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If you have an old phone you no longer use, don’t throw it away in a bin or leave it in a cupboard or drawer as a waste. Always remember that it has some value. This is why mobile phone recycling is now considered the smartest way to get rid of your old phones and earn some extra cash. These days, there are a number of mobile recycling companies that pay you to recycle your phone. To look for a high-paid recycling company, consider the top-notch comparison services at SellTheMobile. is a leading mobile phone recycling comparison website that compares the offered prices of top recycling websites so that you can easily choose the top price for your phone recycled. Even, they accept faulty and broken phones of all popular brands such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, and so on at the best rates.

How Can I Recycle My Phone Through SellTheMobile?

Excited to know what you have to do to recycle mobile at SellTheMobile? The first thing you have to do is to search for your mobile phone. Just enter your mobile make and model into the search box given at the top and a list of mobile phone recycling companies with their offerings will be shown on your screen to choose from. Compare all offered prices and select the right deal to recycle your phone! Once you confirm the sale online, you have to post your handset to the chosen recycler and they will pay you soon according to their terms and condition.

Why is SellTheMobile the Best Choice to Recycle Phone?

Take a peek at what makes us perfect for phone recycling in the UK!

1. Exclusive List of Top Mobile Phone Recyclers

We, at SellTheMobile, have joined hands with top-rated mobile recycling websites that are willing to recycle phones and pay you a nice price the same day when they collect your phone and check it. So, we will never disappoint you!  

2. Unbiased and Impartial Price Comparison

With the help of our advanced price comparison tool, we compare mobile phone recycling websites and offer you the highest prices available. Be sure to check out all the available deals before choosing the one you like!

3. Highest Price Guarantee

We guarantee you will recycle your mobile and earn the maximum value of your phone. Don’t worry about the condition of your mobile, whether it’s old, unwanted, faulty, or damaged, all are accepted by recycling companies.  

4. Swift and Safe Phone Recycling Process

Last but not the least, our mobile phone recycling process is very simple, swift, and safe. With a few clicks, you can recycle the phone and receive a nice sum of money for it. Along with that, it also saves you time and effort because you have no need to browse each recycling website individually. You will get a list of top-paying sites with their best deals in one place.