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Want to Sell iPhone 6 to Buy iPhone X?

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Sell Your iPhone 6

iPhone X is the ultimate show stopper. The glitz and glam of this phone have gathered everyone’s attention. But the annexed price is not everyone’s cup of tea. You really don’t need to give justification to anyone if you are planning to sell iPhone 6 and pile up some pounds. We agree that iPhone 6 is a super phone yet craving for the latest Apple phone is natural. Disposing of the old phone is not a sin so be guilt free to fall in love with the new sensation. Sell your iPhone 6 today and enjoy with your new Valentine iPhone X this February.

Reasons Behind to Sell iPhone 6?

Multiple reasons dictate the necessity to sell your iPhone 6 for an improved version Apple iPhone X. let’s discuss the highlighting factors:

i) The All Screen Experience

New iPhone X featuring Super Retina 5.8’’ display is all about the screen.  Sleeker and bigger than iPhone 6, Apple has literally taken the screen display to the next level. iPhone X sufficiently fills the palm, the smoothness of the set is an exciting experience.

ii) OLED Screen

Equipped with first ever OLED screen in the history of Apple, iPhone X is definitely worth buying. Sell your iPhone 6 because it’s time to say bye-bye to IPS LCD screen. The perfect curves of this handsome piece are to die for.

iii) True Depth Camera

iPhone 6 gaps behind iPhone X when true depth camera is discussed. The camera plays a pivotal role in Face ID recognition. True Depth Camera incorporates sensors to validate the user’s identity by marking approximately 30,000 points on the face. All this is done via facial mapping. This smartphone also includes the possibility of changing physical appearance. Worry not if sometimes you want bushy beards while clean shave at other instance.

iv) Durability

Sell your iPhone 6 to have more durable set. Stainless steel of surgical grade is employed in iPhone X to incorporate maximum tensile strength. The aesthetics of the set are however ensured to remain extremely appealing via all glass design, front and back. The aluminium casing is outdated so boring aesthetics are a pushing factor to sell iPhone 6.

v) Faster Processing

Try iPhone X to know what actual speed is. Enriched with A11 Bionic chip and neural engine the device can process operations at a speed of 600 billion in a second. This is incredibly the highest processing speed for any smartphone. A8 was faster than A6 but A11 is something that motivates A8 users to sell iPhone 6 and feel the difference.

vi) Quick Discharging

Battery remained the issue in iPhone 6 and a large number of customers were interested to sell iPhone 6 just because of the battery issue. iPhone X addresses the battery issues through power efficiency mechanism. The resultant product shows an extended battery life of up to 2 hours more than iPhone 7.

vii) Augmented Reality

You are really at no loss if you confess that I want to sell my iPhone 6 for experiencing augmented reality. The feature only present in iPhone X let you enjoy the augmented reality that too in apps and games. The credit definitely goes to A11 Bionic chip for making impossible possible.

viii) Wireless Charging

Another convincing feature to sell iPhone 6 for an up gradation. No more hanging cords. The charging experience is now hassle free with no need to carry charging cable. Public places like restaurants, airports, and hospitals provide charging stations for your device.

ix) iOS

Ground breaking iOS with its outstanding applications lead the convoy of Apple products with historical success on its way. The exuberance of gestures and proficiency appended with the iOS 11 is simply outclassing.

x) Slow Performance

Old Apple devices especially iPhone 6 is reportedly slow mobile after usage of initial years. So sell your iPhone 6 and acknowledge the improved performance in iPhone X. working on 4 efficiency core almost 70% efficiency is enhanced than earlier A10 chip while performance improves by one fourth.

xi) Cash

Last but not least, deriving cash can be a motivating factor to sell iPhone 6 for the recent Apple phone. The hi-tech device is not at all pocket friendly. Many people adopt a pre-planned strategy for arranging finances. In a situation where every pound counts selling iPhone 6 for is fairly the right choice. Don’t feel low as you are going to grab the mobile of the future generation, the iPhone X.

Where to Sell your iPhone 6?

It is seriously a million dollar question since finding the matching deal as per your expectations is not a piece of cake. Picking the right buyer out of bulk is not only tedious rather confusing too. Enough price variation presents another issue of reliability. When faced with so many problems with selling your iPhone 6 why not contact SellTheMobile for the right deal.

With the courtesy of SellTheMobile, a wide range of mobile phone recycling comparison companies are taken on board. It is to be kept in mind that strict quality standards are assured prior approving either of mobile phone recycling Comparison Company. Even after approval, the companies remain under strict scrutiny and monitoring if they comply with set procedure and policies. This whole cumbersome procedure is basically to guarantee the credibility of the platform.

SellTheMobile ensure best price across the whole UK. Remember best price not the highest price! You might hit upon unrealistically high price and result in a scummy deal. But selling iPhone 6 to an authorized dealer strip of any doubt. Simply log on to the official page, enter the exact make and model of iPhone 6 followed by the true color, GB, and unlocked/locked status.

You will be further enlightened with the recommended deals from these mobile phone recycling companies. You are at liberty to choose your buyer. Once you finalize the deal press Sell Now. Ask your buyer to send you free postage or you can download it at your own, dispatch your set for free. Once the set is received by the buyer in the same condition as illustrated your payment will be cleared on the same day.

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