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Sell My iPhone
To sell the iPhone, select your phone model and storage from the list, select the network and condition to complete the SignUp form if you are happy with the offer. The merchant will then send you a free post pack to send your iPhone in for free.

iPhone Models

Please select the storage of your iPhone to see what is the worth of it.

Sell Your iPhone Online to Earn the Highest Cash

Planning to sell your iPhone for cash? is offering you to “Sell My iPhone” services which you can avail to earn some handsome amount in exchange for your iPhone which you no longer want. We offer you a fantastic opportunity to sell your iPhone to a mobile phone recycling company that will pay you the highest price for your phone. With a single click, you can get a list of top-rated mobile recycling websites and compare their offered prices to find out the best available price. Once you choose a deal and confirm the sale, you will get your cash very soon.

Can I Sell My Old iPhone?

Yes, why not. If you want to get any latest model of iPhone then you can sell the old iPhone with great confidence. Don’t leave your old phone in a cupboard or drawer as a waste, because SellTheMobile is giving you a chance to get some great price in return for your old iPhone.

Can I Sell My Broken iPhone in the UK?

Yes, why not. If you have dropped your phone on a hard surface and it was slightly damaged or completely broken, then you should sell your iPhone without wasting any time. When you sell broken iPhone through SellTheMobile, you will generate some potential income in exchange for it.

Can I Sell Water Damaged iPhone?

Yes, definitely. If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone in the sink or bath tub, and it’s not working then you should sell your water damaged iPhone through SellTheMobile and earn some cash.

 How Can I Sell My iPhone Through SellTheMobile?

Now the big question is how can I sell my iPhone through SellTheMobile? Selling iPhone through mobile phone recycling comparison site is quite simple, fast, and convenient.

  1. You just have to select your iPhone from the list. A list of mobile phone recycling companies with their offers will be shown on a single page screen. Remember to compare iPhone trade-in prices offered by top-rated mobile phone recycling websites to get the most money.
  2. Pick the top recommended deal and click on “Sell Now” button for further process. Then you just need to fill up all required information and complete the online selling process.
  3. Once you do it, you have to post your handset for the selected mobile phone recycling company and you will get paid the same day when they collect your phone or according to their terms and conditions.

How Much Is My iPhone Worth?

That's what we are here to assist you in! Simply enter your iPhone model into the top search bar and you will get a list of all the recent quotes on it. We guarantee no other comparison site is able to beat our deals!

How Many iPhones Can I Sell?

You can sell as many iPhones as you like. You are free to use our online services as many times as you want.

If you're interested in selling multiple iPhone devices to the same recycling company at once, the recycler may offer you special delivery courier service to send your devices in bulk.

What to Do Before Selling an iPhone?

To make your iPhone sale successful, you should “Wipe Clean” your iPhone. However, before doing this, you should make a backup of your device. Then go to Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings again. It will delete everything from your device and make it ready for sale.

What Should I Send with My iPhone in the Postage Pack?

You should send all accessories with your iPhone device, for instance, battery, charger, and data cable. Don’t forget to keep all these things in the Original box of your phone if you have. It will increase the value of your smartphone.

How Do I Get A Postage Envelope for iPhone Packing?

Once you confirm the sale, online, your selected recycler will send a postage envelope to the address you have provided via Free or Special Postage Service. It’ll generally take 1-3 days to arrive. And if it doesn’t then you need to call to the recycler’s contact number.

How Long Does It Take To Get Paid?

Each mobile phone recycling website has its own specific terms and conditions regarding this. Hence, our most of the listed companies will send you the payment the same day when they collect and examine your device. They offer you different payment options including cheque and bank transfer.

Is SellTheMobile website Free?

Yes, Using SellTheMobile is absolutely free. We do not have any hidden charges.

Can I send different iPhone models in one Box?

Yes, you can send. But before sending please make sure to identify each device with its offer. And also make sure to pack the box carefully.

How long price quote remains valid?

Once you complete the checkout process and get a price quote, we respect that quote for a time period of one month (30 days). You will receive confirmation email when your iPhone is received. Please note that most of the recycling companies don’t operate on weekends and holidays, so make sure to send your iPhone in advance to ensure a weekday delivery.

What if my iPhone was reported lost?

You would not get paid for your iPhone if it has been reported as lost. And please make sure you remove your Cloud account from your iPhone before shipping.

How old do I have to be to use SellTheMobile for recycling?

You must be 18 years or older to recycle your iPhone at SellTheMobile.

Is Shipping free for all iPhone models?

Most of the comparison websites allow free shipping. Furthermore, we ensure high standards of quality by monitoring the customer service levels of our buyers.

What happens if your iPhone is received as damaged?

SellTheMobile is not responsible if your iPhone gets damaged during shipment. So it is advised to pack your iPhone carefully before shipping, to ensure it is not damaged.

What to do if I didn’t receive my money?

Please note that we, SellTheMobile, do not buy mobile phones, we are just a mobile phone recycling comparison website. If you send your iPhone to your selected recycler and do not receive your payment, then you will need to contact the buyer directly. When you place an order, please make sure you receive a conformation email from the buyer. The email should have the details and contact information of the buyer. If you didn’t receive your payment, contact the customer service department of the buyer and lodge your issue. The buyer should be able help you with payment disputes. But if the problem still persists, then contact SellTheMobile’s customer care team ASAP.

How to find the model of iPhone that I want to Recycle?

To find out the model of your iPhone, go to Settings and look in the About this Phone section. Or you can find it by going through your iPhone’s operating system.

What’s the difference between Broken and Working Phone?

The difference between working iPhone, and broken iPhone varies a little depending on the terms and conditions of the buyers. But there are few rules of thumb.

Your iPhone is considered to be a working phone if: -      There is no issue in Turning ON and OFF.

-          iPhone is working normally.

-          Except a few scratches on your iPhone, most of the body is undamaged.

-          Having a working screen

-          And a working battery.

The recycler will treat this kind of phone as a good condition iPhone and will pay you accordingly. Your iPhone will count as Broken, if

-          Has a broken, cracked screen

-          Doesn’t switch ON

-          Has major dents on its body

-          Has corrupt operating system.

-          Has broken or faulty buttons, speakers, or battery.

-          Doesn’t have battery inside the iPhone.

However, if your iPhone is water damaged or broken in two pieces then you may not get paid because of the unsellable conditions of your iPhone. These are general rules, we recommend you to double check the buyer’s terms and conditions about your product before making any deal.

Can I sell my network barred iPhone?

If your iPhone is network barred then mobile phone recycling companies will not buy it. So, before recycling your iPhone, make sure to remove the network bar first by contacting your network operator.

How to contact SellTheMobile Company?

Visit SellTheMobile website. Click Contact Us tab at the bottom of the page. On the Contact Us page, fill up the form to send your query and we will get back to you ASAP. Or you can visit us physically at our Registered office: 86-90 Paul Street, London, Ec2A 4NE.

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