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What to Do to Avoid Mobile Phone E-Waste?

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We live in a digital world where technologies and innovations like Artificial Intelligence, automation, the mission to Mars are shaping up all the industries in the world. Despite all these innovations and advancements, there are certain problems that are harming our planet earth and E-waste is one of the issues we are facing right now.

What is E-waste?

What is E-waste

Any electronic gadget or device which is not in use can be considered as Electronic Waste or simply E-waste. Televisions, mobile phones, DVD players, fax machines, tablets and other electronic devices become E-waste when not in use.

So what are the reasons we are creating such amount of E-waste? And what alternatives we should take to minimize E-waste? Also, I encourage our readers of this blog to share their views in the comments and tell us that how can we can tackle this problem. First of all, let us discuss some of the biggest reasons for mobile phone E-waste.

Falling Prices

It is one of the main reasons behind the E-waste issue. Every year mobile phone manufacturers launch new models of their smartphones and prices of previous models fall to minimum possible level. This causes people to throw away older mobile phones and get their hands on new ones.

Incompatible Versions

Newly launched mobile phone OS versions are only compatible with new smartphones and to use those updates, people tend to buy new smartphones as these new versions are not compatible with older mobile phones.

Although if you are using iPhone, then you don’t need to worry because Apple lets you upgrade to its latest OS version whether you are using any model of iPhone. But if you are using Android, then you have to buy the latest smartphone of the brand you are using to enjoy new OS unless or until you are using a rooted android mobile phone.

Broken Phones

Many mobile phone users buy new smartphones when their old mobile phones get broken. So instead of repairing broken or damaged phone they simply purchase brand new mobile phone.

Get Tired Of Using Specific Mobile Phone Model

This is another big reason for mobile phone E-waste. We get tired of using the same mobile phone over and over, as a result, we throw away that phone and buy a new one.

What to do to avoid Mobile Phone E-waste?

What to Do to Avoid Mobile Phone E-Waste

Recycle your Phone

Recycling your mobile phone is one the best possible ways these days to control and tackle E-waste issue. In the UK alone, 77 million handsets are lying around unused when they could be recycled, resold and even donated to a charity. So instead of throwing away old mobile phones in the landfills we can easily recycle or reuse them.

Recycle your Mobile Phone at SellTheMobile

If your mobile phone is still in useable condition or even broken, then selling it off would a great decision. There are numerous ways to sell a used device but the most used and trusted way is to sell your mobile phone online. is an online mobile phone recycling comparison website in the UK. The company made the process of recycling a mobile phone very easy and convenient. Additionally, while using you can make money as well while recycling your old device. At SellTheMobile, you have the option for phone recycle, compare its prices and sell it for maximum cash.

How to Recycle my old phone at SellTheMobile?

The process of recycling a mobile phone at SellTheMobile is very easy and simple. All you have to do is to follow these steps and fill your pocket with some cash while recycling your old device.

  • First of all, visit and search your mobile phone by typing its make and model at the Search bar.
  • When you type your mobile phone make and model, a list will appear. Look for your mobile phone details, click on that and press enter.
  • You will be re-directed to the next window. The next page will show you some deals for your mobile phone. Select the condition and storage capacity of your phone. And then choose the deal that suits you the best.
  • On the next page, fill out the form and complete the recycling process.

You are done. Now all you have to do is to wait for packaging material to come to your place. Pack your phone into that packaging material and send it at the given address free of cost. You will get paid very soon.

Tip: Before recycling your phone, make sure to backup and delete your personal data from your mobile phone.

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