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Here is the review of a mobile phone recycling company which has earned a quick fame among the customers just recently. iPhone Recycler is the company that has been launched with distinctive purpose in mind to recycle the mobile phones (especially iPhones)  and other gadgets to make the earth safe for all. They are working for noble cause while offering the competitive prices for the used and old gadgets to the customers. They recycle the devices to make the environment more eco friendly and make the best use of old, broken and used phones.

At the same time, they are liked by their customers because they are very efficient to make the payments in time. The best part that fascinates most of the customers is that they pay exactly the same amount what they offer for any registered sale order. Secondly their numbers of customers are increasing overnight as they are ready to buy mobile phones, tablets and other devices regardless of the Makes and Models.

Following are the most convenient steps that a customer has to go through to make a sale:

Step 1: Visit the website of the iPhone Recycler and enter the make and model of your phone in search bar. It will take you to the page where it describes their terms and conditions. If you are okay with their terms, click “Get Offer”.

Step 2: Here you get the quotation or the offered price for your mobile phone. You have to select the condition of your phone such as New, Used or Faulty. Price offered will vary in accordance with the condition of your phone. Also at this stage, you need to mention whether you have the box of phone or not. It will be done by selecting the option at the same page. Select the network you are using with your mobile and enter the IMEI number.

Step 3: This is the step when you are asked to enter your particulars. Apart from entering the contact details, you will be asked to provide your email and create a password to complete the registration process. Select the option to get paid and they offer you to get paid through cheque or bank account. If you opt to get paid through bank, then you must provide the details of your account.

Step 4: After you have entered all the required information and have completed the order, then get ready to send the phone to iPhone Recycler. You will get paid the same day and they won’t make you wait for a week or 7 days.

Very important to be mentioned is that people love to trade their phones with this mobile phone buyer as they offer exceptional customer services and keep you posted at all the steps and stages while processing your order.

Selecting the iPhone Recycler is the best bet for sure!

Visit the IPhone Recycler website - https://www.iphonerecycler.co.uk

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