If you want to sell of an old phone to Vodafone buy back, you should read the review of the company before going for its services. There is no denying to the fact that time is money. People always prefer to get services of such buyers that do not waste their time. When it comes to selling off a phone, people tend to act impatiently as the value or worth of a mobile phone has tendency to decline as soon as a new version of the same phone is launched. This makes people even more impatient and they want to sell their phone off as soon as possible. Going to the market and finding a buyer is not an option anymore. Vodafone buy back deals in buying old phones and recycling them for better future usage. There are many reasons why people prefer “Vodafone buy back” to other recycling companies and the most prominent of them is the efficiency that it offers to the clients. In order to sell the phone and get the payment, you need to follow just some simple steps:

Step 1: The first step, obviously, is to visit the website of the company. Opening the first webpage will lead you to a search bar where you will have to find the phone that you are about to sell off to the company. Vodafone buy back is a company that specifically deals in mobile phones so you will not have any problem in finding your phone’s model in the list of models. This list is provided by the company in the form of a drop down list and it appears once you enter the name of manufacturer or model of your mobile.

Step 2: When you find your phone, you need to select it. Selecting or choosing the phone will take you to another webpage where all the specifications of the phone will be asked. Actually there is a kind of questionnaire and you have to respond to the questions in yes/no. It is all about the working condition of your phone and just in front the questionnaire the price offered by the company will be displayed. Price will vary and will be calculated there in accordance with the condition of your phone.

If you are not satisfied with the price, you can leave the process right there. However, if you feel like the offered price is just according to the market price of your used phone, keep going further.

Step 3: This is where you have to select the way through which you want to send your phone. You may send mobile phone through your own envelop or use their paid envelop. Here you also need to provide information such as personal details, your bank account details and IMEI number (optional). Click ‘confirm’ to complete the registration of your order.

Step 4: After scrupulously examining the phone, the payment will be made to you within couple of days of the delivery of the phone via BACS.

Visit the Vodafone website - http://www.vodafonebuyback.co.uk

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