Privacy Policy


Our Promise


We value our customers’ privacy. We go to great lengths to ensure that our customers’ information is secure and so that you can have a worry-free experience while using


What Information Do We Collect?


Since we do collect and maintain certain necessary information about our website users, we would like you to understand a bit about why we do this and what information we keep. The privacy statement below is provided to you for your understanding and is just another way that we provide our customers with an informed experience.


Your Personal Information!


Any information that our customers provide to us through optional or voluntary forms or website submissions. Some examples of these might be surveys, polls, email or social media shares, newsletters, or forums.


We also collect tracking cookie data and aggregated page view data.


Why We Do So?


We collect data of our customers as:


  • This is done so that we may serve you better, know what sessions belong to whom and be able to tailor and make adjustments to our content such that each of our customers receives the correct and appropriate information to suit their needs.
  • All data and information that we collect are used to enhance the processes and surfing experience for our customers.
  • We also use this data to help us provide accumulate demographic data concerning the overall number and types of customers who come to our site. This helps us to market ourselves to advertisers who may purchase ad space on our website.


Our Duty


Our duty consists of:


  • We are committed to our individual customer’s privacy rights and we never reveal the personal information of a particular customer to anyone, whatsoever! However, we do provide data on the combined totals, of all our website users as a whole to vendors, buy-back companies, and advertisers since we rely on them for the majority of our revenue. This allows us to provide all, if not, most of our services to you free of charge.


Optional Information


Many of the services that we provide are free and informational in nature but may require our customers to divulge some information about themselves in order for us to serve them better.


  • We may offer informational services to our customers such as newsletters that would keep you informed on developments, deals, and giveaways that we may periodically offer. These newsletters are always free and optional to subscribe to. You will always find a link at the bottom of the newsletter that will provide you with the opportunity to quit receiving the newsletter if you choose to do so. You may also be asked to opt-in to the newsletter when joining our site or through any other of our correspondence with you.


  • We may participate in online discussion forums that deal with issues surrounding the recycling and buy-back of mobile phones and other electronic devices that are bought by our associated recyclers. In order to use these services, you may be asked to opt-in and elect to join these forums. These forums are monitored for quality and topicality so that they can be used as a tool to help you stay informed and get the most for your mobile.


  • SellTheMobliealsooffers you interactive options for your convenience, such as an Email a Friend link, a Facebook share the link or Twitter share the link so that you can let your friends and colleagues know about the great deals that you have acquired through SellTheMobile. In case of an email share, the customer must provide both their email address and that of their addressee and this is required in order that the recipient may know the identity of the person sending the email to them. This information is not retained by SellTheMobile.


  • From time to time, SellTheMobile may present its customers the chance to participate in various polls or surveys. These are used as a way to gain quality improvement in data so that we can continue to offer the high level of customer service and value that you have come to expect from us. In order to ensure the validity of our surveys, we may tag and record the IP addresses of the survey participant so that surveys can only be taken once. This will help us to protect the integrity of our data and assist us in making the critical decision that affects how we do business and what steps we can take to serve you better.


Age Limitation


Age of our customer is a great concern for us as:


  • In congruence with UK and EU regulations, we never intentionally seek any personally identifiable information from any minor child. In fact, we ask that children, for their safety, refrain from using our site without the assistance and supervision of their parent or guardian.




To improve the experience of our customers:


  • SellTheMobile spends much time and effort to improve customers’ experience and therefore, monitor our website usage patterns on our website. This does not pertain to individual users but refers to overall site analytics that helps us to see what aspects of our site are utilized most and best. We may disaggregate this data by user’s location, IP, operating system, and other standard categories that all websites tend to look at.


  • We may collect information on the search terms that customers enter in our search so that we can help them to find what they are looking for better and so that we know what to ask our buyers about. But, we look at this data as a whole and do not track the searches of individual users. We believe that this would be intrusive to our users and besides would be an enormous undertaking. In contrast, all the steps that we take are done so that we can become a better website and so that we can serve you in the highest and best way possible.


Cookie Data

 For your ease:


  • Our website may send a “cookie” to your browser. For example, this might allow us to maintain a secure session with you, know where you were on the site, and perhaps return you there so that you can continue your search where you left off for your convenience. We do not associate your cookie with any of your personal information and you are not identified by the acceptance of the browser cookie. Cookies simply help our website to identify customer patterns and to provide you with a better site browsing experience.

Your Decision  


It is solely dependent on your decision that:


  • You may opt to refuse cookies by turning them off inside the settings of your internet browser. As well, according to your pre-set browser settings, you may be notified if a site is attempting to send a cookie. Accepting our cookies is not necessary in order to use our website but it may help to have a better browsing experience. Cookies must be accepted if you opt to participate in our polls, surveys, or discussion forums since that is required for the functionality of those venues.


Mutual Help


We believe in a better experience for our customers, as:


  • SellTheMobile may choose to use any information that is freely divulged by customers to improve the website experience, either to inform us on how our site is being used best or to help us plan for the future and remain a top price comparison website for the selling of mobiles.


  • Furthermore, we may offer informational services to our customers such as a newsletter that would keep you informed on developments, deals, and giveaways that we may periodically offer. These newsletters are always free and optional to subscribe to.


  • We may collate and aggregate usage data into reports regarding how customers use our site and what we know about them as a whole. We may offer this aggregate and combined information to associates, advertisers, sponsors, and other strategic partners with the goal always in the mind of safeguarding the rights and privacy of our trusted customers. We will never provide third parties with identifiable information about our customers. We do not willingly divulge customer information to anyone except in the case of being ordered to do so by magistrate or court order.


Information Sharing


It’s important for us:


  • As stated above, we adjust our content to meet the needs, searches, and requirements of our users. Helping our advertisers to understand what types of people surf our site helps them to tailor advertisements and help us to earn money since most of our revenue comes from advertising and not from site users.


  • We will not share data about individual users except as in compliance with the appropriate legal process.




For your protection:

  • SellTheMobile always maintains safe and secure data networks that are protected by cutting-edge encryption, firewalls, anti-virus, and intrusion protection. Our security team works very hard to ensure that our site is a secure place to do business, not only for our customers but for our own peace of mind.


  • Our security tools are continuously monitoring our site and our team of security technicians maintains the site on a daily basis to verify that our website environment is safe and that only authorized individuals have access to our customer information database.


Opt-Out Policies


SellTheMobile always provides its customers with the option to forego receiving optional features of our website such as:


  • Opting-out of receiving email newsletters or other electronic correspondence
  • Opting-out of participating in forums, surveys, polls, and other interactive areas that require the collection of identifiable customer data


Your Permission


With your consent:


  • By surfing and signing up for our site you are consenting and authorizing SellTheMobile to collect any data about you as has been detailed in this privacy policy and other such data not specifically stated here that is consistent with standard industry practices.
  • If changes occur to our policies regarding the information that we collect then we will post those changes in policy here on this Privacy Policy page for your convenience and review.
  • It is our desire that we always do a great job of informing our customers about any and all developments affecting them here at