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As the technology has advanced to its maximum, selling off a new phone and buying a new one is not a problem anymore. Gone are the days when you had to go to the market and find an appropriate buyer for your phone. Now, you just need to log on to your computer and find a company that would provide the best rate to buy your used phone. Many companies are working in the industry to provide this facility to the clients.

8 Mobile is one these companies and here you going to go through review of this mobile phone recycler. They recycle the used phones bought from the customers and sell them to the potential markets after reprocessing them. An honest and true review of the company is elaborated bellow to give you a clear idea of the company’s processes and working procedures:

Step 1: The first step that a person who wants to sell off his used company to 8 Mobile is to visit the website of the company and search the phone that he/she wants to sell. You have to enter the Make and Model of your phone and click on “Sell Mobile”. No matter your phone is broken, damaged or used, the company will buy all of them. However, if you are planning to sell a damaged phone, the company will examine the conditions of the phone and then will quote a price to you.

Step 2: While making an order you will need to specify that whether you are selling a broken phone or a used one. Whilst you place the order, read the instructions carefully in order to refrain from any problems that may occur later on. Here you will be asked to enter your IMEI number.

Step 3: This is the step to submit your details for the purpose of registrations. These details will be used to send envelop and receive the phone. Also it may be used to deliver the cheque as well if you intend to receive money through cheque.

Step 4: When the company receives your phone, it will make a thorough examination and you will receive your payment within 2 days of making the confirmation. The company is without a doubt efficient and speedy when it comes to making the due payment. The company accepts both working as well as non-working mobile phones; however the amount to be paid will differ in accordance with the condition of your phone.

You must select the mode of delivery and you can choose one of the given options provided by the company. The best and safest option is to choose the free postage. 8 Mobile is known among the customers for the best company to offer payments in time.

Visit the 8 Mobile website - http://www.8mobile.com

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