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Trade-in vs. Selling: What’s best for your old smartphone and Why?

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Trade-in vs Selling Whats best for your old smartphone and Why

Do you want to upgrade your phone? Is your drawer filled with phones that you don’t use anymore? If such is the case, then you should immediately sell or trade-in those mobile phones to save some cash and the environment as well. In this article we are going to discuss trade-in vs sell; when it comes to giving away your old mobile phone. By the end of this article you would have a clearer idea that what you have to do with your old mobile phones.

Keeping your old mobile phones in your drawers or throwing your old mobile phone whenever you buy a new one isn’t the only option available for you. You can easily sell used phone or trade-in your phone for credits or compensation. We would be discussing these both options later in this article but we would be first discussing the impact of leaving your mobile phones in your drawers and cupboards to rot.

Why You Should Sell Used Phone?

If you sell used phone; you are not only earning money but you are also saving the environment. Saving the environment is something that we should seriously consider as the most disastrous impact that we are facing due to this problem is the climatic changes and these are predicted to be exceeded to the point that we wouldn’t be able to even survive on this planet.  The phones that are left to rot in our drawers and cupboards somehow end up in dumps. These phones have some very precious metals used in their manufacturing and the concerned authorities can extract them out if we recycle our mobile phones properly. If the mobile phones rot in the dumps then certain toxic gases are produced that definitely harms our environment. This is the reason that we suggest you to never leave your old mobile phones unattended in your drawers and sell used phones for good!

Trade-in VS Selling:  

You always have these two easy options if you plan to sell your mobile phone online. To sell used phone; mobile phone recycling platforms are the best and the most convenient option that you have online. The final decision is always yours if you want to choose between trade-ins or selling used phone online. But we would be trying to provide you with our expert opinions in this article for you to easily choose between these two options. Below we have discussed both of these options separately for your clearer understanding.

Mobile Phone Trade-in:

The trade-in value of your phone might or mightn’t be more than the selling value of your mobile phone. Mobile phone trade-in programmes are usually initiated by the mobile phone brands themselves, but some other websites also offer these programmes to the mobile phone users. If you go for the mobile phone brand and further go for the trade-in option then you would be compensated in your next purchase from that brand, e.g. Apple provides its users with the trade-in programme through which the owners of iPhone can trade-in their phone with Apple and receive a gift card worth of the phone’s trade-in value. The users can further redeem the gift card if they are going for any purchase from Apple afterwards.

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Some other online websites also give the mobile phone owners with the option of mobile phone trade-in i.e. Amazon, etc. These websites also accept your mobile phone for trade-in option. The procedure of the mobile phone trade-in is somewhat the same on these websites. When you send your mobile phone to these websites for trade-in; these websites add credits worth of your phone’s trade-in value to your account on the website. You can further redeem these credits on the purchase of any product from these websites.

What Are The Advantages Of Mobile Phone Trade-in?

One of the most important advantages of the mobile phone trade-in is that the mobile phone brands provide you with good compensation packages against your phone. Also you can sell used phone immediately through mobile phone trade-in. The platforms providing mobile phone trade-in options quote good prices for your phone’s trade-in value and they provide you with the credits or the gift cards immediately after you send your mobile phone to them.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Mobile Phone Trade-in?

The major disadvantage that you might have to face in the mobile phone trade-in is that you don’t receive the cash in liquid form this way. Liquid cash is always better than the compensation packages provided by these platforms. Another problem that you might have to face in this procedure is that if you want to switch the mobile phone brand that you use then you cannot redeem the credits while purchasing any other mobile phone. Also if you sell Samsung Phone in Apple trade-in programme then you might not get the true worth of your phone.

Selling Phone For Cash – Mobile Phone Recycling Platforms:

As discussed before, selling used phone is the easiest at the mobile phone recycling platforms. We would discuss the advantages of selling used phone to mobile phone recycling platform later, but first let us tell you more about these platforms and the process of selling used phones to these platforms.

There are various mobile phone recycling platforms working in the UK. These mobile phone recycling platforms accept the mobile phones of any type and pay handsome amounts in terms of cash against the old mobile phones. These platforms operates in two different ways; if your mobile phone is considered as a comparatively newer model then they repair your phone and further sell it or if your phone is too old, they recycle your phone properly. In both of these cases, the mobile phone recycling platforms pay you handsome cash against your phone.

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In both of these cases; visit the mobile phone recycling platform’s website and search for the model of your phone. Once you have selected the accurate model of your phone, you would find the price quote that the mobile phone recycling platform is willing to pay against your phone. To get the accurate price quote for your phone you would have to describe the condition of your phone honestly by answering some simple questions asked by that platform. Once you accept the price quote, the mobile phone recycling platform asks you to fill up a detailed form. After completing the form and confirming the sale, most of the mobile phone recycling platforms send free postage envelope to the seller. The sellers have to put their mobile phone in that envelope and send their phone to the platform free of cost. When the mobile phone reaches the platform, it checks the phone thoroughly and sends the payment right away.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Selling Phone For Cash To Mobile Phone Recycling Platform?

The only disadvantage that we observe in this process is; as there are various mobile phone recycling platforms available online in the UK, you might find problems in avoiding the scams. You would have to perform a thorough research to find a reliable mobile phone recycling platform that you can trust. Over here you have another option, SellTheMobile serves as a mobile phone recycling comparison website that has listed all of the reliable mobile phone recycling platforms. SellTheMobile serves you with phone recycle compare option through which you can compare the prices quoted by the reliable mobile phone recycling platforms and sell your used phone to the best one.

What Are The Advantages Of Selling Phone For Cash To Mobile Phone Recycling Platform?

There are various advantages of selling used phone to a mobile phone recycling platform. The major advantages that we can talk about here include; you can sell used phone immediately, you can receive liquid cash against your phone and you can avail the free postage option to minimize your selling cost. These advantages cannot be availed if you sell your used phone on any other platform. Other than this, you can sell damaged phone as well to a mobile phone recycling platform. Usually the other platforms don’t let you sell faulty phone to them, but to a mobile phone recycling platform you can sell broken phone for cash. What’s even better than that?

Final Verdict:

When we talked on trade-in vs. selling; we found out that both of these options have their own pros and cons but the option that seems to be a better one is that you sell used phone or sell damaged phone to a mobile phone recycling platform. To find the best mobile phone recycling platforms online, you can always visit SellTheMobile. At our website you can easily search for the price quotes for your mobile phone, compare the price quotes and sell your used phone to the best one without any glitch.

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