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It’s Time to Sell Your iPhone 6S, As iPhone 8 Has Been Released

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Sell Your iPhone 6S

Every year people await the Apple’s new smartphone and love to own it. This year’s masterpiece, iPhone 8 has been released in September. So, are you ready to get your hands on it? But what will you do with your old iPhone? Give it to your sibling? Throw it in a drawer or cupboard? Or sell your old iPhone and get a handsome cash in exchange? Well, we are sure, you will go for the 3rd option. It will definitely help you to subsidise in buying new iPhone 8.

Do It Right Now

As you know that when a new model of any mobile phone company comes in the market, it drops the value of all previous models. So, it’s the best time to sell your iPhone 6S because iPhone 8 and iPhone X have just arrived in the market. If you have decided to sell it now, the next big challenge is how you can sell Your iPhone 6S for maximum profit. Here we have a perfect solution for you. Send it off to a recycling company and get quick cash.

Mobile phone recycling is a great way to be sure your old phone is sold at a good price and goes into honest and trained hands. Even better you will earn cash to put towards your new mobile phone. Here, it is the key to know that you will get the most money for your iPhone 6S, if it’s in tip-top condition, means no cracks on the screen, no scratches or big dents on the casing, and everything is working well.

What if Your iPhone 6S is Damaged?

If your iPhone is damaged or not working properly, you can still get money by selling it to a mobile phone recycler in the UK. So, don’t lose hope and look for a recycling company.

Find Out the Reliable Recycling Firms Via SellTheMobile

It is hard to find the most reliable recycling firms because there are lots of websites available on the internet promising to offer you with the great value to recycle your iPhone 6S.

However, no need to look further for it. SellTheMobile is an advanced online platform that meets you with the top-rated recycling firms in UK. These firms are ready to pay you by buying your old mobile phonee of any condition whether they are working or having some issues. The online procedure is completely swift and secure that allows you to compare the prices of top recyclers. In this way, you get the optimal amount for your mobile as well as saving your time.Recycle Your iPhone 6S

Let’s have a look, how SellTheMobile works!

  1. Enter your mobile phone details and have a list of recycling companies that let you present your iPhone 6S for sale and will pay you a good price for it.
  2. Compare the prices offered by the top recyclers to get the maximum cash. Choose the best deal and sell your iPhone 6S to them one by clicking on the “Sell Now” button. It will take you on the website of the recycling company. Here you can fill up the form by entering some particular details and send your mobile to them via courier. Sometimes, these companies can collect your phone from your doorstep, if you are in nearby areas.
  3. You will get paid via cash, cheque or bank transfer at the same day when the recycler collects your phone and examine it properly.

Things to Do Before Selling Your Old iPhone

Whether you sell your iPhone 6S by yourself in the market or to a recycling firm, there are some important things you should do to ensure your phone data is safe:

1. Back Up Your iPhone

Use Apple’s iCloud service or a third-party Cloud storage service and back up all of your data including photos, contacts, videos, and apps. With this, all your data is safe and can be restored easily to your new iPhone device. iCloud automatically takes a backup each day, while a manual backup will ensure you are absolutely up to date.

  • Connect Wi-Fi to your iPhone
  • Plug in if your handset’s battery is low
  • Open “Settings” from the Home screen button
  • Tap on your Apple ID Banner > iCloud > iCloud Backup > Backup Now

2. Turn Off “Find My iPhone”

It is a security feature that must be disabled if you are going to sell your iPhone 6S. By doing this, nobody will be able to use or reset it. To turn it off, Go to the “Settings App” on your iPhone and then tap to iCloud > Find My iPhone > Turn Off

3. Wipe All Apps

Before selling your iPhone 6S, all apps including all services and connected accounts must be signed out. To do it easily, open the “Settings app” and tap on General > Reset > Erase All Content

Now, your iPhone 6S is ready for sale. Happy selling at SellTheMobile! It will make you happy and satisfied with the best cash deal.

If you are also willing to buy iPhone 8 or any other smartphone of any brand, SellTheMobile also helps you in getting the best deals for new or refurbished mobile phones. Check out some exclusive deals by clicking here.

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