When to sell iPad 2 for iPad 3?

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Apple launched its first iPad on April 3rd, 2010. In that era, people haven’t had any exposure to such devices. Due to very less exposure to such devices, people had a vague idea about the usability of the iPad. Soon after its launch, people got to know the amazing features of this device. Due to these features, people all around the world found out that with the help of an iPad they can become much more efficient in their daily and official chores. This was the instance when people started purchasing the amazing iPad from Apple. Since then, Apple started launching new and improved models of iPads every year.

when to sell ipad 2

After two years of the launch of Apple iPad, Apple felt the need to launch a smaller version of the iPad. So on November 2nd, 2012, Apple launched a smaller version of the iPad with the name ‘iPad mini’. The iPad mini has almost all of the specifications as that of the normal iPad but the size was shrunken. Since 2012, Apple started this new ‘mini’ range of iPads to be sold in the market. Well keeping this discussion aside, in this article we are going to let you know about the best time to sell iPad 2 for iPad 3 or any other newer model of iPad. Not only this, but we are also going to let you know about the ways through which you can efficiently sell old iPads.

When Should I Sell iPad 2? 

iPad 2 was the second model of the iPad launched by Apple in 2011. Much time has passed since the launch of this amazing device, and now we have much better models of iPads available in the market. So when should you sell your iPad 2? The right time to sell your iPad 2 is right now! Yes, you have to sell it right now if you want the best price for your iPad. The model of iPad that was launched a year after the launch of iPad 2 was iPad 3, so the best option that you have right now is to upgrade from iPad 2 to iPad 3. Or even if you have 1st generation iPad mini with you, then you have to sell iPad mini right now to upgrade to a much newer and better model of iPad. Another reason for you to upgrade is to buy an iPad that is compatible with the latest iOS update to have a much better experience.

What should you do before selling your iPad? 

You have to prepare your iPad for the sale before selling your iPad. So what is the preparation process? The preparation process of selling your iPad is a complicated one, but if you do it the right way then you can attain the highest price for your iPad and also you can prevent yourself from the potential dangers including data theft. Below is the complete process described for you:

  1. Un-pair before selling your iPad:

    there are various devices available in the market today that can be paired with the iPads for the increased efficiency. If any such device is paired with your iPad, then you should immediately un-pair the device before the sale.

  1. Backup On iTunes before you sell your iPad:

    iTunes is the most popular software that Apple offers its users with. You can easily download iTunes software on your PC or Mac from Apple’s website. After downloading the iTunes software, you can easily plug in your device to your PC or Mac and start syncing the data from your iPad. This process of backing up your data is the easiest and the most efficient one. When you open the iTunes software, you would find a logo representing your iPad on the top left corner. Click on it and then open the summary tab to select backup and then ‘backup now’.

  2. Backup On iCloud before you sell your iPad:

    backing up the data on iCloud is considered as an even easier way to back up the data efficiently. For this, you don’t even have to plug in your iPad to any other device. For backing up the data on iCloud; go to the settings app and select iCloud and then select storage and back up there. Once you have completed this, just tap on the backup option to start the backup process.

  3. Sign-out before you sell your iPad:

    much of your precious data is stored at various places on your iPad. So the most secure way to prevent yourself from the potential data theft is signing out from iTunes, iCloud and App Store before you sell it.

  4. Delete Applications before you sell your iPad:

    you might think that directly doing a factory reset would save you from the potential dangers. No, that is not true! To be on the safest side, you have to delete the applications from your iPad individually to make sure that every login detail and other data is completely deleted.

  5. Factory Reset before you sell your iPad:

    after deleting all of the applications manually and after logging out from iTunes, iCloud and App Store, the last thing that you have to do is to factory reset your iPad. To do so, go to the settings application and then tap on general to select the reset option. Your iPad would start deleting any left information from your iPad.

Where Should I Sell My iPad? 

There are various places offline and online where you can easily sell your iPad, but the easiest way to sell iPad is to sell it to a mobile phone recycling platform. Why is it so? Mobile phone recycling platforms provide the best price for your iPad and provide instant cash against your iPad. Moreover, at a mobile phone recycling platform, you can also sell old tablets of any make or brand.

Final Verdict:

To sell your iPad in the most efficient manner, you have to sell it at a mobile phone recycling platform. For your ease, there are various mobile phones recycling comparison websites working in the UK that have listed the best mobile phone recycling platforms on their websites. To find the best price for your iPad, you just have to go to such a website and find the price quotes for your Apple iPad 2 to select the best one. The best news is that you can easily sell your iPad at such a website even if it is broken.

After reading this article, you should not wait for any further and sell your iPad now!

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