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Want to sell your broken mobile phone? Guess what! Broken mobiles wasting away in your houses aren’t worthless anymore. You can sell damaged phones as most of the mobile phone recyclers at SellTheMobile accept broken mobiles and pay competitive cash in return. Here is a complete guide for you to sell your broken phone for cash. Now you don’t have to worry about ‘where to sell my broken phone’. While you sell broken phones our recyclers valuate mobile phones differently according to set patterns. However, the criterion explained below is commonly followed.

       •  New: Unused phones are considered as the new ones.

       •  Used – Working: Pre-owned/used ones that are in working condition are considered as Used – Working.

       •  Faulty – Broken: Damaged ones that don’t work properly are considered as Faulty – Broken.

Note: Each recycler has a unique categorisation pattern given above is a general and widely followed guideline.

What Determines The Value Of My Phone? 

While you sell broken phone; its cosmetic condition, storage capacity and whether its network bared or unlocked determines it’s true worth. Most of the times, you can get a really good cash for your used – working phones. The faulty – broken phones, on the other hand, yield lower quotes. The good thing, however, is that you can still sell your broken phone and get some cash in return.

It is always the best practice to sell damaged iPhone or Android mobiles to recycling platforms even if the cash they yield is insignificant. By selling your faulty – broken phones, you not only earn some cash but avert them from landing in the scrap and polluting the environment. In order to get the accurate price quotes while you sell damaged phone, it is important to define its condition precisely.

Yet, the exact price quote for faulty – broken ones can only be received after you have sent your phone to the recycler and it has been checked thoroughly. The chances of receiving a revised quote are highly likely. If you sell broken phone; he selected recycler will send you an email with the updated price quote after thoroughly checking it. You further have the option to accept the final price quote and receive the cash or you can reject it and get your phone back.

What Is The Difference Between Broken And Working Phone?

The difference between a working and a broken phone varies minimally, depending upon the recycler you choose. Although, there are some rules of thumb; 

It is considered as ‘Used – Working’, if:

       •  It turns on properly

       •  It is working normally

       •  It has undamaged body except a few scratches

       •  It has a working screen

       •  It has a fully functional battery

Your phone is considered as ‘Faulty – Broken’, if any or all of these are true:

       •  The screen is broken

       •  The screen is cracked but still working 

       •  It doesn’t switch ON

       •  It has broken body with dents and scratches

       •  It has corrupt operating system

       •  It has faulty/broken buttons, speakers or battery

       •  It doesn’t have a battery

Note: These are the general rules followed when considering a mobile phone as ‘working’ or ‘broken’. The actual condition can only be determined by the recycler itself

Can I Sell Water Damaged Phones?

Some of the mobile phone recyclers accept water damaged phones. To sell water damaged phones you have to look through the terms and conditions of every recycler individually. So, you can sell water damaged iPhone or Android mobiles for cash to some recyclers (but not all). To find out the price quotes for your water damaged mobile phone, Search for Your Phone on, and select the option ‘Faulty – Broken’ in the condition bar on the result page.

Water drenched phones can become a liability on you, as you cannot use them and they occupy space as well, the best thing for you to do is to sell water damaged phones for cash. You must be wondering that how would your water damaged be of any worth to a recycler. People usually buy the water damaged phones to disassemble them and save the salvageable parts, and further use them to repair other phones. This is considered as a cost effective way to repair other phones. So if you sell water damaged phone; you are helping others to repair their phones in a cost effective manner.  

Can I Sell Any Damaged Phone?

While selling broken phone, there are some conditions that must be met.. You cannot sell damaged phone, if:

       •  It is reported stolen

       •  It is black listed

       •  It is broken into two or more pieces

       •  The important parts like SIM, memory card, battery, etc. are glued-in

       •  It is a replica model

These are the phones that cannot be repaired and selling them is not legal. But if you have such phone, we still recommend you to donate that to a recycling platform or dispose it off properly so that it can be recycled properly as only one mobile phone battery can pollute sixty thousand litres of water!

Can I Get My Phone Repaired?

Sometimes, certain phones are broken to an extent that the recyclers refuse to buy it. If such is the case, you don’t have to worry that ‘I cannot sell my phone’.  As then it is always a wise option to get it repaired. In this way you will not only be able to sell it as a used-working phone instead of a broken phone. This will of course yield a better price quote. If you plan to get your broken phone repaired you will find the following very useful:

       •  MobileRepairs4U

There is another option for repairing your phone. Particularly if you are a fan of DIY projects, you can easily find kits in the market that are designed to help you fix your phone yourself.

Can I Sell My Phone With a Cracked Screen?

While you sell broken phones, the most common damage that every phone owner faces at least once in their lifetime is a broken screen, especially iPhone owners. Here is the good news for you. You can sell iPhone with cracked screen at SellTheMobile.

Why SellTheMobile?

SellTheMobile is the UK’s best and most trusted mobile phone recycling comparison website. We are always committed in providing the best experience to our users. We have zero tolerance towards any glitch in the customer service provided by the recycling platforms on our website, and this is what separates us from our competitors.  So stop thinking ‘where to sell my broken phone’ and don’t wait any further, and sell broken iPhones and Android phones only at SellTheMobile!

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