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The Unconventional Guide to iPhone Trade-In in The UK

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The Unconventional Guide to iPhone Trade-In in The UK

Technology is moving at an incredibly rapid pace. The first iPhone made headlines in 2007. Fast forward to the recent past and you’ll recall that Apple celebrated the iPhone’s 10th anniversary with the iPhone X, XS, XS Max and XR. Between these latest tenth anniversary phones and the very first one that started it all, Apple has dished out more than 18 iPhones. With so many options and newer ones making appearance every once in a while, it would make a ton of sense for consumers to get some value for their old iPhones and upgrade knowing that they didn’t just end up tossing out their pricey gadget for absolutely nothing.

This approach to trading in, recycling or selling your old iPhone when you’ve used it to your heart’s content is not only great for your wallet but is also better for the environment. Rest assured that your old phone won’t be added to an increasing pile of e-waste that’s become a major concern all over the world.

In this article, we’ll look at some unconventional ways of trading in your iPhone or selling it for some value.  The various options out there and the fear of legitimacy make it difficult to figure out where to turn. Let’s sift through what’s out there and get started.

Trade-in Using an Ecommerce Website

The Apple-Amazon deal made headlines in January 2019 and proved to be detrimental to small businesses and independent resellers of Apple products and, of course, the iPhone. Now, only authorized Apple dealers can sell iPhone and Apple products on the ecommerce giant.

You might not be able to sell your iPhone on Amazon, but eBay is a great platform and it offers trad-in as well.


Use the massive platform and sell your old iPhone independently on eBay. The website also has a trade-in program that lets you receive a voucher for the phone you offer. The exchange is pretty secure and the platform as a whole has become much more reliable than before.

There are some drawbacks to using eBay. If you want to flog your iPhone fast and hassle-free, then you’ll be disappointed to know that eBay isn’t the fastest or the easiest. You’ll be responsible for things like shipping and listing. All of this will prove to be rather time consuming.

If you don’t mind the extra bit of effort, then this is perhaps the best option where you can get the most out of your old iPhone.

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Sell or Trade-in Your iPhone to Third-Party Dealers and Buyback Companies

There are large buyback companies and smaller businesses that will be happy to pay you a decent amount for you used iPhone.


Decluttr covers the UK and USA. The company gives you a chance to de-clutter your life and sell a lot of stuff you don’t need. iPhones can also be sold on this massive platform.

The buyback company doesn’t provide a shipping kit. Decluttr first checks the condition of your phone, after that, you ship it off, free-of-cost, and then get your payment.

You can also trade-in your old iPhone to third-party independent sellers and small business that specialise in buying, selling and/or recycling old used and broken smartphones.


There are a lot of businesses that can be mentioned here but SellTheMobile is one of UK’s leading recycling comparison website. To check what you’ll be offered for your old iPhone, simply fill a form that asks details about your phone’s conditions etc. and get a quote. Once you’re happy with what you’re offered, the company will send you a box to ship your old phone in for free. Sell your phone, receive your cash and rest assured that your phone isn’t going to rust in a landfill somewhere.

Trade-in your iPhone to UK Mobile Networks

Almost all of the largest telecom carriers in the UK offer phone recycling or trade-in programs. We’ll look at a few below. The amount of money or credit you’ll get against your device depends on the condition of your old iPhone.


O2 put forward its Refresh scheme which allows iPhone users to trade-in iPhones so that you can cover the cost of your new device.

O2 divides your contract into a ‘device plan’ and ‘airtime’. Once you trade-in your iPhone, the credit you get helps pay off the cost of your new iPhone and makes the process of getting a new contract easier.


Vodafone also has a trade-in program. The idea is similar to the previous one. All you have to do is visit the Vodafone Trade In website and input your iPhone’s IMEI. You’ll be made an offer which you can reject or accept.

Other popular telecom carriers in the UK, such as EE Limited’s Recycle & Reward program and Three’s Trade-in, are also great if you want to get rid of your old iPhone.

Sell or Trade-in your iPhone at a physical marketplace

Back to basics. If you’re willing to go out into the real world and don’t mind some human interaction, this could be a good option for you. Check out your local phone market and see how much you can get for your old iPhone. You could even exchange/trade-in your old phone for something better.

If you’ve already been online and have an idea of what your old phone is approximately worth, you’ll be able to haggle your way up to selling your device for an even better price.

Trade-in your iPhone to Apple itself

With growing pressure on big tech companies about developing more sustainable business models, Apple is trying to shift to a closed-loop supply chain. In an attempt to drive this forward, the company launched its very own trade-in scheme. Shoppers in the UK can get credit against their old iPhone when they want to trade-in for a new iPhone.

The phones brought in for the iPhone trade-in are first checked thoroughly and the phone’s condition is evaluated. If your device checks out, you’re good to go. You can check out Apple’s website to get an idea of what you’ll get against your iPhone 7 Plus trade in.

It is important to note that you might not be getting the best value by simply trading-in your old iPhone to Apple. Selling your used mobile phone to independent sellers and third party businesses is the most lucrative option. All it requires is a bit of research to get the best out of what you have to offer.

You may have noticed a pattern here that trade-ins are normally offered by phone companies or telecoms themselves. This can strike up a debate about trade-in vs. selling and what’s best for your old smartphone and why? Logic would suggest that you’ve got more to gain if you turned to independent sellers rather than big tech companies that are hell bent on contriving the most cash out of their customers. But there are always exceptions to the rule.

The bottom line

If you’re willing to put that extra bit of effort and sacrifice convenience, you’ll score big against your old iPhone. If you want to upgrade from an iPhone 7, go online and compare what an iPhone 7 trade in will get you. Make a well informed decision to get the best value.

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