Envirofone holds a good reputation in the market for recycling of old mobile phones and paying out cash to the clients. It has served the industry in the UK for a decade and have lists of satisfied clients. Envirofone is one of the leading mobile phone recycling companies in the UK. It promises to pay your the competitive price for your old phone without charging anything extra for the consumers. You have to get your mobile evaluated at envirofone through the easy appraisal system to sell your mobile phone online.  Both damaged and working phones can get you some amount of cash from the company.

All you need is to just visit the website and choose the mobile phone. The rest will be helped out by the company to make it convenient sale for you. The simplest navigational system of the website guides you step by step so that you can go through the whole procedure easily. It just takes time for you to send your phone to the company and the company doesn’t take too much time to pay back to you for your mobile. This is how simply anyone can sell out his used phone to generate good amount of money.

Go and Sell Your Mobile at Envirofone Instantly

Step 1. Just look  for the search box on the front page of the website. You can search the mobile phone you want to sell online using Envirofone. If you are not sure about the model number, then you can go through all the results that a search box brings for you to pick up the right one.

Step 2. Once you picked up your mobile phone, then you have to choose the network given in the drop down list to get the value of your mobile phone that a company is willing to pay you. However, there is a different price offered for the working and non-working phone.

Step 3. If you agreed with the price, you can proceed to sell your mobile online. In order to sell your mobile to the website, you have to make an account on the website for the new customers. This account will take your personal data such as your contact number, name, address, city and password to operate this account. Once account is created, the company will ask you for the payment method. You can get payment through cheque and bank transfer.

Step 4. Once everything is final, then you can deliver your mobile at the company’s address for physical inspection of the cell phone. Once the company is satisfied about the product, they will send you a confirmation email and will instantly transfer your money into your account without any delay. You need to reply the company’s email for the confirmation of sale. The envirofone is dedicated towards the welfare of clients through their effective system.

Visit the Envirofone website - http://www.envirofone.com

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