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Tips for selling a brand new iPhone

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Tips for selling a brand new iPhone

What if you are a big iPhone fan and bought a brand new iPhone X a few months back. You are using it happily and then suddenly watch the news that Apple just announced new flagship iPhones. Now somewhere inside you, something is craving for one of the new iPhones and at the same time, your mind is signalling that you don’t have enough money to buy the super expensive iPhone.

Well, no worries. You can still sell your brand new iPhone for quite a handsome amount. Now, you must be thinking where to sell iPhone for cash? And the answer lies below. Because we have compiled a list of tips which will help you to sell your brand new iPhone and of course, for cash.

When should you sell your iPhone?

Selling iPhone and selling stocks is not the same thing. But there is one notable similarity, and that is you should sell when prices are high. For iPhone, it is best to sell right before the next model is announced. Because after the launch of new iPhone, the price of the older model goes down.

For the last few years, Apple is launching its new models in the month of September. So, it’s better to sell your iPhone before September.

Before Selling, do these things

Whether you sell your iPhone by yourself or trade it into a company, there are certain things you need to do to make sure your data is safe and you get most cash in return.

Backup your iPhone

This is the most important step to follow. Before selling your iPhone, backup all of your precious data, including, contacts, photos, videos, apps and more. Use Apple’s iTunes or iCloud service to back up.

Turn off Find My iPhone

When you are using iPhone, you should turn on the Find My iPhone security feature. So before selling, turn it off. You can do so by following these steps.

Go to Settings app > iCloud > Find My iPhone > turn it off.

Wipe Clean your iPhone

After that, it’s time to wipe your iPhone. First of all, sign out from all of your accounts, like email, social media accounts, and apps. Then go to Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. This will erase everything from your iPhone.

After that Factory reset your iPhone, by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Remove the SIM card

Don’t forget to pop out your SIM card. Because you will likely need the new phone to keep your existing number and service.

Check the Condition of your iPhone

Though you are selling your iPhone so it might not have any scratches or damages. But be remember that you will get the most money for your phone if it’s in the best shape. And to be on the safe side, again check the condition of your iPhone, look for cracks, and dents. Also, check the charging slot. See if it’s working fine or not.

Where to sell iPhone

There are many different options for selling your iPhone. If you want to do less work, then online services are best for you. But if you have time then you can opt for selling directly to a friend or at a mobile phone shop. The choice is yours.

Sell your iPhone directly through online platforms

Many online platforms like eBay, Craigslist, and SellTheMobile, are a great way to sell your new iPhone. These will give you maximum control over the selling price of your iPhone. eBay and Craigslist will allow you to set your own price. These platforms offer a huge number of potential buyers. Your item will be seen by millions, so it’s a great way to discarding your device.

At eBay, you just list your product, the buyer will purchase it and you will get your money in the bank account or through PayPal. But eBay has its fee. While on Craigslist, you have to meet the buyer in person to get the payment. But you will avoid the hassle of shipping and waiting.

There is another place available online and it’s Swappa. It is a dedicated mobile device marketplace. At Swappa, you can list your iPhone free of cost. Your ad will be approved by Swappa staff and will then displayed to the buyers. The sale fee is automatically added to the price for the buyers. And once you accept an offer, you will need to ship your iPhone within two days.

There are also numerous online companies willing to pay you a good amount of cash for your iPhone. SellTheMobile is one of the examples. The company is one of the most trusted mobile phone recycling companies in the UK. If you want a great deal for your iPhone, choose this site. When you visit the site, enter your mobile phone model in the Search box and a list will appear, showing some deals for your iPhone. Choose the best deal and confirm your order. You will get paid via cheque or bank transfer.

Apple’s Trade-in Program

Apple has its own trade-in program. It will let you trade-in your iPhone when you go to buy a new one or get an Apple Store gift-card at any time by mailing your iPhone in. The in-store program is run by Apple, while the mail-in program is run by a partner, Brightstar, but you can make use of it any time.


   Sell soon

Remember, the longer you wait, the less money you are likely to get for your iPhone. Whenever a new model is launched, many online websites get millions of visitors who look to upgrade to the latest iPhone. It’s based on demand and supply. And prices will surely drop as time goes on.

   Do your homework

Before selling your iPhone, do your homework. Check around different portal, look for the best available offer. Bear in mind, don’t settle for less. You have purchased new iPhone for quite a lot of money, so try to sell it for maximum cash.

   Wipe your iPhone completely, before selling it

You surely don’t want your precious data to fall in the wrong hands. So it is very important to completely wipe clean your iPhone before selling or trading it off. The method to wipe clean the iPhone is mentioned above.

We are hopeful that these tips will help you get a good deal. So, good luck with your sale, and enjoy buying the new sensational iPhone XS Max.

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