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Your One Stop Guide to Sell Your iPhone the Smartest Way

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Your One Stop Guide to Sell Your iPhone the Smartest Way

Keeping an old iPhone is the worst thing to do in today’s world. As soon as the latest model of iPhone launches you should prepare your existing iPhone for sale. By this, we don’t mean that you should keep yourself updated with every launch, this way you might have to forgo certain needs just to spend thousands of pounds on the latest model.

We suggest you to upgrade your iPhone as we don’t want you to be stuck with an obsolete model, on which you cannot even get the software updates. In today’s era, iPhone models up to iPhone 5S are considered as the obsolete models of iPhone, as these models aren’t compatible with the latest version of iOS (12.1). So the best thing for you to do right now is to sell your iPhone 6, 6S and 7 to upgrade to a newer or the latest models of iPhone.

This article would serve as a guide to sell iPhone for the most cash.

What Should I Do First?

The first and foremost thing that you should do is to collect information about your iPhone. This information may include; Model, Condition, Accessories included with it, Connectivity (Unlocked or Network Bared), Storage Capacity, etc.

You must be wondering, ‘why would I have to do that?’ The answer to your question might be surprising! Sometimes when we own an iPhone, we don’t really bother to look at its specifications. We feel that having an iPhone is enough and we totally ignore certain features that the iPhone might have. Due to this, you should gather all of the information about your iPhone.

For checking the exact model of your iPhone, you can open the settings app of your iPhone, then go to the ‘General’ option and then ‘About’. You would find a list containing all of the information that you might need about your iPhone. Over here, you can find the storage capacity and the exact model of your iPhone along with the version of iOS it is running on and other important information.

To check if your iPhone is Unlocked or Network Bared, you would have to insert a SIM of another network in your iPhone and check whether it works or not. After checking these features about your phone, you must check the condition of your iPhone and judge it while being a rational user. Check the charging port and audio jack (if it has one) as well. Furthermore, check if you have its original box and other accessories with you or not.

Once you have checked all of these things, you can proceed further.

Backup The Data:

This step is really crucial when you have decided to sell your phone. Before going any further, take a complete backup of your iPhone on iTunes and iCloud, and delete everything to save yourself from any mishap.

We ask you toback up and do a complete factory reset of your iPhone’s data as if you don’t do so, you may face certain consequences. Your iPhone contains sensitive and precious information about yourself; sometimes you cannot take the risk to transfer that information to anyone else. To save yourself from potential data theft you must follow certain steps to erase every bit of data from your iPhone.

Why Am I Selling My iPhone?

You should check your intentions behind the idea of selling your iPhone to select where you might want to sell it. Whether your intentions are to dispose of your iPhone or to financially help you in purchasing a new one, the best place to sell your iPhone is to a recycling platform if you need instant cash, also if you want to serve the society as a good human being.

You might think, ‘How can I get instant cash and also be a good human being if I sell my iPhone to a recycling platform?’

A number of things areaffecting the climate that we live in. There are a number of climatic issues that the society might bear if you don’t recycle your iPhone properly. The iPhone that we use consists of some precious metals that can be extracted from them through proper recycling. On the other hand, if these iPhones are not recycled properly then these same metals can emit some toxic gases that can affect the environment drastically. If you don’t sell your iPhone and keep it with you, it might end up in a dump polluting the environment.

The other type of recycling is basically the repairing of iPhones. Those iPhones that still have demand in the market are repaired and then sold as refurbished iPhones in the market to the people who can’t or don’t want to spend on the highly priced latest models of iPhone. But if the iPhones have zero demand in the market (usually the obsolete models), then those iPhones are recycled to extract metals from them.

So whether you want to dispose of or you want to get instant cash against your iPhone, you should sell your iPhone to a reliable recycler.

Where Can I Find A Reliable Recycler?

You might come across many recyclers on the web, but all of them are not reliable. The reliable recyclers always erase any information still available on the iPhone, recycle them properly and give the highest price quote for your iPhone.

SellTheMobile is a mobile phone recycling comparison website, where you can find the best mobile phone recyclers in the UK. We are considered as the best mobile phone recycling comparison website, as all of the mobile phone recyclers on our website are reliable and they offer the best price quotes in the UK. You cannot find any of the recyclers available on our website on any other website.

Moreover, our website has a user friendly interface where you can easily sell iPhone by performing few easy steps. We provide you with a Guarantee that no other mobile phone recycling comparison website can give you the prices that we offer.

You shouldn’t wait further and start performing the steps described in this article to sell your iPhone only on our website!

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