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After a careful and in depth review of the company O2 Recycle, we can say that they are a very smart business enterprise by the mobile phone network O2. This company has gone one step forward and introduced their simple and yet advanced mobilephone recycling company so that their customers don’t have to worry about, O2 trade in mobile phone, finding a respected and established mobile phone recycler. They can just use their own network, O2 trade in, to sell old phones. With the help of their customers, in 2011 O2 was able to recycle an incredible number of phones (10,310 phones to be exact).

The purpose of O2 Recycle is much higher than that of profit. Instead of making profits from the resale and recycling of old phones, the money goes to their charity called “Think Big.” Think Big is a charity that focuses on children and tries to give them good lives by giving them a good start in life. Think Big provides young people jobs, living places and also works with child protective services. Their point of view is that children are what make the future and they deserve the best start they can get. O2 Recycle has calculated that for every 250 phones that get recycled, at least 100 children get benefit.

O2 Recycle has a policy for zero landfills. They try their best to repair their phones and resell them to someone else with O2 trade in option, but if that is not possible, then they try to recycle each part separately in an environmentally friendly way.

Easy Steps To Sell Your Phone Through O2 Recycle:

Step 1: On O2 Recycle website, you will find a search box on top of every page where you can enter your mobile model or IMEI number. Once the site has found you the model you’re looking for, you can see if the price offered is satisfactory for you.

Step 2: Once you’ve selected the price, you need to fill in the contract with method of payment, name and address, along with your mobile phone’s condition. You can even sell damaged, faulty or not working phones here with O2 trade in mobile phone option. The next step is to send your phone to O2 Recycle.

Step 3: You can send your phone to the company through postage. The best thing is that the postage is free, so you don’t have to spend anything. Make sure to delete personal data from the phone. The address to post is given in contact information.

Step 4: Once O2 Recycle receives your phone, they will check and verify model and conditions and then your payment will be processed, usually within one day, the same day as your phone was received. You will get the payment through your selected mode.

O2 Recycle is very confident with the fact that they offer the best prices. In fact they say that within seven days of the contract, if the seller finds a better offer or a higher price from any of their recognized competitive resellers, they will pay the higher price the mselves!

Visit the O2 Recycle website - http://www.o2recycle.co.uk

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