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What To Do When Your iPhone Won’t Turn On?

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What to Do When Your iPhone Won’t Turn On?

Is your iPhone not turning on? Are you stressed because of this? There are some things that you can try out to make your phone work. You may be experiencing a black screen and the phone is not even starting. Continue reading to see what can be done in this regard.

What to Do When Your iPhone Wont Turn On

Try Recharging

If you have an iPhone 4, 5, 6 or 7 you can try recharging the phone to see if it actually has any charging. If a red empty battery icon appears on the screen then the phone may not work till you charge it. It is also possible that if your phone’s battery is fully drained, then you actually may not even see this battery recharge image for some minutes. Therefore if you see the display blank at the time that you plug the phone in, you should wait a bit too and see if the icon comes.

You may notice that the red “filler” of your battery icon tends to flash three times then your screen goes black, this means that your iPhone is not getting power so as to charge.

You should always plug your iPhone into a good high-powered USB source like the mains charger or the main USB port on your computer which is plugged in. Remember that firewire charges will not function.

If this does not work then do not worry. Continue trying the next steps.

Check the Lightning Cable and Also Your Charger

There can be some problem with your charger. If the phone does not switch on then try charging it with another cable as well as another charger. You can also try and charge your friend’s phone with the cable and charger you have. If their iPhone charges then your cable and charger are also fine.

It is possible that the iPhone will charge if it is connected to your laptop computer and not with your wall charger. Therefore you should try this step out.

A Restart May Help

When you need to restart your phone you can press as well as keep holding down your Sleep/Wake button that is located on the top of your handset till the red slider screen comes. You can slide this across when wanting to turn it off, Repeat this to switch your phone back on. This can be done on an iPhone 4, 5, or 6.

If you have an iPhone 7 or 7S then you can press as well as hold the Sleep/Wake button located on your phone’s right top side.

If your iPhone is frozen and you cannot restart it how you normally do, you can then press plus hold the Sleep/Wake button as well as the Home button. This needs to be done simultaneously for a minimum of 10 seconds. If you notice the red slider comes on the screen or if the screen dims, then keep on pressing the two buttons till you see the Apple logo. Try this on the iPhone 4, 5, or 6.

In an iPhone 7 or 7S, you can press as well as hold the Sleep/Wake plus Volume Down buttons. Do this simultaneously so as to force a restart.

Reset the Phone

You can try resetting your phone. This can be done by clicking on Settings after this go to General and then choose Reset All Settings.

If you do this then a reset, particularly of your entire phone’s settings, will occur to the factory defaults. Once again this can be done on the iPhone 4, 5, 6 or 7 sets. You need to keep in mind that the data and content in your iPhone will get impacted by this. Therefore if you need to take this step then you should have a backup available.

Restore the Phone

When you have tried the above and nothing has happened then you may have to carry out a complete backup moreover Restore the iPhone.

To do this start off by having the latest iTunes version, which can be download from Apple’s website. When you have the latest version then you can connect the iPhone to a PC or Mac. Choose your phone when it comes up in the Devices option in iTunes.

Remember that if Sync has not occurred recently then you should do this now so as to be certain that all your contacts, videos as well as photos are backed up. You should click on the phone’s Summary tab, after this click Restore.

Those who have not backed up their iPhone then they will be informed to do this now. When you do this then this will back up your data along with setting on the iPhone. You should click on Restore. After this wait till the iPhone finishes the restore process as well as resets to your home screen. Do this on an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or 7.

Recovery Mode

You can force your iPhone into recovery mode. You should remember that recovery mode will get rid of all the data you have on the device. Therefore, only do this if you already have a current backup present on iCloud or maybe on a computer.

You can pursue Recovery mode by switching off your phone. After this plug your USB cable within the computer only. This should not be plugged into your device. Then hold down your Home button. After this put your USB cable in your phone. At the time that you notice a Connect to iTunes screen appearing, you can release the Home button. The steps above can be repeated if this screen does not appear.

Recommended for an iPhone 4, 5, 6, or 7.

See If There Is Any Physical Or Liquid Damage

Remember iPhones tend to be fragile. It may be so that your phone has experienced some damage. Drops along with spills may lead to damage which halts your iPhone from switching on.

You should know that water damage tends to be insidious and also unpredictable. A spill that occurred from say a week before may cause an issue to happen today. It is possible that some water got inside the charging port. The phone may not charge because of this. Therefore you should carry out a visual inspection of your phone. See if there is any harm. If the harm is only minor and you have a warranty on your phone then Apple may replace the iPhone.

There may be some liquid harm. The iPhone’s warranty will not have liquid harm unless you have gotten AppleCare+. Even if you have this, there tends to still be a deductible.

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Sell Your iPhone

If you notice that there is some huge problem with your phone and it will cost quite a bit to fix this, you can think about selling your phone. You do not need to let it stay around the home and not get used. Instead of doing this you can get money if you sell your iPhone. Go to a shop nearby to ask how much they will buy your phone for. It may be better to sell it then do keep on facing problems with it.

If you use your phone much then any issue that it encounters will lead to you getting stressed out. If your phone is not switching on then you can try out the above things.


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