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Lots of people have given positive reviews to the services of buymyfone, which is a pioneer mobile recycling company in the UK. Four simple steps help the customer to get rid of their old phones for a handsome amount of cash. You just need to visit the website and select your phone and sell your mobile phone instantly. The website is really easy to use, even any one can navigate the website easily. It accepts a wide range of mobile phones and empowers clients to get maximum money out of their used mobiles.

The clients are happy with the services of buymyfone because they are offering better market prices for the used mobiles.  Whether you have a new or used mobile phone, you can still sell your mobiles at better rates through buymyfone. Their payment methods include payment by bank and through the cheque. Just look at the wide range of cell phone companies that they accept for selling. The company not only recycles mobile phones, but also recycles its accessories to give a maximum return to their customers. Getting rid of old mobiles was never easier than before and you can take this company’s service to sell your mobiles.

Change Your Old Mobiles At Buymyfone Now

Step 1. You need to visit the website and use the given search box to locate your mobile phone with the model. Choose the appropriate model of your mobile to sell it on the website. You will get an offer from the company for your mobile which depends on the condition of the mobile.

Step 2. Once you have agreed to the price, you have to tell the company about your mobile network. Now you have proceeded to the checkout of your mobile.

Step 3. You have to make an account on the company’s website by registering yourself there. Simply fill the form and add information about yourself. The registration form asks for information like your name, address, city, your contact number and password necessary to create a new account on the company’s website.

Step 4. The company offers two flexible ways of receiving payment against your mobiles sold in the market. You can either select payment by cheque or through the bank transfer. Both are the convenient methods of receiving payment from the company. You can get instant payment once you register yourself on the company’s website.

Step 5. This is the last step which needs to be completed before you finally get your money from your mobile. Put your mobile in the protective envelope and send it to the company for inspection. Make sure your mobile safely reaches in the custody of company for final inspection and release your money on the spot.

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