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After reviewing the business processes of Mazuma Mobile, we can say that it is a responsible mobile phone recycling company to which you can sell your old phone, either it is working or non-working; broken or damaged. Here you also can trade in old phone for a new one. Mazuma Mobile serves all your mobile phone selling needs very conveniently. MazumaMobile is one of UK’s top selling mobile phone brands which are highly environmentally friendly. They have been known to recycle over 95% of the phones they receive.

Mazuma Mobile is also a WEEE authorized treatment facility under the ISO 14001. They are a green and friendly mobile phone recycling company with over 100,000 happy and satisfied customers. MazumaMobile offers many services to their customers, including shipping as well as same day payment. You can also get discount or payment deals through vouchers that they offer.

Another service provided by Mazuma Mobile is that you can remotely remove your data from the phone you plan to sell. Using Mazuma’s free data tool, you can remove all personal data from the phone including contacts, text messages and personal photographs. Mazuma’s services include that you can expect same day payments.  As soon as they receive your handset, they will process your order, check the condition of the phone and your payment will be sent through a cheque or any other possible way you have agreed upon. They also provide multiple ways for receiving payments so that their clients can choose their most convenient method to receive payment.

It Takes Just A Few Minutes To Sell Your Phone on Mazuma Mobile!

Step 1: First of all, you need to access their website. Here you will find a search box on top of the page. Click in the box and enter your phone model. You can use your phone company name, your mobile phone model or your IMEI number to search for your phone. Once you’ve found your phone, and you like the price offered, you need to simply register your sale. This includes choosing a method of payment and your personal particulars.

Step 2: Now you need a sales pack so you can send your phone to Mazuma Mobile. There are two options given to you! You can either download a FREE sales pack or you can make your own sales label, as you feel comfortable.

Step 3: Once these steps are complete, now you need to send your phone to MazumaMobile. Put your phone in the Sales pack and send it to them on the given address within the next 14 days. You can use any of their simple post options for this.

Step 4: Once Mazuma Mobile receives your package, the phone will be verified to confirm the condition that you mentioned while registering the sale. After that, your order will be processed and the payment will be sent to you the same day.

MazumaMobile’s Motto is “You Smile, We Smile!”

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Post:Mazuma Mobile Ltd 1 Colne Way Court Colne Way Watford Hertfordshire WD24 7NE


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