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What’s New in the iPhone 7’s Hardware and Software Features?

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What's New in the iPhone 7's Hardware and Software Features.

What’s New in the iPhone 7’s Hardware and Software Features?

Whenever Apple introduces an iPhone, people anticipate what major breakthrough the new model will have. When it comes to the iPhone 7, no major breakthrough is present, nevertheless, a few big changes are present. Continue reading on to find out more.

Dual-camera system

A new change in the iPhone 7 Plus is the dual-camera system. Having two exciting 12-megapixel cameras, a handy telephoto lens, along with the potential to capture wonderful DSLR-quality depth particularly of field effects, this phones’ camera tends to be a huge step forward.

The second camera provides a telephoto lens. New imaging effects have been enabled because of this. These use depth of field (i.e. the foreground of your image in focus, plus the back blurred), also allowing live previews of the useful depth of field effects, as well as up till 10x zoom. This phone’s camera flash even has four bulbs (this is up from 2) letting better color accuracy be achieved. These features were delivered through a software update that occurred later in fall 2016. They were not present immediately in the new iPhone 7’s.

No headphone jack

This change was not liked by some. It was one of the most controversial changes that occurred in the iPhone in years. The traditional headphone jack is no longer present in the iPhone 7 series. It now only has a Lightning port available for connecting your wired headphones. Users can also use AirPods which is a set of wireless headphones that were introduced by Apple at this time. You will have\to buy these separately.

More top-end storage

You can get the iPhone 7 is 256 GB. This is up from 128GB that the iPhone 6S has.

Enhanced color fidelity in screen

The iPhone 7 series have technology which is built into their screens. This lets them display greater range when it comes to colors, therefore giving better-looking images. The iPad Pro had this technology before it came into the iPhone 7.

More colour choices

Apart from silver, gold, along with rose gold, you will get two new colour options in the iPhone 7. This includes black as well as a high-polish type of “Jet Black.” You need to know that Jet Black can only be gotten in the 128GB plus 256GB models.

Some hardware features to note

In addition to the above-mentioned changes, some other new features include:

  • A new A10 Fusion processor.
  • An exciting W1 wireless audio chip that supports AirPods and also new wireless Beats type of headphones.
  • A redesigned and solid state Home button that has a new force-feedback engine.
  • The improved user-facing camera.
  • A screen that is 25% brighter.
  • The potential to edit and even add some effects to your Live Photos.
  • Battery life that has been improved.
  • IP67 water along with dust resistance.

If you are interested in these exciting features of the iPhone 7 you can sell iPhone models that are older and get this phone. The changes in this iPhone are a few nevertheless.


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