SellSmartForCash is a trusted and leading mobile phone recycling company.

After reviewing this mobile phone buyer, we can say that they are one of the most reliable and trustworthy recycling companies in United Kingdom. They have processed a large number of mobile phones over the last couple of years. They are committed to offer amazing customer care while they claim to pay the best price for the old and broken phones. Their commitment is to pay exactly the same amount what is quoted against any registered sale on their website. Further, they offer different options to be selected by the sellers to send their mobile phones.

According to the Sell Smart for Cash, they offer to pay their customers the same day they receive the mobile phone, provided that payment is made after the inspection of mobile phone. When it comes to receive the payment, customers are offered to get paid through sources such as payment through cheque and direct transfer to bank account.

Selling a mobile phone online has been made easier for the customers by Sell Smart for Cash by following steps:

Step 1: First of all you need find out the model of your phone on their website. It has been made pretty easier by providing a search box on the top of the Homepage. Once you select the brand or make of the mobile phone, you will be asked to select the condition of the mobile such as Used, New of Faulty. You are also required to select the Mobile Network you are using and then press “Continue Sale”.  

Step 2: Second step is to Review Sale. On this page, you can see the offered price for your mobile. If you agree with the price offered and you want to proceed, then you must select the preferred payment mode before your click on “Continue Sale”.

Step 3: On the third step, you need to provide your contact details including your name, email, postal address and mobile phone number to contact. Once you provided all these details, click on “Register” to complete the registration process. Soon you will receive an empty box to send the mobile phone to Sell Smart for Cash.

Step 4: As soon as they receive your mobile, their engineers are supposed to examine the condition of the mobile very quickly. They ensure that you have sent the same mobile phone for you which registered the sale on their website. In case, the condition of mobile does not match with what you have described on their website, someone from Sell Smart for Cash will contact you to discuss the matter. They make sure to do all this in a quick mode and then there is time to process your payment. Payment is sent through your preferred method that can be either cheque or direct transfer to your bank account.

Sell Smart for Cash is a rapidly growing mobile phone recycling company and their aim is to make the environment friendlier by recycling the mobile phones and different gadgets!

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