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It’s Time to Sell Your Galaxy S6 Edge, As Note 8 has Released!

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Sell Your Galaxy S6 Edge

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, you know that it is a great phone. However, even better is the new Note 8, a remarkable device any phone fanatic would absolutely love to get their hands on. The Note 8 comes with enhanced features like an Irish scanner and a stylus. It is also dust and water resistant, the features that Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not have. For those of you who love phones with large screens, the Note 8 boasts a huge 6.3 inch display, compare to Galaxy S6 Edge’s 5.1 inches. The processor and battery are also a step ahead. There is absolutely no reason you should not upgrade to this beautiful Note 8 – except one reservation: the price. So, you can sell your Galaxy S6 Edge to buy this beautiful phone.

The Note 8 costs about £700, and we can all agree that it is a fortune not everyone can afford to spend. If you want to sell your Galaxy S6 Edge, you may be worried that it won’t sell for a great price since it is now about 2 years old, and not many are willing to pay more than a meagre few pounds for it. Does this mean that the phone for which you spent hundreds of pounds now is worthless, and cannot do anything to contribute towards your new purchase?

Absolutely wrong! The great news is that while you may not be able to obtain a lot of cash for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge by trying to personally find a buyer for it, there are several mobile phone recycling companies who are eager to obtain old phones and will help you to sell your Galaxy S6 Edge. Not only do they want the older models of new phones, they are also willing to pay decent amounts of cash for it and provide surprisingly great deals that are not available elsewhere. If you want to recycle your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge to invest in the new Note 8, therefore, your best bet would be to find an online recycler who is willing to pay a decent sum of cash and will pay you immediately.Recycle Your Galaxy S6 Edge

How to Sell Your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Luckily for you, the process of selling your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is rather simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. You just need to make sure you follow the right steps and find the right provider, and you will be able to sell your old phone within the same day!

Prepare Your Phone for the Sale

To make sure the sale will be quick and easy, the first step is to prepare to sell your Galaxy S6 Edge. Make sure that your old phone is free of any binding contract. Then, begin to backup all of the data that you have in it, including your photos, videos, contacts and text messages. You can easily backup to iCloud if you have an iPhone or to platforms like GDrive and DropBox for all kinds of phones. Next, it is important to unlink all of the associated accounts, since these might be linked even after you backup and delete everything from your phone. Once you are sure you have gotten rid of all the data and information manually and there is nothing else you require from your phone, hit the factory rest setting to clear any hidden files or apps. This will empty your phone, taking it back to the condition you found it in when you purchased it.

Do Your Research

The next step is to start researching online to find the best buyer for your phone. If you want to recycle your Galaxy S6 Edge, you will need to find buyers that already have deals provided on that phone, with different offers according to the condition of the phone being sold. However, a problem you might face is that there are too many buyers out there, and it gets rather difficult to separate the genuine ones from the scammers. Often, a provider may have positive reviews but there will be no way to tell whether or not they will pay you on time, or will pay you at all. The best way to tackle this problem is to find one specific platform that brings together all reliable buyers, like SellTheMobile.Compare Galaxy S6 Edge Price

Compare Galaxy S6 Edge Price

When trying to sell Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, the most important step is to compare the prices for your phone, something that a platform like SellTheMobile easily enables you to do. All you need to do is to enter your phone’s name and model in the search bar, and you will find all the best deals in one place. The best part about the platform is that it gives you the freedom to browse deals and to choose the one that you like. Then, it takes you to the buyer’s website where you can easily sell your Galaxy S6 Edge and obtain cash in return for it. The entire process only takes a few minutes!

Remember that you must compare Galaxy S6 Edge price before you sell it, since this is the best way to make sure you don’t lose any potential money you can make from your old phone. Using a website like SellTheMobile will ensure that you don’t miss out on any good deals being offered. This website can give you the best cash deals for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. You can then use the provider that you prefer and can carry out the final transaction according to your own choice. The best part is that the highest prices are guaranteed, so there is no way you will find a better deal anywhere. If you do, you will be offered the price you claim to have found – it is a win-win situation that is entirely safe!

Now that it has become extremely convenient to sell your Galaxy S6 Edge, what are you waiting for? Don’t just let your old phone stay in a drawer and accumulate dust when you can actually make money off of it. Begin the selling process today, and make cash in order to be able to buy the new Note 8!

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