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Why It Is Best To Sell Your Old Phone Every Time You Buy A New Phone?

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Why It Is Best To Sell Your Old Phone Every Time You Buy A New Phone

Bought a new phone? It is amazing that you went for a phone upgrade. But do you know what you might do wrong while upgrading your phone? Did you leave the old one in the drawer instead of selling your old phone at the best price. In this article we would be explaining the importance of selling your old phone at the best price when you go for the mobile phone upgrade.

The newest models of mobile phones in the market make us go for the phone upgrade and there is nothing wrong in it. The mobile phone brands do their best to provide us with the best features in their newest launches. The future forward specifications in these models make our lives easier. But the answer for the question when can I upgrade my phone? Is after you have sold the older one.

When Is My Phone Due For An Upgrade?

Whenever the latest model of a mobile phone is launched, your current mobile phone becomes an older model. Keeping an older model of mobile phone keeps you deprived from the latest specifications that have been added in the newer model. We don’t recommend you to upgrade your mobile phone as soon as a new model of mobile phone is launched, but we recommend you to upgrade your mobile phone every year; if you are not able to buy the latest model then you should buy the predecessor of the latest model. If you do this, you will be deprived from one or two latest features but not more than that.

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We suggest you to go for phone upgrade like this as spending too much on the latest models is not a clever decision at all. We suggest you to upgrade your phone early but not that much early that you spend all your money on a mobile phone. Over here we can give you an example; Apple launched iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR a few month ago, so if you own a model older than iPhone X then you should immediately sell old phone online and upgrade to iPhone X. We say this as iPhone X is available at surprisingly low prices. So if you have a query for ‘sell my mobile comparison’ then you should immediately visit SellTheMobile and compare the best price quotes for your mobile phone.

Now that we know the perfect time for mobile phone upgrade, we shall now look after the reasons for which you should sell old phone every time you buy a new phone.

Selling Your Old Phone at Best Price While Upgrading:

There are many reasons that you should sell old phone online while you go for mobile phone upgrade. We would discuss the most important ones below:

     Sell Old Phone Online To Save Environment:

When we go for phone upgrade, many of us throw our current mobile phones in the drawers and cupboards as they are of no use for us then. But do you really know the consequences of doing so? You can become a major cause of destructing the environment without even noticing. Whenever we throw our old mobile phones in the drawers or cupboards, we tend to forget about those phones and whenever we see those mobile phones after years then it is too late for them to be sold. So these mobile phones usually end up in the garbage dumps and are left there to rot.

The mobile phones that we have consist of many valuable materials including plastic and metals. The metals usually include; gold, silver, zinc, platinum, etc. These are one of the most expensive metals, furthermore these metals are hard to extract otherwise. The mining done to extract these metals also cause much harm to our environment, so by recycling your mobile phone you can save the environment by providing the manufacturers with these materials. If our phones are left in the dumps to rot, certain chemicals and gases are produced that can pollute the environment to the limit that we can turn our world into the worst place to live. The batteries installed in our mobile phone are highly explosive on certain temperatures. The explosion of these batteries can turn into a big explosion if we don’t sell old phones online to recycling platforms.

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If you sell your phone online to a recycling platform then not only you save the environment but the recycling platform also pays you the amount for your phone, so it’s a win-win situation for you!

     Sell Old Phone Online To Pitch In:

If you are going to buy the latest launch by any mobile phone brand or you are going for phone upgrade generally then the best practice to do is to sell your old phone and pitch in the cash to buy a better model. We tend to spend much on buying the newer models of mobile phones but what you don’t know is that mobile phone recycling platforms provide you with handsome cash against your old phones. You can help yourself financially while you are going for phone upgrade by selling your old phone at best price. The mobile phone recycling platforms provide you with the best price quotes for your old mobile phones. The major advantage that you can avail is that these mobile phone recycling platforms pay you instantly.

Whenever you sell old phone online to a mobile phone recycling platform, most of the mobile phone recycling platforms sends you the payment when your mobile phone reaches and examine it thoroughly. So if you sell old phone online to a mobile phone recycling platform then you don’t have to wait for the payment to arrive.

Final Verdict – Sell Old Phone Online To Mobile Phone Recycling Platform:

We want the mobile phone users across the UK and across the globe to be an ethical user of technology and save our environment from the pollution that it is experiencing. You should always sell old phone online to a mobile phone recycling platform, but there are many mobile phone recycling platforms available online in the UK nowadays. How can anyone find the reliable mobile phone recycling platform to sell their phone to? For your ease, SellTheMobile is a mobile phone recycling comparison website working in the UK. We have all of the reliable and best paying mobile phone recycling platforms listed on our website for your ease. So the answer to ‘sell my mobile comparison’ is that you can easily visit SellTheMobile and search for your mobile phone. Once you have found your phone, the next thing that you have to do is to find the accurate one and select it. After then you have to answer some simple questions about your mobile phone that includes; storage capacity, condition and whether your phone is network bared or unlocked. When you select the right options a list of all the mobile phone recycling platforms accepting your mobile phone would be displayed on your screen. You just have to compare the price quotes offered by these platforms and select the best one according to your preference.

Once you have selected the best one, our website would ask you to fill a form with your information on the behalf of the mobile phone recycling platform. Once you have completed the form, you would have to complete the sale. When you have completed the sale, the mobile phone recycling platform would send you a free postage envelope, you just have to put your phone in that envelope and send it to the mobile phone recycling platform. When your phone would reach the platform, they would check it thoroughly and send you the payment against your phone right away. If they find your phone to be not in the condition that you have described earlier then they would send you an updated price quote through email, then it’s your choice to accept or reject the price quote. If you accept the price quote; they would send the payment right away. If you reject the price quote; they would send your phone back to your free of cost.

So you don’t have to throw your phones in the drawers again, as you can easily sell old phone online while going for mobile phone upgrade!

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