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What Value Will You Get If Sell Your Old or Broken Phone

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What Value Will You Get If Sell Your Old or Broken Phone

What happens when you break your beloved phone? Most of us think that the phone that was valued much money is now worth nothing once it is broken. But this is not true! Your broken phone is still worth some quid. Yes, you can sell broken phones for money in UK. There are many platforms in UK that accept your broken or old phone and offer you the deserving cash against it.

If you break your phone, and you love your phone like nothing else in this world, then we wouldn’t suggest you to sell your broken phone. However, we won’t suggest you keeping the phone the way it is either. If you want to use your much-loved phone again then you should send your phone for repairing. Many of us have a special bond with our smartphones and can do anything to hang on with them. If you are such a person then you should immediately look for a good smartphone repairing platform online in UK to get your phone repaired.

If you don’t care for losing your smartphone or if you don’t have that special bond with your device, then we would recommend you to sell your old broken phone for cash, as keeping the broken phone in your drawer or closet won’t help anyone. Value for your old or broken phone can easily be judged through the online platforms that are accepting broken phones. Some of the platforms that accept old broken phones are as follows:

1.      iPhoneRecycle:

iPhone recycle is a platform that accepts iPhones in any condition. If you own a broken iPhone then you can easily go to their website, search for your phone, specify the fault in your iPhone and easily sell it to them. The price quote that they would give you might be the best price quote that you find online for your broken iPhone. You can send your phone to them through the free postage service provided by them.

You must be wondering, “Why is this platform buying a broken iPhone?” The answer to this question is very simple; sometimes the fault that is looking like a big issue to you is not a big one after all. These recycling platforms have much experience in repairing the mobile phones, they know that the certain fault in a phone can be fixed easily. The other case is that they overlook the fault in your smartphone. No, they don’t just ignore the fact that your phone is broken, but they see the things that still might be working in your smartphone. For example, the IC of your phone is broken, and it is not available in the market as well. Still the phone is not worthless as its LCD or its battery might still be working properly and can be used in any other phone.

2.      Lloyds Mobile Phone Recycling:

Lloyds mobile phone recycling is another platform working in UK where you may sell your broken phone. You can sell your broken iPhone, Samsung Phone, Google Phone, Nokia, Sony, LG, etc. to this website. So in short, you can sell almost every phone to this platform. The process of selling your broken phone is easy on this platform as well. You just have to search for the model of your mobile phone, check the price quote and sell your broken phone to this platform.

3.      Sell Smart for Cash:

Sell smart for cash is yet another platform that is providing services like the platforms discussed above. They also accept your broken phones and then recycle them to further sell the repaired /refurbished phone. The process of selling the mobile phone to this platform is also easy, and the process is somewhat similar to the processes of both of the platforms discussed above. You have to search for your device on their website, check the price quote and then sell it to them by providing certain information. This platform also helps its customers in posting the mobile phone, you don’t have to bear the costs of sending your phone as they will pay for the courier charges.

There are many other platforms as well that are accepting broken and old smartphones in UK against cash. You can find such platforms easily on SellTheMobile’s official website. At SellTheMobile, we make it sure that you find the best deals for your broken phone. Our website is easy to use and you can find a potential buyer/recycling platform for your broken phone on our website easily and quickly.

At SellTheMobile, you can easily get rid of the trouble that you may face in finding a potential buyer for your broken phone. As being one of the best mobile phone price comparing website in UK, we provide you with a list of price quotes by different websites for your broken phone. You can go through these price quotes in one go, and you can select the platform that is providing you the best cash for your mobile phone easily on one website.

So, your broken phone is still not worthless! You can find a potential buyer online that will buy your broken phone.

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