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Who has sold more phones, Samsung or Apple?

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Who has sold more phones, Samsung or Apple?

It is a never-ending discussion; “which one is better; Samsung or Apple”, but we don’t want to get stuck in this black hole of argument. In this article we would tell you about the company (Samsung or Apple) that have sold more phones! This would give you an idea whether you want to sell your old phone and switch to another phone or you should stick to your old phone.

Apple and Samsung are the two big competitors in the mobile phone industry, who have been fighting for the throne of the best mobile phone producing company. But we cannot say which one is better, we can just look at the sales figures of each company and assume from there. Below are the statistics that we found from Gartner, Inc. about the sales of each company in the first quarter of 2018.

In the first quarter of 2018, Apple struggled to keep up with Samsung, with only 14.1% of the market share, while Samsung had 20.5% of the market share. Samsung sold 78,564 units of its smartphones worldwide, while Apple was only able to sell 54,058 units. Through these statistics one can assume that people all around the world have more trust in the devices from Samsung.

Samsung produces high quality smart phones for its users that have specifications like no other. These high stats might be because of the launch of Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ in February, 2018. Samsung has been producing amazing devices as a part its Galaxy family. S9 and S9+ phones by Samsung provide its users with high level of satisfaction. Not only these models, the previous phones by Samsung in the Galaxy series also served as blessings to the users (Namely: S8, S7, S6, etc.)

After looking at these stats, if you are wondering of selling your iPhone, the first question that would come to your mind might be; “Where to sell iPhone for the most cash?”

To switch to Samsung Galaxy, you would have to get rid of your existing iPhone first. To do so, you would have to find a platform where you can sell your iPhone easily. In the next part of this article we would suggest you the platforms where you can sell your iPhone easily for the most cash.

1.      Sell to a refurbishing platform:

There are many refurbishing platforms available online where you can sell your phone easily and get instant cash against your phone. You can search for the price quotes provided by these websites for your phone on Sell the Mobile. You can easily enter you iPhone’s model, select its specifications, colour and condition and find the list of the price quotes offered by different platforms easily. It’s your decision to whichever platform you want to sell your iPhone to after that. This is the easiest and most convenient way of selling your iPhone. The only physical effort you would have to do in this case would be; packing your mobile phone carefully and send the package to the refurbishing company through free postage.

2.      Sell directly to a buyer:

Selling your iPhone this way would get you the most cash, but the process of doing so is not so easy. If you want, you can look for a potential buyer in your social circle, if you are able find one then you would have to make him believe that your phone is the best option available in the market. Moreover, you would have to negotiate with that person, this requires a lot of effort. The second option for you is to post an ad of your phone on a website that offers such facility. This would require a lot of effort as well, as you would have to write a detailed appealing description of your phone to go with your ad. Moreover, you would have to click some beautiful pictures of your phone as well to go with the ad. After all this effort, it’s your luck that if anyone contacts you for buying your phone or not.

3.      Sell to a company:

There are many companies in UK that are purchasing your old iPhones and offering you special deals for it. You can find such platforms online, where you would be asked to answer certain questions regarding your phone. Once you have answered those questions they would give you a price quote, if you want to trade your phone with any other phone on their website you can trade immediately.

These are the three most authentic ways to sell your iPhone. Once you have sold your iPhone through either one of these platforms, then you can easily opt for a Samsung smart phone and be the part of the most selling smart phone brand in the first quarter of 2018.

For buying a Samsung smart phone, the safest and cheapest option available is to buy a refurbished Samsung phone. You can easily purchase a refurbished phone from different platforms available online and you can then enjoy the experience of Samsung Galaxy smart phone.

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