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Top 3 Reasons why your iPhone 7 Plus Will Sell like Hot Molten Lava Cake!

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Top 3 Reasons why your iPhone 7 plus Will Sell like Hot Molten Lava Cake

iPhone 7 Plus being the most adored iPhone model in the history is fading away like anything! iPhone 7 Plus was launched along with iPhone 7 back in 2016. Since then Apple has launched 6 newer models of iPhones in the last two and a half years. The newer models of iPhone are even better than iPhone 7 Plus and that is effecting the demand of this beauty in the market. Resale value of iPhone 7 Plus is still the highest as this model of iPhone still has demand. But don’t wait in selling iPhone 7 Plus as the resale value of iPhone 7 Plus would soon go down with the launch of a newer model.

Sell iPhone 7 Plus and don’t miss out on the chance to earn the most cash against it. Right now is the time to make a move and avail the best resale value of iPhone 7 Plus, as the time waits for no one!

iPhone 7 Plus Problems:

There are many reasons behind this suggestion of ours and these reasons are generally related to the problems/faults that are occurring in the iPhone 7 Plus these days. Some of iPhone 7 Plus problems are discussed below:

     iPhone 7 Plus Camera Problem:

The most common issue is iPhone 7 Plus camera problem! iPhone 7 Plus was the first iPhone launched with the feature of dual rear cameras. These dual rear cameras were proved to be the best camera in a phone, back then in 2016. No doubt they were! The pictures taken by iPhone 7 Plus camera always have vibrant colours and are much focused. Both of these cameras have different specifications; one of them is a wide angle 12MP and the other is telephoto 12MP camera. These both cameras click the pictures simultaneously; hence making the pictures more beautiful and vibrant.

Although the dual camera of this phone is more than amazing, people are now facing issues with the cameras of these phones. The most common issue that people are facing is that iPhone 7 Plus camera application crashes on its own. This issue might occur because of a bad software update or full memory storage. Some other issues also prevail in some of the iPhone 7 Plus, which includes; flash problem, out of focus pictures, etc. These issues occur with the aging of your mobile phone. Not only the aging problem, some of the iPhone 7 Plus were launched with the camera issues. So to prevent yourself from iPhone 7 Plus camera problem you should sell it at the current resale value of iPhone 7 Plus.

     iPhone 7 Plus Bluetooth Problems:

Although people always criticise iPhone for its connectivity, the Bluetooth of an iPhone can still be used for many purposes including; connecting it with audio or any other hardware devices. Bluetooth is a blessing that the mobile phone manufacturers have added in their phones. Especially in the case of iPhone 7 Plus, as this phone has no audio jack and the only way to connect this phone with an audio device is through Bluetooth. You can easily connect your phone with the audio console of your car and groove with the music. But the latest problems that are occurring in the iPhone 7 Plus models is that the Bluetooth option of the phone is not working. By this we mean that your iPhone might not search for the devices near itself, or even if it does; you may find problems in connecting it with the other devices.

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This problem might occur because of software issues that the older models of iPhone usually go through. Even if your iPhone 7 Plus’s Bluetooth is working fine, you might not want to take a risk to wait for the issue to arrive. So in the case of iPhone 7 Plus Bluetooth problems, you should immediately sell your iPhone 7 to a reliable platform.

     iPhone 7 Plus Battery Life Problems:

This is yet another common issue iPhone 7 Plus battery life problems that the users are facing. This is the kind of issue that might arrive in the older model of any mobile phone. iPhones are although much more vulnerable to such issues. The battery life of a phone become much lower as the batteries installed in the devices that we use worn out along with the time and also with continued charging and discharging. Moreover, in the case of iPhone 7 Plus, Apple is doubted to slow down the processing speeds and also worsening the battery life of their iPhones with the launch of every new software version.

The only way to counter iPhone 7 Plus battery life problems is to sell your iPhone 7 Plus as soon as possible at the best price and try to upgrade a newer model of iPhone or other mobile phones.

     iPhone 7 Plus Hanging Problem:

iPhone 7 is much vulnerable to the hanging problem. The reason is that Apple slows down the older models of iPhone with the launch of every new software version. The reason behind this tactic of Apple is still unknown, but this issue provide the users of older models of iPhone with much detraction as then they have to bear all the lags while using their iPhone. So the only way to prevent yourself from iPhone 7 Plus hanging problem is through selling it and upgrading to the latest model of iPhone.

What Predicts The High Resale Value Of iPhone 7 Plus?

There are certain reasons behind the high resale value of iPhone 7 Plus in the UK. The reasons discussed below are the ones that would ensure that your iPhone 7 Plus will sell like a hot molten lava cake:

     Comparatively Newer Model of iPhone:

iPhone 7 Plus is a comparatively newer model of iPhone as it was launched just 2 and a half years ago. This is one of the reasons that iPhone 7 Plus still has a higher demand in the market. The people that cannot afford the latest models of iPhone are always up for buying a little bit older model of an iPhone. So the demand of your iPhone 7 Plus is still higher than what you thought of it to be. If you go for iPhone 7 Plus recycle then that is the best option as the mobile phone recycling platforms are still paying much for iPhone 7 Plus.

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     Amazing Specifications of iPhone 7 Plus:

Although you might have encountered certain faults in your iPhone 7 Plus, but still this phone possesses some astonishing features that even you can’t deny of. These specifications make the demand of this phone still higher. The demand of this phone will remain the same until the launch of another mobile phone by Apple.

     iPhone 7 Plus Recycle:

The recycling platforms always want your phone to be settled down properly. These mobile phone recycling platforms usually repair the newer models and then sell them again as a refurbished mobile phone. iPhone 7 Plus is a newer model of iPhone and mobile phone recycling platforms can repair and sell them again. That is the reason that the mobile phone recycling platforms offer high price quotes for iPhone 7 Plus.

Final Verdict:

To be an intelligent user of iPhone, you should immediately sell iPhone 7 Plus 128GB or sell iPhone 7 Plus 32 GB or whichever iPhone 7 Plus you have to a mobile phone recycling platform. The reason that we suggest you for iPhone 7 Plus recycle is because these recycling platforms provide the best price quotes for your iPhone 7 Plus. For your ease, you can visit SellTheMobile and compare the price quotes from different reliable mobile phone recycling platforms now and sell iPhone 7 Plus immediately before its demand falls.

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