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The review of EE Recycle & Reward will help you decide whether you should sell your phone to them or not.

If you have broken the screen of your mobile phone or any other part of your phone doesn’t work in the right manner, do not just throw it away. Your broken phone is not useless anymore and can give you a good amount of money. Yes! It is possible.

Many mobile phone recycling companies are now working and providing services to people who have old, broken and damaged phones. These phone recycling companies buy the broken or damaged phones from people and recycle them off. After recycling the phone, they sell them to the markets where these phones are in demand. Throwing away the phone can be a cause of environmental pollution. The metals from which a mobile phone is made up of may cause severe environmental pollution, thus it affects the health of human beings. Mobile phone recycling companies, such as EE Recycle & Reward, are providing these services and they are not only helping in providing better economy to the people but are also saving their health as well. EE Recycle & Reward is one of those phone recycling companies that are working as mobile phone recyclers in United Kingdom.

Here is a review of the EE Recycle & Reward to have a better understanding of what they do and how they do it?

Step 1: If you are looking forward to sell your phone to EE Recycle & Reward, you will need to search the model of your phone from the search bar option provided on their homepage. However, if you are confused and do not know which phone is yours, you just need to type the IMEI number of your phone and it will be displayed on the computer screen with quoted price. Click “Sell Now”, if you want to proceed with the offered price.

Step 2: On the next page you’ll be confirmed the price again. Here it will be described that you’ll get the money within 7 days if you prefer to be paid through cheque.

Step 3: Now you have to select your preferred method of payment such as Bank Transfer or Cheque.

Step 4: Here is the page where you have to submit your personal contact details and the information required to process your payment. So you may have to provide your bank account details, in case you want the payment through your bank account.

Step 5: After placing an order, you need to send your phone to the EE Recycle & Reward. You can choose freepost and the mobile phone recycling company will send you a package. You will have to place your phone and its accessories in the package and send it back to the company. However, before sending your phone, make sure that you have erased all the personal data that was stored in your phone. Make sure to take out your SIM and memory card as they cannot be recovered once sent to the company.

After completely examining your phone, the company will send you the payment.

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