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Tips to Follow Before Selling Your Old iPhone For Cash

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Tips to Follow Before Selling Your Old iPhone For Cash

Last week, I bought a new iPhone and decided to sell the old one for cash. Just thenI had  a question in my mind: “what to do before I sell my iPhone?” I searched it on the web and found so many things to do before selling iPhone. Here, I am going to describe some of the best tips that you must follow while selling your old iPhone.

Smartphone technologies are constantly changing and constantly need to be replaced. Whenever new models come in the industry, people always excited to buy them. Most of the people in the UK upgrade their phones between 11-18 months and don’t know what they should do with their old ones. The best way to dispose of your old phone is to sell it for cash. By selling it to a right buyer, you not only make some money but also declutter the space in your home’s drawers. However, it is important to prepare your phone before selling it so that you will get a good price for it.

Tips on What to Do Before Selling Your iPhone

To make your phone selling decision truly favourable, there are a lot of things you need to consider and do them before sending your phone to the buyer for sale. Let’s take a look at some of the most important ones:

  • Back Up Your iPhone

It is the first and foremost thing you must do before selling your old iPhone. Create a backup of your iPhone device via iCloud or iTunes and keep all your personal and sensitive information saved.

  • Turn off the Following Settings on Your iPhone

After backing up your iPhone, it’s good to turn off or disable the following settings on your iPhone:

Turn iMessage off- Tap the Settings App –>Messages –>iMessage–>Turn it off.

Disable FaceTime- Open the Settings app –> FaceTime–> turn it off.

Sign Out iCloud Account- Go to Settings App –> iCloud –>then tap Sign Out.

Sign Out iTunes & App Store-Visit the Settings app–>App and iTunes Stores –> tap Apple ID and then Sign out.

  • Reset Your iPhone to Default Factory Settings

After disabling all the settings and accounts on your iPhone, the next thing you should do is to reset your iPhone device to factory settings. It will remove all settings and content you have in your phone and set your device as a new one.

To do this, simply launch the Settings app–>General –> Reset –> Erase All Content and Settings. It might take time, depending on the amount of data you saved on your iPhone.

  • Other Things to Do

After doing the above-mentioned things, you should also do more two following tasks:

  1. Get your iPhone un-registered at
  2. Make a call to your carrier and request them to disconnect the iPhone device from your account.
  3. Remove the back covering and screen protection cover if you have any.
  4. Clean your iPhone’s screen and body using a soft cotton cloth. As well, you can use a small brush to remove dust inside the USB port and other places.
  5. Gather all essential accessories and pack them with your iPhone in its original box.

Now, your iPhone is ready for sale. You can simply find the best place and sell it with confidence.

Where to Sell Your Old iPhone For More Cash?

Though you can approach the traditional online places (Craigslist, eBay, and Amazon) to sell your old iPhone, mobile phone recycling sites are a wise option these days. Such sites offer you a fixed yet fair price for your unwanted mobile phone and you will find that price better than the traditional places’ deals. Another good point about recycling companies is that their key purpose is to minimise the e-waste from the country in order to promote the Green environment. Therefore, by selling your iPhone to anyone of them, you can feel contented by taking a part in this noble task. Contrary, if you discard your old or broken phone in the garbage site, the harmful chemicals inside the phone can be a cause of air and water pollution. So, you should never do this and try to sell your phone to a trustworthy recycling company.

How To Choose A Right Recycling Company to Get The Most Cash?

As a large number of recycling companies have come into existence, you may think that it would be a difficult job to find the right one. Yet, it’s not like that. Numerous mobile recycling comparison sites are out there to help you reach out a leading recycling company in a few seconds. They have made mobile selling quicker and easier than ever before. They provide you with an impartial comparison of the most recent prices from top recycling sites so as to you can easily find the best ever price for your old iPhone.

Here’s how recycling comparison websites do work:

  • Visit one top-rated comparison site.
  • Enter your iPhone model into the search bar or just choose it from the listed products on the site. Once you do this, the site will start comparing the recycling sites in the background and present you a list of top deals that the recyclers are willing to pay for your iPhone device. It is just a matter of seconds. Bear in mind the price typically depends on the condition of an iPhone; either it is working or broken. If it is in a good working condition, it will really have a great value.
  • Next, you need to pick up the highest deal available. Once you agree on a deal, the site will redirect you to the recycler’s site to proceed the sale process.

After completing the online sale process, you need to post your iPhone device to your chosen recycler’s address via free postage service. Then, after receiving your phone and examining it thoroughly, they will make your payment soon by cheque or bank transfer.

The entire selling process would be quick, pleasant and hassle-free if you will understand what to do before selling your iPhone.

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