sell my Samsung Galaxy S7


With the nearing launch date of S9 on 25 March, 2018 the audience is ready on their toes to bag the sensational flagship device. With the reports stating that pre-order booking are expected to begin from March 1, the set is pricier than predecessor S8. A realistic estimate provides a logical figure of around £800 to be the initial price. A hefty amount! Isn’t it? If you missed S8 last year, then surely it’s the high time to Sell Samsung Galaxy S7 for the sake of S9. Why Should I Sell Samsung Galaxy S7? You are surely at right to ask why I should sell my Samsung Galaxy S7 especially when you are pretty much satisfied with your older set. Besides so many reasons obsolescence of technology is the prime reason. The exciting features of S7 that have been inspiring you for last couple of years may really appear useless…