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World is Using New iPhones – Why are you stuck with the Old One?

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World is Using New iPhones – Why are you stuck with the Old One?

iPhone is the most famous Smartphone in this world, but have you ever wondered why? Have you ever wondered what the new models of iPhone have to offer? Are you considering your old iPhone 7 as an obsolete phone? Well this article would make you irresistible to think about these questions, and after reading it, you are surely going to sell iPhone 7 to upgrade to a newer model.

Before starting anything else, let us see why iPhone is one of the most famous Smartphone in this world!


The first iPhone was launched in 2007 when people didn’t really knew about a ‘Smartphone’, but when this phone came into the market, people started noticing the amazing features that iPhone possessed in that era. At that time, touch screen phones were common but the touch experience on the phones was not really good. At that time, Apple launched its first iPhone with an amazing touch screen that people loved! Other than having an amazing 3.5” display, the first iPhone had some other amazing features as well, including; 2MP rear camera, 4GB storage capacity and 128MB RAM.

These features made the first iPhone to be the most favourite device in that era. After the launch of first iPhone, Apple started launching new iPhones ever year. With the launch of each iPhone, Apple made sure that it doesn’t let down its customers. Apple tried its best to stay above the rest in terms of technological evolution in iPhones. This is the sole reason behind the enormous love people have for iPhones.

What’s New?

Now that you know about the evolution of iPhone, we are going to talk about the features that the latest iPhones have to offer.

The iPhones:

Earlier this year, Apple launched three new iPhones, namely; iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. All of these iPhones possess features that the previous models of iPhone don’t have.

     Infinity Display:

When iPhone X was launched in 2017, the biggest evolution Apple launched in that iPhone was the feature of infinity display. The infinity display consists of end to end screen at the front of the iPhone. Apple erased its iconic home button from that iPhone to launch the infinity display feature.

iPhone X, iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max have the feature of infinity display. The infinity display in these iPhones consists ofSuper Retina displaythat makes the userexperience better and more efficient. Apple claims that this display is the best OLED display that has ever been included in any Smartphone. The colour accuracy of the display is remarkable and it ensures that the users would get a cinematic experience while using it.

This super retina display in iPhone also feature High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature that enables the users to see more defined image on the display. Through HDR feature we can see the whites and blacks in the pictures in such a way that enhances the quality of the image in the iPhone.

The super retina display installed in these iPhones use organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology. This OLED is different from the traditional OLEDs, as it features much more improvements to help users having an incredible view and raise the standards of iPhones.

     A12 Bionic Chip:

The A12 Bionic Chip in the latest models of iPhone helps them to be faster in performance. The A12 bionic chip along with the next-generation Neural Engine makes these iPhones the fastest ones yet. The A12 bionic chip along with the neural engine use real time machine learning for enhancing users’ experience in taking pictures, gaming, using augmented reality and much more.

Apple used two performance cores to tackle heavy computational tasks and four efficiency cores to take care of the everyday tasks. These cores are proven to be faster than the A11 bionic chip in the following terms; 15% faster than the performance cores used in A11 and 50% lower usage of battery through four efficiency cores. Moreover, A12 shows 50% faster graphics performance than A11.

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     Dual Cameras:

The dual rear cameras of these new models prove them to be above the rest. The pictures taken from these cameras are more detailed while having more vibrant colours. The latest processors, sensors, algorithms along with these dual cameras let you take pictures in a quality that is irreplaceable. The neural engine along with the advanced algorithms makes you show your creativity in your photography skills.

The smart HDR feature in the cameras of these iPhones enhances the highlights in pictures while giving more detail to the shadows. The bokeh and depth control feature lets you take pictures with more amazingly blurred backgrounds, and after you have captured a shot, you can control the depth of field to make the picture more attractive.

The cameras of these iPhones capture more detailed low-light shots. One of the biggest problems that iPhone users had was that the pictures taken in the low-light areas were not detailed, but now with the latest iPhones you won’t be having such problems. The reason behind this amazing quality is that the cameras of these iPhones possess deeper and larger pixels.

Faster sensors, zero shutter lags and smart HDR makes the action shots taken from these iPhones sharper and more stable with more shadow details and highlights. Also you can record 4K videos with wider stereo playback through the cameras of these iPhones.

The front camera of these iPhones is remarkable as well, letting you take selfies in enhanced portrait mode. The true depth front camera enables you to take amazing selfies with more blurred backgrounds and through adjusting the depth of field you can make your selfie even more striking.

     Face ID:

The previous models of iPhone had touch ID that made them securer in terms of accessing the data. But the Face ID feature in the latest models of iPhone makes them the securest in terms of accessing the users’ data. Through the Face ID feature, only the owner can unlock his/her iPhone with the face recognition feature.

     Water Resistance:

The previous models of iPhone were resistant to water as well. Since iPhone 7, Apple started launching water resistant iPhones to make the users’ experience better. But the older models of iPhone were less resistant to water, and this thing worried the users’ much. The latest models of iPhone are more resistant towards water; for 30 minutes up to 2m. So it means that you now have to worry about nothing at all.

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     Wireless Charging:

The wireless charging feature makes the new iPhones better than the older ones. Apple is doing its best to fulfil the needs of its users by making the daily tasks easier. With the latest models of iPhone, you can easily use Qi Chargers to wirelessly charge them. So with the latest models, you don’t have to plug in the charger to charge them every now and then.

These are some of the features that you might find remarkable in the latest models of iPhone. But if you are using an iPhone that is not even compatible on the latest version of iOS (12.0), then you shouldn’t miss out the opportunity of experiencing the best operating software ever launched by Apple.

iOS 12.0:

Some of the amazing features of the new iOS software are listed below:


The performance level of iPhones is enhanced in the latest software by Apple. Specifically, the camera launching speed, the keyboard launch speed and the speed while multitasking on an iPhone is enhanced drastically; the camera is now launched 70% faster than it did before, also the keyboard display is now launched 50% faster than it did before.


With the latest iOS 12.0, you can FaceTime with 32 people at the same time. The group FaceTime can be done if your iPhone is running on iOS 12.0 or 12.1. So now you won’t have to call your friends one by one, as you can easily FaceTime all of them at the same time.

     Do not Disturb:

The do not disturb mode included in the latest version of iOS is more enhanced. You can now select different options to enable and disable the do not disturb mode on your iPhone. The iPhone is more intelligent now, so it can explore your location and you can even chose to disable the do not disturb mode once you leave that certain place.

     Screen Time:

The screen time feature helps us taking a check and balance on our usage of different applications. You can also set time limits for certain applications.

Should I Sell My iPhone and Upgrade?

With the launch of these latest iPhone models, the previous models of iPhone got old quickly. One of such model is iPhone 7! iPhone 7 was comparatively newer model of iPhone until the launch of these latest models, but after their launch, this iPhone may come into the category of the obsolete models of iPhone.

If you have an iPhone 7 with you, you shouldn’t wait more and sell iPhone 7 only to a mobile phone recycler. We suggest you to sell it to a recycler as you can get accurate price quote for your iPhone and you can get the cash within a day if you sell it to a reliable recycler. SellTheMobile helps you in finding and comparing the price quotes of such recyclers, as we have the best recyclers in the UK listed on our website. Through our website you can sell your iPhone by performing few easy steps. So, you should visit our website now, and sell your iPhone to upgrade to the latest models.

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