After reviewing the FoneBank, we have seen that London based company, FoneBank is one of UK’s oldest and most respected mobile phone recycling companies. This company boasts over 85 million pounds worth of sales to thousands of satisfied customers in the past. It is the company that ensures environmentally responsible and highly reliable methods of recycling for old and used mobile phones.

To sell and recycle old mobile phones for profit with a smile, many people have used the services provided by FoneBank. Their leading strength is excellent customer service in the face of a highly competitive environment. They also provide their customers with excellent deals and vouchers. They are a very successful mobile phone recycling company with highly positive reviews from their satisfied customers. This company recycles over 95000 phones every month, making them a leading phone recycler and reseller.

FoneBank is associated with the company CMR, or Corporate Mobile Recycling Ltd., which is one of UK’s leading companies when it comes to recognized and trusted phone recycling companies. They provide their customers with many benefits, including a fast and reliable sale, multiple ways to get your money including payment via cheque and also payment directly into your bank account. They also have an amazon voucher option after availing which their users can get 8% extra cash.

Easy Steps to Sell Your Phone Through FoneBank

Step 1: Access the FoneBank website as mentioned below. You will see that there is a Search Box at the top of the page. Write your phone model or your phone’s IMEI number into the box and press enter. You can also select your phone from the drop down menu available on the page. Once you have selected your phone, you can look at the price offered by FoneBank.

Step 2: If you are okay with the price, proceed forward and enter your data like name, address and rest of the details so that a contract can be established. Once you have filled in the particulars and a contract is made then you can send your phone.

Step 3: Though there are 4 major ways to send your phone to FoneBank, the most recommended one is through Royal Mail Special Delivery. They are trustable and dependable company that takes care of your phone. If you are selling 5 or more phones, someone from Fonebank can come and pick up the phones from your place. Other methods include stamped returns and dropping into their office at any time Monday to Friday.

Step 4: Once FoneBank receives your phone, they will verify and check the phone as well as the condition of the phone. If all is according to the details you have described, your payment will be processed and sent to you as you wanted. Easy selling, easy payment!

Fonebank asks that you delete all personal data including pictures, music, contacts, texts, calls and applications before sending your phone to them, so you can have complete peace of mind.

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