The Environmental Impact of Recycling your Old Phone

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The Environmental Impact of Recycling your Old Phone

According to the environment report published by the UK’s environment agency, the air quality is going towards a positive change since the mid-twentieth century, but air pollution is still proving to be threat for the living creatures. Through this report, we can observe that we have to look after our environment and make sure that individually we try to minimise the dangerous effects that certain things might have on the environment. One such thing that we need to cater here are the mobile phones that are left in the dumps to rot.

The mobile phones that we use provide us with much ease while performing our daily and official chores. The mobile phone industry is evolving at a fast pace, and every year we feel the need to update to a better model of mobile phone. The problem here is that what do we do with our existing models? We throw them in our drawers or cupboards and never see that mobile phone again in our lives. But what we should do here is to sell that mobile phone to a mobile phone recycling platform available online in the UK.

Why Do These Platforms Recycle?

These recycling platforms not only help you in saving the environment, but they also pay you for doing so! The mobile phones that mean worthless to us have much worth for the recycling platforms. They recycle your mobile phones in such a way that they also get the benefit for doing so. It doesn’t matter if your mobile phone is in working condition or broken, it still has some worth. Even if the mobile phone doesn’t turn on, it can still hurt our environment if not recycled properly.

Below are some of the reasons that these recycling platforms recycle your mobile phones:

     Save The Environment:

It might sound cliché but actually one of the motives behind the existence of these recycling platforms is to save the environment! These recycling platforms work to dispose of your mobile phones properly. The process of recycling mobile phones is an extensive one that can’t be done at home, and if these recycling platforms doesn’t exist then we would’ve worsen the climate of the UK.

     Metals Extraction:

You might not know but the mobile phones that we use are built up of certain valuable metals that can be extracted from them if they are recycled properly. These metals might consist of gold, silver, platinum, zinc, etc. Through recycling mobile phones, these metals can be extracted that otherwise need mining to do so. So recycling mobile phones can also help in reducing the pollution generated from mining for the extraction of these metals. The metals extracted from recycling of these mobile phones can be reused for certain purposes.

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So if the metals are not extracted from the unwanted mobile phones, we would have to mine more to extract those metals from earth’s core and that would further harm our environment.

     Useable Parts:

Sometimes when we break our mobile phones accidently, we might think that these mobile phones are worthless now. But we are wrong here! Although these mobile phones are worthless for us but they aren’t for the mobile phone recycling platforms. It might happen that you have dropped your mobile phone and now its LCD doesn’t work. You might think that this mobile phone is worthless now. But what you don’t know is that these mobile phone recycling platforms can still manage to dig out the parts of the mobile phone that still work i.e. battery, charging port, audio jack, speakers, receiver, home button, etc.

These parts once got out from the mobile phone can be used in repairing the other mobile phones. The rest of the mobile phone is then sent to dispose of properly.

    Repair and Sell Again:

If your mobile phone is comparatively newer, then usually mobile phone recyclers repair your mobile phones and further sell them as refurbished mobile phones. Once you have selected a mobile phone recycler, accepted its price quote and have sent your mobile phone to the chosen recycler; it would check the mobile phone thoroughly. Firstly if the mobile phone possesses any data of the previous owner, the recycler would remove the data thoroughly. After that, if any fault is diagnosed in the mobile phone, it is repaired with the best quality parts by industry professionals. After all the faults are repaired in the mobile phone, the recycler checks the mobile phone to make sure that every fault is diagnosed and repaired properly. If any problem still persists, the recycler repairs the mobile phone again until all of the faults are repaired in the mobile phones.

When the mobile phone is proved to be in 100% working condition, the recycler would then put the mobile phone up for sale as a refurbished mobile phone. Usually these recyclers provide warranties with the mobile phones that they sell, the warranties are provided with the mobile phones as the recyclers have a firm belief that they have repaired the phone in such a way that any fault doesn’t arrive after the sale. These mobile phones are available online for sale and you can purchase these phones in lesser prices than a new one.

How Can I Save The Environment?

On your part, you should never leave an unwanted mobile phone in your drawers or cupboards. Always sell your mobile phone to a recycler, no matter what the recycler would do with the mobile phone; you must fulfil your part in saving the environment. Even if the mobile phone recycler repairs the phone to sell it again, at some part it would be recycled properly to dispose of.

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Not only on your part, everyone in the UK should spread this awareness to sell mobile phones to recyclers, so rotting mobile phones doesn’t have a negative impact on the environment. As discussed before, the environment report published by the UK’s environment agency shows that the environment (specifically air pollution) is going towards its betterment. So we should play our part in making the environmental conditions even better for our country.

What Would Happen If I Don’t?

You might get many offers for your used mobile phones and you might delve to sell your mobile phone for those offers. But what you don’t know is that if you sell your mobile phone to such buyers, it might end up in the dump; rotting and harming the environment. To make sure that your mobile phone is being disposed of properly, we should make this mind-set that we have to sell our mobile phones only to recycling platforms.

How Can I Sell To a Recycler?

There are dozens of mobile phone recyclers available online in the UK. You just have to search for them and a list of mobile phone recyclers would be shown to you by Google. But the important thing here is to find a reliable recycler to sell your mobile phone. You cannot trust every recycler out there and finding the trustworthy ones is a time taking process.

Due to this, we at SellTheMobile provide our customers with the ease of finding all of the reliable mobile phone recycling platforms at one place. All of the mobile phone recycling platforms available on our website are listed after careful consideration of their terms & conditions and their customer service quality. These mobile phone recyclers provide the best price quotes for your old mobile phones, and you won’t find a price quote as high as on our website anywhere else.

SellTheMobile has a user friendly interface through which our users can easily sell their mobile phones in four easy steps:

Step 1: Select or search for your mobile phone and select the accurate model.

Step 2: Select the condition, storage capacity and whether it is locked or unlocked.

Step 3: Compare the price quotes offered by the best mobile phone recyclers in the UK.

Step 4: Select the recycler, and fill the detailed form with your accurate details and confirm sale.

Step 5: Send your mobile phone in free postage envelope and get paid once the mobile phone reaches the recycler.

By performing these four easy steps you can easily sell your mobile phone on our website at the best price. You might have to look at the terms & conditions of the mobile phone recycler as well before selling your mobile phone to keep the process glitch-free.

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