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Things You Can Do With Your Water Damaged Phone

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Things You Can Do With Your Water Damaged Phone

Oh no! Did your smartphone take a swim with you in a pool? Did you drop it in the toilet or sink? Water may be fun and healthy for us humans, but it is true that smartphones do not like water! Here are some helpful tips to save a water-damaged phone. Also, know what should be better to do with it!

If you do look into the recent past, you would come to know that manufacturers are trying to make waterproof cell phones and the trend seems to be continued. iPhones, Samsung Galaxy, and some other Android smartphones are now coming with a tag of water-resistant phones. But keep in mind that they are not completely waterproof; they just have the ability to resist at some extent in case of any water accident. Thus, these smartphones are prone to water damage and you need to care a lot to keep your phone protected.

On the other hand, you would agree that accidents can happen every day and there is nothing that you can do to prevent them. If your phone, unfortunately, falls into water then would be more like a nightmare. It is not guaranteed that the phone will be rescued. Despite all that having some knowledge of what to do may save your water-damaged phone from total breakdown. Here we have come up to provide you with some important tips by which you can save your water damaged mobile phone before it is scrap.

Take Your Phone Out From the Water and Immediately Turn It Off

It is hard to engulf that your phone is in water, either it may be in toilet water or in the swimming pool, and you first look to it will be like “Ah”, but you should take it out of the water as soon as possible, because the more it remains in water, the more damage will be caused. After taking it out then switch it off.

Take the Battery Out

After putting the phone in off condition, try to take the battery out of the phone as well. Once the battery is out, put it on a flat surface, a towel may be a good idea.

Do Not Turn It On

You do not need to turn your phone on, as a cell phone is made of electrical components and we all know that water does not do good with electrical components.

Avoid Charging the Phone

As discussed earlier that a cell phone is a home of electrical circuits if water is in circuits then for obvious reasons you are not supposed to charge your phone.

Also, Avoid Pressing the Keys

The more keys you press, you are allowing water to travel into those areas that have not been even water affected. So, try to avoid pressing any keys and keep it idle for as much time as possible.

Shaking or Blowing can Harm Your Phone

It is important that you do not shake your phone haphazardly or blow into it, as by doing so you can extend the damaged part.

Do Not Bring Heat Near to the Phone

Heat is always dangerous, even if your phone is not damaged. The impact of heat on the phone can even be more severe than the water.

Dry Your Wet Phone Off

This is the most important thing to do, you do this in different ways depending on what you have available. The best approach is to use a good absorbent towel to wipe off any excess water. Or you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the water from the phone. Don’t use a blow dryer to dry it faster; it will blow the water further into the internal components of your phone.

If you don’t want to try this out, the alternative way is to use uncooked rice. Put the uncooked rice in a bowl or an airtight bag with your phone and leave it for a couple of days, the rice will absorb all moisture from the phone.

Sell Your Water-Damaged phone

If you have tried all of the above-mentioned tips and you think the phone is dry now but still not working properly, it’s better to sell it out.

Until recently, Apple and big Android manufacturers don’t offer warranty or replacement for water damaged phones. In this way, you are left with either buying a new phone or having your phone repaired by manufacturer’s store for the out of warranty price or finding a third-party mobile repair service for a low cost. When you go to a repairer, you will see that they don’t give you any guarantee to get your water damaged phone back to life. So, it can be risky to fix it through repair service.

On the contrary, selling your water damaged phone is a wise option, because not only you get rid of this but also give you some money in return that you can use for getting a new handset.

Where to Sell Your Water Damaged Phone

As an iPhone owner, now you would be thinking; “where to Sell My Water Damaged iPhone for better cash”. The answer is quite simple; sell your water damaged phone to a recycling company. Yes, these days, mobile phone recycling sites are the best place to sell mobile phones that become obsolete or even get damaged for any reason. These sites are aimed to take your phone off and pay you a good price for it. The working process of recycling sites is relatively easy- you just have to search your phone and tell about its condition, the site will instantly offer you a price for it. If you are Ok with it; you can proceed further or can go for the next one.

Nowadays, a large number of recycling companies can be found on the web, which has made it difficult to select the one. Well, no worries! You can rely on mobile recycling comparison sites to find out the best recycling site that will pay you a high price for your old or even water-damaged phone. By comparing recycling deals, you will not only recover the maximum price for your damaged mobile but also save you time and efforts.

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