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Top Reasons That Pushed Me To Sell My Old Phone

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Every day when our to-do list is filled with so many tasks to accomplish we normally forego our interests for a greater good. Life should truly be seen in a bigger picture but small things should be leisured too primarily for a dose of motivation. Incentive driven force is immensely required for clarity of mind. Confusion leads to indecisiveness. Individuals really think hundreds of time prior taking a routine decision, for instance, I want to sell my phone, should I pursue?

Possible Reasons to Sell my Phone

Even if your smartphone is your own property, and you need not justify anyone if you decide I want to sell my phone you may still need logical grounds to materialize your plan. Let’s discuss some potential true reasons that are pushing enough to sell your phone.

I Want to Sell my Phone Because it’s Broken

A broken phone may appear a white elephant to you. Not only the impaired functionality frustrates you, the damaged aesthetics hardly appeal you. These days, iPhone and Samsung mobile sets are thoroughly equipped with finest materials to endure crashes and ruggedness yet one can’t deny the vulnerability of poor machines.

Screen damage, lightening port damage, camera damage are few of the unending list of damages. However, some harms are literally lethal. Water damage is one such grave issue. Even big names like Apple don’t offer any warranty for such damage. If you are facing any external or internal machinery issue you are absolutely taking a logical decision in disposing of the broken mobile phone.

I Want to Sell my Phone for a Better Version

Avenues of growth and prosperity should be open for each and every individual. The mobile upgrade is a rock solid reason to sell your phone. Each year is full of surprises for mobile freaks. The latest technology is definitely a treat to experience. Be it a RAM, memory, screen display, camera, chipset, and iOS/OS, CPU or GPU, trading for a better version is surely a logical decision. However, you may find the smartphones overwhelmingly pricey.

You can make a great deal if you sell your current phone for buying an expensive one. Though the recovered amount may partially contribute to the overall cost, your overall financial burden can be pretty much eased off. Just imagine how happy you could be when flaunting your stunning smartphone everywhere. The better mobile phone can be your new style statement and evidently showcase how classy you are when it comes to picking the right phone.

I Want to Sell my Older Phone to Reduce Clutter

Accommodation in the UK is really expensive so why not squeeze your clutter to fit in small spaces. Mobile is not a very space eating product we agree! Actually, it is the attitude that needs to be addressed. All the things which you no longer need should be suitably disposed of.

Since hands free, charging ports, and data cables are the mandatory add-ons with any smartphone, they really prove annoying when you are unable to find the exact one out of the whole mess. Donating to less privileged is a great idea to get rid of an unwanted device in a virtuous manner. You will definitely feel great after helping someone. By de cluttering, you are actually mitigating the risks of data vulnerability. 80% people don’t erase data once they switch to newer mobiles.

The old phones lying in drawers are full of sensitive data. Regardless they are dead or functional there are plenty of methods to retrieve data. Why not sell your phone today to avail peace of mind? Don’t forget to throw old mobile phone boxes too! People are habitual of commemorating their once purchased mobile phone for years by keeping their empty boxes. It’s time to move on.

If I Sell my Phone to Best Recycler I Can Be a Good Samaritan

The most logical grounds to sell your phone is your corporate social responsibility. Surprisingly only 10% users across a globe realize the need for recycling their smartphones. The US alone is producing 65000 tons e-waste annually. UK, Germany and other developed countries are also adding substantial figures to overall statistics. Luckily, these countries have taken the initiative to start mobile phone recycling not only to reduce e-waste but to cut down mining ores and to conserve energy. 90% of the employed materials are reusable and recyclable.

Cadmium, bromine, palladium, gold, silver, and plastics are few materials that can be recycled multiple times transforming from one product to another. Selling your phone can be a great favor to Mother Nature. Individual efforts do count! Promise yourself to recycle your smartphone with the best recycler to be a positive citizen of society. If this approach takes the world by storm undoubtedly far reaching results will appear in a narrow time span.


Selling your phone is a good idea if you want fair pounds to clear your dues, buy something more important or settling a loan (small amount of course). It really pinches inside to vend mobile for a need yet it is better than borrowing from others.

Best Place to Sell Old Phone

Now that you are guilt free to sell your phone a very valid question is about knowing the right platform for doing so. Regardless of the purpose, the basic aim is to earn as much money as you can by contacting the right dealer. One most popular and the most authentic company operating for years in the UK is SellTheMobile for their unparalleled reliability and mega enticing deals. You simply need to log on to the official page and enter the details of the set you are intending to sell.

Not to forget, that honesty is the foremost virtue when inserting details about condition, GB, and locked/unlocked status. Soon you will pop up with top recommended deals on this site. Since this site offers a true mobile phone recycling comparison, assessment of each deal is fairly possible. All you need to do is find the deal, sell the mobile and get paid once buyer receives your set in the stated condition.

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