How Can I Sell My iPad For Some Instant Cash? The Answer is SellTheMobile!

According to some recent stats, Apple iPad is now the second-most popular kind of tablet computer by sales after Android-based tablets. Almost every year, Apple Inc. comes up with an upgraded version of iPad that excites millions of people. Though Apple iPads are one of the most expensive devices in the UK market, they also have great value at the time of resale.

If you are thinking to sell your iPad, then is the best place to sell iPad in the UK. It works like a search engine and allows you to look for the most reliable mobile phone recycling websites. These recycling websites accept different makes and models of tables including Apple iPads and pay the highest prices for them. Even you can sell broken tablets for cash here.

Enjoy an Incomparable Broken iPad Selling Experience

Along with giving you a chance to generate more income, SellTheMobile saves your time and energy too. In short, here you can enjoy a great trouble free selling experience with your broken iPad.

If you browse mobile recycling companies one by one individually, it will definitely consume more time and still, you may have some confusion about the selection of the best recycler. So, get maximum satisfaction with top earnings by selling your iPad online through SellTheMobile.

How Does The "Sell My iPad" Service Work?

At SellTheMobile, it's very easy, quick, and reliable to sell old iPad for cash. The entire selling procedure requires a matter of few minutes. With some clicks, you can sell your old iPad online and get your amount transferred to your bank account directly. So, you don't need to move out from home or workplace, just sit relax on the couch and head over to the website.

To sell iPad through SellTheMobile, the first thing you have to do is to search for your iPad. Simply enter your Apple iPad model into the top search box or choose it from the above-listed products. Then, a list of top mobile recycling companies with their offerings will be shown in a table form. You can compare them and pick up the top available deal to trade-in your iPad for cash.

Once you confirm your sale online, you have to post your device to the selected mobile phone recycling company and they will pay you the exact amount that is mentioned on our website.

How Can I Sell My iPad at the Top Value?

The answer is Yes, the highest price is guaranteed on this website and we are sure no one can challenge our prices in the UK.

Once you start searching for your iPad, we will impartially compare the top-rated mobile phone recycling companies and come up with the highest deals at one place. After this, you just have to pick up the right deal to get handsome cash for iPad.

How Do I Find Out What My iPad is Worth?

Simply visit our website, fill in your iPad details in the top search box and you will be given a list of prices offered by top recycling companies instantly on the screen. Another option is to just go to "Sell My iPad" page featured on the top section of the homepage. Then, you just have to choose your iPad model to get quotes on it. We promise that no other comparison website can't beat our deals!

I have Personal Data Stored on My iPad. What Should I Do?

You should take a backup of your iPad on an external drive and then erase all data from it. It will definitely make your iPad sale safe and secure. Hence, in the case you forget to wipe clean your iPad, recycling companies serve you the best; they completely remove and reformat each drive of your iPad as well as ensuring that your data is safe.

How Do I Get the Postage Envelope to Send My iPad?

When you confirm your iPad Sale, then the particular recycler will send you a postage envelope to the address you provided. You just have to pack your device in this postage envelope and post it back to the recycling company via free postage service. Make sure it's sealed safely.

When Do I Get Paid in Exchange of My iPad?

Keep in mind each recycling site has their own particular terms and conditions in this matter. However, our most of the featured recyclers will send the payment the same day when they receive the device and examine it thoroughly. They make payment by Cheque and Direct Bank transfer.

So, you have decided to sell your iPad through SellTheMobile, it's the best time to get the topmost cash deals. Take an advantage of our advanced comparison tool! We are sure, you will generate some generous amount of pounds while selling your old, unwanted iPad.