Recycle Your Galaxy S6 Edge


If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you know that it is a great phone. However, even better is the new Note 8, a remarkable device any phone fanatic would absolutely love to get their hands on. The Note 8 comes with enhanced features like an Irish scanner and a stylus. It is also dust and water resistant, the features that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not have. For those of you who love phones with large screens, the Note 8 boasts a huge 6.3 inch display, compare to Galaxy S6 Edge’s 5.1 inches. The processor and battery are also a step ahead. There is absolutely no reason you should not upgrade to this beautiful Note 8 – except one reservation: the price. So, you can sell your Galaxy S6 Edge to buy this beautiful phone. The Note 8 costs about £700, and we can all agree that it…