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Each day, thousands of people in the UK search "sell my iPhone" or “iPhone trade-in comparison” Or “sell my iPhone and compare prices” on Google... What they want is; to sell their iPhone at the maximum possible price. Despite having a busy schedule you can swiftly sell your iPhone on SellTheMobile without any hassle.

Most of us have old iPhones stacked up in our houses for nothing! But these actually can become a good reason for earning some cash. Either you want to sell your iPhone to earn some money, want to upgrade to a better one, or discard your old iPhone to recycle; SellTheMobile is the best place to do so.

How to sell your Apple iPhone?

To compare the prices you have to select the accurate model of your iPhone from the list shown above or you can simply search for your iPhone through the search bar. Then select the exact specifications and condition of your old iPhone to get a list of price quotes offered by the best recycling platforms in the UK. To sell iPhone, compare the prices thoughtfully and the Sell your Apple iPhone.

For a clearer understanding we have listed five easy steps:

Step 1: Identify and select the model of your iPhone from the list above or search for it through the search box.

Step 2: Select the storage capacity and the accurate condition of your iPhone. Also, don’t forget to select whether your iPhone is unlocked or network bared.

Step 3: A list of price quotes would be shown to you with the names of the recyclers. Select the recycler according to your preference, and click ‘ Sell Now&rsquo.

Step 4: Enter your details in the form, and select the payment method. Once done, press ‘Complete The Sale’.

Step 5: Send your iPhone through free postage, and get paid as soon as they receive and check your iPhone.

How much is my iPhone worth?

The only way to find the true worth of your iPhone is through comparing offered prices. We have registered the best iPhone recycling platforms on our panel, and we GUARANTEE that you won’t find any of these recycling platforms on any other phone recycling comparison website. We choose the platforms after careful consideration of their terms and conditions and vet their reliability also.   

Your iPhone’s value is judged by a few things; the storage capacity of your iPhone, the condition of your iPhone, and also if your iPhone is unlocked or network bared. To get a quote for your old iPhone; select the model of your phone with its exact specifications and condition, and we will show you the prices offered for your phone.

Can I Sell Broken Apple iPhone?

Yes! You can easily sell your broken iPhone through our website. With SellTheMobile you no longer have to worry about discarding your broken iPhone because we will buy and recycle them right away. We provide the best prices for iPhones that you think are worthless as they are damaged. Though broken iPhones are sold at a lower price as compared to the intact ones they can still get you some cash.

Can I Sell Water Damaged iPhone?

Water damaged iPhones or iPhones with liquid ingress are usually considered incurable, but despite them being useless for you; water damaged iPhones can be of great worth to the recycling platform. You can sell and recycle your water-damaged iPhone to some of the recycling platforms (not all). Note: Read the terms and conditions of the recycling platform before selling your water damaged iPhone.

How do Recycling Companies determine The Price?

The chosen recycler will evaluate and categorize your old iPhone in terms of its functionality and cosmetic condition.  All recyclers listed on SellTheMobile have unique protocols to categorize your iPhone and send you a quote corresponding to its condition. But they are, more or less, the same. The iPhone that is deemed in Excellent condition must be fully functional and come with all working buttons, a fully working operating system, perfect cosmetic condition, and accompany important accessories like the charger.

Then there are Well-conditioned iPhones they must be fully functional in terms of operating system and buttons, must have a working screen with no pixel damage or cracks, and come with minimum signs of use.  iPhones that don’t turn on, have a broken or a bleeding LCD, faulty camera, blank LCD, or may not work at all, are categorized as Faulty. Whereas, old iPhones in Poor condition may function properly but come in a compromised cosmetic condition.

Why sell your Apple device with  SellTheMobile?

We don’t compromise on the quality of the customer service that the recycling platforms on our website are providing. That is what separates us from our competitors and we continue to provide our customers with the best prices and the best experience that they can never enjoy at any other phone recycling comparison website in the UK.

What’s NOT Accepted?

You cannot sell the following iPhones:

  • It is reported stolen

  • It is blacklisted

  • It is broken into two or more pieces

  • Its SIM card is glued in

  • It’s a Fake iPhone model

Moreover, we suggest that you be very precise in describing the condition of your iPhone to receive an accurate price quote and avoid any confusion. Because if the recycler finds the iPhone not as described by you, they will revise the price offered originally. And email you a revised price quote. It is up to you then to accept or reject it.


What are you waiting for? Sell your iPhone online today and get amazing prices in return!