to it the unusually sharp, high-resolution retina screen just it did with the 2010 iPhone 4. So what kind of screen did the new iPad mini get in late 2012? It’s the old screen, not the Retina. The widespread gossip those days was that Apple held back a valuable feature so that it would have an enticing upgrade ready for the next version.

In the mobile phone and tablet industries specifically, the competition is so strong that manufacturers cannot afford to fool around by the ‘Withhold the Feature’ plan. When a new technology is ready for showcasing, they start promoting it immediately. For Samsung and Microsoft who are in dire competition with Apple, it would be hard to imagine saying, “That’s one mind-blowing feature; why not save it for next year?” Therefore, it is hard to hunt down obvious patterns of planned manipulative upgrade plans.

But that doesn’t mean, the manipulation isn’t there, it is. I am quoting here the views of a real user John Ruchak when asked on the question,Is it worth buying a new Smartphone every year? these were his views

“My suggestion will be, No. I know, the super new model has a “killer feature” that you just can’t resist not to have…  Even then, though, the answer is still no. Let me explain.

I bought an iPhone 4. Then in the meanwhile 4S came out and its killer feature was Siri. I just had to have it!  Then again, the iPhone 5 came along. The screen was a little bigger, had a faster processor, but had nothing much noticeable than my 4S, so I skipped it. Then came along the 5S with the TouchID fingerprint scanner; I just had to have it. iPhone 6 comes along with a truly “large” screen, and I just had to have it.

Apple generally provides the newest iOS to phones several generations old so Firmware (iOS) updates weren’t even a consideration.

With retrospection, if I had it to do over, would I do the same upgrades?  The answer is, No. Siri was cool but not ultimately as handy as I thought it to be. TouchID, like Siri, was so cool, but, again, not nearly as useful as I had expected. My instinct suggested me to move from the 4 straight to the 6 plus without the stops at 4S or 5S.

I got tired of things that my phone “ought” to be able to do, but Apple had restricted in one way or another.  So, I had to move over to Android these days.  When I got my Galaxy Note Edge, it was already “last year’s model” and the new Galaxy S6 line was out, but I have sought the issue out, specifically, for the “edge”. Great phone by the way and the right move for me!

With my lessons learned for what is hype vs. actual usefulness, well pretty pricey lessons though – I will keep going with my Edge until Samsung stops providing Android updates for it.

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But there are those who do not buy all this, and still, insist to upgrade each year. If you are one of them read on to know how you could do the upgrade of your phone the best possible way.

What Is The Best Way To Buy The Newest Phone Every Year?

If you are a crazy maniac like me when it comes to acquiring the best new iPhone every year then join the league. I have one word for you ’Upgrade’!

But how could you do that, and that too every year? Well, the good news is, I have found a way which is called Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program which so far is the best way to get a new iPhone every year.

What Actually Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program Is?

Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program is about financing your phone including things like AppleCare+ coverage. Choosing to go with this program means, you don’t really own your phone and maybe need to spend more money in the long run. This program is just like a fortune door for you if you don’t really believe in sticking to just one phone for years and lets you get your hands on the latest iPhone annually. However, there are a few things you should know about this program before enrolling yourself in.

How the Upgrade Program Works?

The iPhone Upgrade Program works the same way as financing your car. It means you don’t really own your device but have to pay the cost of the phone within a time frame of 24 months. That makes the cost of a new 64GB iPhone XR quarter less than the original amount per month excluding your monthly carrier bill and same goes for a fully loaded 512GB iPhone XS Max. If not opted for the program the same iPhone model might otherwise cost you double the amount thus increasing your buying power and making it a lot less painful on your pocket. Also, the subscription payment model is known to most of the folks residing in the UK.

What The Upgrade Program Has In Store For You?

Once you are a member of the upgrade program you will receive a new phone every 12 months. If you are clever enough to join the program in the month of September, you are likely to get the new iPhone when it is released each year. That makes it more fun than signing up in other months.

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For a deeper understanding, consider the scenario where you have joined the program suppose with your iPhone 8 Plus previous year. Then check-in to Apple’s website to see if you are eligible for an upgrade and pick your new phone. In that case, Apple will send you a box for your old phone and your payments will immediately begin on a new iPhone XS Max. Since this model of the iPhone is more expensive, your payments will likely to increase with respect to the original price of the phone per month.

What Good Apple’s Insurance policy does?

AppleCare+ is basically Apple’s insurance policy and it is a part of the iPhone Upgrade Program. If in case, you get your phone’s screen cracked or an accidental damage requires replacement of your phone your way out is to pay a deductible.

Although there are Carriers who sell mobiles with financing plans, they don’t include AppleCare+ or sell you an unlocked model that means you are bound to use it with that provider only. The advantage of buying with Apple is you get the freedom to move from carrier to carrier and can easily use your device while on travelling to different countries.

What Not To Forget!

While enrolling with this program keep in mind that you may never actually own your iPhone. Your phone is on lease and if you are consistently upgrading each year, you are also not really paying the full cost of your phone which would otherwise take two years.

You could also try paying full price for a phone each year that way you might come out ahead and resell it in order to buy the new model. But again, going for Apple’s upgrade program also removes any kind of hassle because searching for a trade-in website that will give you the best value for your used iPhone can be hard work and much time-consuming. You will also come across a lot of scammers on sites like eBay, so it is much better to prefer the ease of the upgrade program.

If this year’s new features offered for your phone model are genuinely worth the upgrade then go for it. You could also try recycling your old phone before upgrading to the new one at SellTheMobile.


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