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What You Need to Know When Switching From Android to Apple

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Switching From Android to Apple

What You Need to Know When Switching From Android to Apple

If you have decided to move from Android to iPhone, then probably you have made a great choice. But if you have been using Android smartphone long enough and have tons of data on it then you may have questions about how you can transfer your photos, videos, apps, contacts, emails, calendars, and more from Android to iPhone. Luckily, there are quite a few ways that can help you in such cases.

After buying your desired iPhone, read this list to find out what you will be able to move to your new iPhone. And some of the tips below also apply if you are switching from an iPhone to Android.

Software: iTunes

iTunes is one of the most important things you should have on your PC. You might already be using iTunes to manage your movies, videos, music but many Android users use other software. In the past, iTunes was the only way to control the content on your phone including contacts, apps, photos, videos and more. But these days you can use iCloud and other cloud services for the above-mentioned task.

But iTunes is perhaps the easiest way to get data from your Android phone to your iPhone. If you don’t have iTunes already installed, then download it from Apple’s official website. iTunes is free. There are separate versions available for Windows and Mac.

Sync Content to your PC

Before switching to iPhone make sure that everything on your Android phone is properly synced to your PC. This may include your videos, photos, contacts and more. If you are using a web-based calendar then it is not necessary to sync it. But you should sync it to be on the safe side. You should completely back up all your data from phone to your PC.

What content you can transfer

When you move from a mobile phone platform to another, the first thing you want to see is the data that you have backed up on the new phone. So, it is highly recommended to make sure all of your data is fully transferred to your new phone. Here is some direction for you on what data can and cannot transfer.


This one is for music lovers. Most people do care about their music. The good news is that you can easily transfer your music. When you sync your music from your phone to computer and if it is DRM-free, then just add music to iTunes. In this way, you will be able to sync it to your iPhone.

If your music has DRM, you may need an app to make it DRM-free. Note that some DRM isn’t supported on any iPhone. Also, you cannot play Windows Media files on your iPhone. It is best to add the iTunes and convert them to AAC or MP3. After that, you can sync them to your phone.

If your music is stored offline on a music streaming service like Spotify, you won’t have to worry about losing your music. Just download the music streaming service app. Sign in your account and you will get your music back.

Photos and Videos

Photos and Videos are considered to be an important asset of a smartphone user. And while switching from one phone to other, we cannot afford to lose our priceless memories in the form of photos and videos.

Again you have to sync the content of your phone to your PC. If you sync photos and videos from Android phone to computer then you should be able to transfer the data easily to your iPhone.

If you have a Mac system, then sync the pictures to Photos. You can also copy the pictures to your Mac and then import them to Photos. For Windows, there are many photo-management tools available.


Now for Apps, there is a big difference. Android apps do not work on iPhone and vice versa. So, any of your Android apps cannot move to iPhone.

But here is a catch. In the Android Play Store, there are many apps that have iPhone versions that do basically the same thing. You can search the iOS App Store for your favourite apps.

Note that even if there are apps with iPhone versions, your app data will not come with them. So you may lose your data. It is better to check with the developer of the app, first.


Adding again all the numbers, re-type again all the names can be a painful thing. So, you definitely want to have all of your address book same as it is on your new iPhone. There are two ways you can adapt to transfer the contents of your address book to your iPhone.

In the first method, you sync your Android phone to your PC and synced the contacts to Windows Address Book or Outlook Express on Windows.

The second option is to store your address book in a cloud-based tool. Google Contacts and Yahoo Address Book, are the two tools you can use for this purpose. Before transferring your contacts, make sure all of your address book content is properly synced.

Movies & TV Shows

The method for transferring TV shows and movies is almost similar to those for transferring music. If your videos have DRM on them or have Windows Media Format then you cannot play these videos on your iPhone.

Text Messages

Your Android phone text messages may not be transferred to your iPhone. But if they are stored in a third-party app and that app has the iPhone version, then you can retrieve your text messages on your iPhone.

Note that, getting back text messages on your iPhone depends on the functionality of that particular app.


The process for transferring all of your important events, birthdays, meetings, and other calendar entries is almost the same as we used for Contacts. If you are using an online calendar, make sure your data is up to date. The things may be slightly different if you are using a third-party calendar app. Search the App Store for the app’s iPhone version. If there is no version available then you probably need to export your data from the app and import it to an online calendar, like Google or Yahoo calendar.

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